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Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, Page 319

Section 13—Conference Officials

[The articles in this section are from Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers, (Series A, No. 8, 1897). This article, pages 2-11.]

Chapter 46—Counsel and Guidance

Cooranbong, Australia,

March 13, 1896

In the night season I was listening to one who spoke with authority. Words of counsel in regard to the responsibilities that are to be borne in the sacred work of God were spoken. The Teacher said, There should be no haphazard work. Much of this has been done. Men have assumed authority, but the people should not depend upon poor, finite, erring men. They should put their entire trust in the wisdom that finds its strength in the wisdom of God. The inconsistency of centering so many responsibilities in Battle Creek has been presented many times, but the counsels have not been acted upon. The reproofs and warnings from the Lord have been evaded and interpreted and made void by the devices of men. There has been counterworking against God, and the judgment of men has been received.

In Battle Creek, and in other places, building has been added to building, for the sake of making an imposing display. Men have supposed that this would give character to the work. Their own characters needed the transforming grace of Christ. This alone is sufficient to give character to the work. Nothing can be done without His grace.

The Lord suffers impediments to arise, that His wisdom and power may be humbly, earnestly, and perseveringly sought, and be distinctly manifest. Nothing will so quickly and decidedly separate the soul from God and bring defeat, as for man to lift up his soul unto

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