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Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, Page ix

Preface to Third Edition

Among the materials once available but out of print at the time of Mrs. White's death in 1915 were a number of special testimony pamphlets, including a series published in the 1890's which bore the title, Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers. This series of eleven is often referred to as Special Testimonies, Series A. In response to the request that the instruction found in these special testimonies be again made available, Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers was published in 1923. This was one of the first E. G. White books of posthumous issuance.

Testimonies to Ministers First appeared in a Testimony-size volume. A second edition with larger typeface and page size was published in 1944. Several printings of both editions have supplied the field for four decades. For greater ease in handling and reference this third edition has been issued in the convenient Testimony-size page, but with no change in page content.

During the decade which followed the 1888 General Conference session held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, vital messages came from the messenger of the Lord to the central church at Battle Creek, to the General Conference Committee, and to other responsible men at the heart of the work. These messages rang with calls for regeneration and reformation of life, urging the reader to live by the vital principles of the word of God and to experience a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

After they had been received and read in Battle Creek, many of these messages were printed in tract form as Special Testimonies to the Battle Creek Church and Special Testimonies to Ministers and

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