Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies to Southern Africa, Page 92

Chapter 11—Words to the Workers in Africa

Summer Hill, Sydney

June 18, 1900

God's ministers, God's missionaries, are to unite with Him. If they put their trust in Him, and commit the keeping of their souls to Him as unto a faithful Creator, He will keep that which is committed unto Him against that day. He will honour those who honour Him.

The Lord has a great work to be done. Changes are continually taking place. In our association with those of different nationality, education, and experience we shall find that it is a life and death struggle to bear forward the gospel in all its purity. We are not to enter into confederacy with human agencies which will prove a snare.

Race is nothing in the sight of God. Christian experience and sanctification through the truth is everything in His estimation.

Venture nothing in business transactions unless the God of heaven signifies that such a venture will not prove a thorn in the religious life.

I tell you that there is a life and death struggle before us, a contest with human agencies who are not abiding in Christ, who are in no sense God's stewards. Men of strong temperament and almost unsubduable character will make propositions which God has shown me it will not be best to accept. Enter not into a confederacy with them.

The only safety for the strong temperaments in Africa is to begin an entirely new chapter in their experience. Hearts must be softened. They must accept Christ's yoke, else they will never enter the kingdom of heaven. A strong spirit bears sway in Africa, which needs to be surrendered to the spirit of God. There are those there with strong passions, which are easily excited. They

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