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Temperance, Page 233

and tobacco using. He may be burning up his vital organs by fiery stimulant. He is pursuing this course to the ruination of himself and his wife and children, who have no success in trying to stay the feet that are traveling the road to perdition. God calls upon you to work in His vineyard, to do all in your power to save your fellow creatures.—Manuscript 87, 1898.

As we face these things, and see the terrible consequences of liquor drinking, shall we not do all in our power to rally to the help of God in fighting against this great evil?—Evangelism, 265.

Chapter 2—Called to the Battle

Our Place in the Forefront—Of all who claim to be numbered among the friends of temperance, Seventh-day Adventists should stand in the front ranks.—Gospel Workers, 384.

On the subject of temperance they should be in advance of all other people.—Medical Ministry, 273.

While intemperance has its open, avowed supporters, shall not we who claim to honor temperance come to the front and show ourselves firm on the side of temperance, striving for a crown of immortal life, and not giving the least influence to this terrible evil, intemperance?—The Review and Herald, April 19, 1887.

I feel distressed as I look upon our people and know that they are holding very loosely the temperance question.... We should be at the head in the temperance reform.—The Review and Herald, October 21, 1884.

Not a Matter of Jest—Many make the subject of temperance a matter of jest. They claim that the Lord does not concern Himself with such minor matters as our eating and drinking. But if the Lord had no care for these things, He would not have revealed Himself to the wife of Manoah, giving

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