Ellen G. White Writings

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Temperance, Page 256

“Men of intemperance have been in the office today in a flattering manner expressing their approbation of the course of the sabbathkeepers not voting and expressed hopes that they will stick to their course and like the quakers, not cast their vote. Satan and his evil angels are busy at this time, and he has workers upon the earth. May Satan be disappointed, is my prayer.”—E.G. White diary, Sunday, March 6, 1859.

The Lesson of Ancient Kingdoms—The prosperity of a nation is dependent upon the virtue and intelligence of its citizens. To secure these blessings, habits of strict temperance are indispensable. The history of ancient kingdoms is replete with lessons of warning for us. Luxury, self-indulgence, and dissipation prepare the way for their downfall. It remains to be seen whether our own republic will be admonished by their example, and avoid their fate.—Gospel Workers, 388.

Chapter 7—The Call to the Harvest

It Is Time for Us to Work—Now, brethren and sisters, is it not time for us to work? Is it not time for us to arouse our God-given capabilities, to catch holy zeal that we have not had as yet? And is it not time that we should stand as Calebs, come to the front, raise our voices, and cry out against the reports that are going all around us? Are we not able to possess the land? We are able in God to do a mighty work upon the point of temperance.—Manuscript 3, 1888.

Who Will Help?—All around us are the victims of depraved appetite, and what are you going to do for them? Can you not, by your example, help them to place their feet in the path of temperance? Can you have a sense of the temptations that are coming upon the youth who are growing up around us, and not seek to warn and save them? Who will stand on the Lord's side? Who will help to press back this tide of immorality, of woe and wretchedness, that is filling the world?—Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 40.

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