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Temperance, Page 267

Appendix B Typical Temperance Addresses By Ellen G. White

1. At Christiania, Norway—1886

On Sunday, by request of the president of the temperance society, I spoke upon the subject of temperance. The meeting was held in the soldiers’ military gymnasium, the largest hall in the city. An American flag was placed as a canopy above the pulpit; this was an attention which I highly appreciated. There were about sixteen hundred assembled. Among them was a bishop of the state church, with a number of the clergy; a large proportion were of the better class of society.

The Approach—I took up the subject from a religious standpoint, showing that the Bible is full of history bearing upon temperance, and that Christ was connected with the work of temperance, even from the beginning. It was by the indulgence of appetite that our first parents sinned and fell. Christ redeemed man's failure. In the wilderness of temptation He endured the test which man had failed to bear. While He was suffering the keenest pangs of hunger, weak and emaciated from fasting, Satan was at hand with his manifold temptations to assail the Son of God, to take advantage of His weakness and overcome Him, and thus thwart the plan of salvation. But Christ was steadfast. He overcame in behalf of the race, that He might rescue them from the degradation of the Fall. He showed that in His strength it is possible for us to overcome. Jesus sympathizes with the weakness of men; He came to earth that He might bring to us moral power. However strong the passion or appetite, we can gain the

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