Ellen G. White Writings

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Mind, Character, and Personality, vol. 1, Table of Contents

Foreword iii
Table of Contents vi
Chapter 1—Its Importance 3
Chapter 2—The Christian and Psychology 10
Chapter 3—Dangers in Psychology 18
Chapter 4—Spiritual Influences and the Mind 27
Chapter 5—The Fanatical Mind 38
Chapter 6—A Healthy Normality 48
Chapter 7—Disease That Begins in the Mind 59
Chapter 8—Religion and the Mind 65
Chapter 9—Mind, the Citadel 72
Chapter 10—Understanding 78
Chapter 11—Bible Study and the Mind 89
Chapter 12—Diligence 99
Chapter 13—Food for the Mind 107
Chapter 14—Exercise 115
Chapter 15—Emotional Factors 123
Chapter 16—Prenatal Influences 131
Chapter 17—Heredity and Environment 142
Chapter 18—Security in the Home 152
Chapter 19—Parental Influences 163
Chapter 20—The Home Atmosphere 174
Chapter 21—Christ Deals With Minds 181
Chapter 22—The School and the Teacher 187
Chapter 23—Love—A Divine, Eternal Principle 205
Chapter 24—Love in the Home 211
Chapter 25—Love and Sexuality in the Human Experience 218
Chapter 26—Brotherly Love 240
Chapter 27—God's Love 247
Chapter 28—Self-respect 255
Chapter 29—Dependence and Independence 260
Chapter 30—Selfishness and Self-centeredness 271
Chapter 31—Problems of Youth 281
Chapter 32—Infatuation and Blind Love 295
Chapter 33—Dangers Facing Youth 308
Chapter 34—Conscience 319
Chapter 35—The Influence of Perception 331
Chapter 36—Principles of Motivation 341
Chapter 37—Principles of Study and Learning 350
Chapter 38—Balance in Education 359