Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 2, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
The Times of Volume Two 5
Introduction 9
Chapter 1—Sketch of Experience 10
Chapter 2—Doing for Christ 24
Chapter 3—Selling the Birthright 37
Chapter 4—Evilspeaking 50
Chapter 5—Selfishness and World Loving 55
Chapter 6—Flesh Meats and Stimulants 60
Chapter 7—Neglect of Health Reform 66
Chapter 8—Love for the Erring 73
Chapter 9—Everyday Religion 78
Chapter 10—Reform at Home 84
Chapter 11—A Violated Conscience 89
Chapter 12—Warnings and Reproofs 93
Chapter 13—Object of Personal Testimonies 112
Chapter 14—Moving to Battle Creek 113
Chapter 15—Caution to Ministers 116
Chapter 16—Look to Jesus 118
Chapter 17—Separation From the World 124
Chapter 18—True Love 133
Chapter 19—Amusements at the Institute 137
Chapter 20—Neglect of Hannah More 140
Chapter 21—Prayer for the Sick 145
Chapter 22—Courage in the Minister 150
Chapter 23—Closeness in Deal 152
Chapter 24—Oppressing the Hireling 156
Chapter 25—Combativeness Reproved 162
Chapter 26—Burden Bearers in the Church 165
Chapter 27—Pride in the Young 173
Chapter 28—Worldliness in the Church 183
Chapter 29—The Sufferings of Christ 200
Chapter 30—Warnings to the Church 216
Chapter 31—Contemplating Marriage 225
Chapter 32—Danger of Riches 229
Chapter 33—Christian Zeal 232
Chapter 34—Responsibilities of the Young 235
Chapter 35—Servants of Mammon 237
Chapter 36—Sentimentalism and Matchmaking 247
Chapter 37—Severity in Family Government 253
Chapter 38—A Birthday Letter 261
Chapter 39—Deceitfulness of Riches 268
Chapter 40—Self-Deceived Youth 288
Chapter 41—True Conversion 291
Chapter 42—Duties of the Husband and the Wife 296
Chapter 43—Letter to an Orphan Boy 307
Chapter 44—The Unruly Member 314
Chapter 45—Comfort in Affliction 318
Chapter 46—A Self-Caring, Dictatorial Spirit 320
Chapter 47—A Forgetful Hearer 321
Chapter 48—Remedy for Sentimentalism 323
Chapter 49—Duty to Orphans 327
Chapter 50—Appeal to Ministers 334
Chapter 51—Moral Pollution 346
Chapter 52—Christian Temperance 354
Chapter 53—Extremes in Health Reform 377
Chapter 54—Sensuality in the Young 390
Chapter 55—True Love at Home 411
Chapter 56—Importance of Self-Government 421
Chapter 57—Industry and Economy 431
Chapter 58—Stirring Up Opposition 436
Chapter 59—An Appeal to the Church 439
Chapter 60—A Cross in Accepting the Truth 489
Chapter 61—Address to Ministers 498
Chapter 62—Exercise and Air 522
Chapter 63—Selfishness Rebuked 539
Chapter 64—Fanaticism and Ignorance 553
Chapter 65—An Indulged Daughter 558
Chapter 66—To a Minister's Wife 565
Chapter 67—Unfaithfulness in Stewardship 569
Chapter 68—Mistaken Sensitiveness 571
Chapter 69—Convocations 573
Chapter 70—Social Meetings 577
Chapter 71—How Shall We keep the Sabbath? 582
Chapter 72—Christian Recreation 585
Chapter 73—An Impressive Dream 594
Chapter 74—Our Camp Meetings 597
Chapter 75—A Solemn Dream 604
Chapter 76—Manners and Dress of Ministers 609
Chapter 77—Love of Gain 619
Chapter 78—The Cause in Vermont 631
Chapter 79—Transferring Earthly Treasure 678
Chapter 80—No Probation After Christ Comes 686
Chapter 81—Accountability for Light Received 695
Appendix 712