Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
The Times of Volume Four 5
Chapter 1—Bible Biographies 9
Chapter 2—Unity of the Church 16
Chapter 3—Go Forward 20
Chapter 4—Indulgence of Appetite 28
Chapter 5—Choosing Earthly Treasure 43
Chapter 6—True Benevolence 55
Chapter 7—Co-Workers with Christ 67
Chapter 8—The Testing Process 83
Chapter 9—Labor Conducive to Health 94
Chapter 10—Influence of Social Surroundings 104
Chapter 11—A Divided Interest 118
Chapter 12—Self-Exaltation 125
Chapter 13—Missionaries in the Home 134
Chapter 14—Willing Obedience 144
Chapter 15—The Twelve Spies 148
Chapter 16—The Taking of Jericho 156
Chapter 17—Jeremiah Reproves Israel 164
Chapter 18—Faithful Reproofs Necessary 186
Chapter 19—Entire Consecration 213
Chapter 20—Necessity of Harmony 221
Chapter 21—Opposition to Faithful Warnings 227
Chapter 22—Sacredness of God's Commandments 247
Chapter 23—Selfishness in the Church and in the Family 255
Chapter 24—Appeal to Ministers 260
Chapter 25—Experience and Labors 271
Chapter 26—Preparation for Christ's Coming 306
Chapter 27—Address to Ministers 313
Chapter 28—Sympathy for the Erring 321
Chapter 29—The Cause in Texas - 330
Chapter 30—Self-Caring Ministers 341
Chapter 31—Uprightness in Deal 350
Chapter 32—Religion in the Daily Life 360
Chapter 33—Consecration in Ministers 371
Chapter 34—The Judgment 384
Chapter 35—Our Publications 388
Chapter 36—Christ's Ambassadors 393
Chapter 37—Ministers of the Gospel 407
Chapter 38—Our College 418
Chapter 39—The Cause in Iowa 430
Chapter 40—Our Publishing Houses 449
Chapter 41—Sacredness of Vows 462
Chapter 42—Wills and Legacies 476
Chapter 43—The Relation of Church Membership 485
Chapter 44—Dishonesty in the Church 489
Chapter 45—Importance of Self-Control 495
Chapter 46—Unscriptural Marriages 503
Chapter 47—The Lord's Poor 508
Chapter 48—The Cause at Battle Creek 511
Chapter 49—Improvement of Talents 519
Chapter 50—The Servants of God 523
Chapter 51—Warnings and Admonitions 537
Chapter 52—Moral and Intellectual Culture 545
Chapter 53—Duty to the Poor 550
Chapter 54—Health and Religion 552
Chapter 55—Faithful Workers 554
Chapter 56—Christian Influence 565
Chapter 57—Economy and Self-Denial 571
Chapter 58—Position and Work of the Sanitarium 575
Chapter 59—The Influence of Associates 587
Chapter 60—The Tract Societies 591
Chapter 61—Love of the World 609
Chapter 62—Simplicity in Dress 628
Chapter 63—Proper Education 648
Chapter 64—Accountability to God 654