Ellen G. White Writings

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The Colporteur Evangelist, Table of Contents

Foreword 2
Table of Contents 3
Introduction 4
Chapter 1—Importance of the Work 5
Chapter 2—Qualifications of the Canvasser 10
Chapter 3—The Canvasser A Gospel Worker 15
Chapter 4—Revival of the Work 22
Chapter 5—Influence of Our Publications 28
Chapter 6—A Call for Canvassers 1*Published in leaflet and widely circulated. [Also published in The Review and Herald; June 2, 1903.] 30
Chapter 7—A Call for Recruits 2*Published in leaflet entitled, “Open Letter.” [Also published in The Review and Herald, January 20 and 27, 1903.] 35
Chapter 8—Needs of the Canvassing Work 43
Chapter 9—The Canvasser and Bible Work 59
Chapter 10—Finance 65
Chapter 11—The Power of the Truth to Convict and Convert Souls 68
Chapter 12—Unity of Effort 71
Chapter 13—Frivolous and Exciting Literature 75
Chapter 14—Prices of Our Publications 77
Chapter 15—Our Books to Be Sold and Read 79
Chapter 16—Fragments 83