Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Table of Contents

Preface 5
Table of Contents 9
Chapter 1—The Object of Our Publications 11
Chapter 2—The Character of Periodical Articles 17
Chapter 3—The Foundations, Pillars, and Landmarks 28
Chapter 4—Attitude to New Light 33
Chapter 5—Investigation of New Light 43
Chapter 6—Integrity of the Message 52
Chapter 7—How to Meet Opposition 55
Chapter 8—Words of Caution 58
Chapter 9—Attitude to Civil Authorities 68
Chapter 10—On Publishing Conflicting Views 74
Chapter 11—Counsels to Writers 83
Chapter 12—Counsels to Editors 89
Chapter 13—Our Church Paper 105
Chapter 14—The Missionary Periodicals 110
Chapter 15—The Educational Journal 115
Chapter 16—Our Health Journals 123
Chapter 17—Periodical Circulation 131
Chapter 18—Newspaper Publicity 140
Chapter 19—Kind of Books Needed 142
Chapter 20—Duplicating Books, and New Editions 149
Chapter 21—Independent Publishing 152
Chapter 22—The Book Committee 159
Chapter 23—The Author's Stewardship 162
Chapter 24—Illustrating Our Literature 167
Chapter 25—Literature in the Closing Work 177