Ellen G. White Writings

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Special Testimonies On Education, Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Table of Contents 2
Chapter 1—True Education 3
Chapter 2—Higher Education 16
Chapter 3—The True Higher Education 21
Chapter 4—Importance of Physical Culture 32
Chapter 5—Manual Training 36
Chapter 6—Educational Influence of Surroundings 43
Chapter 7—Teachers and Teaching 47
Chapter 8—The Bible in Educational Work 52
Chapter 9—God in Nature 58
Chapter 10—Christ as the Example and Teacher of Youth 62
Chapter 11—The Parable of the Growing Seed 67
Chapter 12—Character Building 72
Chapter 13—The Manifest Working of the Holy Spirit at Battle Creek College 77
Chapter 14—Work and Education 84
Chapter 15—Speedy Preparation For Work 105
Chapter 16—The Bible the Most Important Book for Education in Our Schools 147
Chapter 17—A Divine Example 157
Chapter 18—Christ's Example In Contrast With Formalism 160
Chapter 19—True Principles in Education 164
Chapter 20—The Divine Teacher 170
Chapter 21—To Teachers and Students 180
Chapter 22—Study the Bible for Yourselves 193
Chapter 23—Our Youth and Children Demand Our Care 197
Chapter 24—The Holy Spirit in the Schools 202
Chapter 25—Diligent and Thorough Education 213
Chapter 26—The Essential Education 222
Chapter 27—The Great Lesson Book 227
Chapter 28—Books and Authors in Our Schools 229
Chapter 29—Fragments 239