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    LESSON FORTY-ONE The False Mediatorial System

    In Prophecy and Its Fulfillment

    1. To the prophet Daniel it was revealed that the little horn (representing ecclesiastical Rome) would lift itself up against Christ, the Prince of the host, and rob him of his exclusive mediatorial function by substituting the false sanctuary service for the true one. Daniel 8:11 ARV.TDOC 105.1

    2. To the apostle Paul the same great apostasy was made known, and was declared by him to be the man of sin sitting in the temple of God. 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4.TDOC 105.2

    3. Political Israel was given into the hands of political Babylon, on account of transgression. Daniel 1:1, 2; 1 Chronicles 9:1.TDOC 105.3

    4. Modern Israel was given into the hands of modern Babylon for the same reason. Daniel 7:25; 8:12, ARV.TDOC 105.4

    5. It is openly asserted that in the system of mediation established in the Roman Catholic Church is found the full realization of all that was foreshadowed in the typical service of the sanctuary. Read “Source Book,” p. 392, art. “Priesthood, The Jewish and Roman Systems.”TDOC 105.5

    6. In thus putting a false mediatorial service in the place of the true service, the Roman Catholic Church has subverted the vital doctrine of the gospel of Christ’s saving work.TDOC 105.6

    “The center in Christian theology is the mediatorial principle. The center of the Christian system is neither God nor man, but the God-man the Mediator. Christianity is the religion of reconciliation. ‘All religion is union between God and man.’ But ‘the religion of the Bible is a reunion, a reinstated fellowship.’ In the accomplishing of this reunion, or reconciliation, Jesus Christ is the sole mediator. ‘God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself.’ Hence the central idea in Christian theology is mediatorial.” “Creation Centered in Christ,” H. Grattan Guinness, D. D., p. 86.TDOC 105.7

    7. The Sabbath of the fourth commandment is the sign of the creative power which was revealed through the one Mediator both in the original creation and the new creation; the false Sabbath is the sign of the power of the Roman Catholic Church which has instituted the false mediatorial service. Exodus 20:11; 31:12, 17.TDOC 106.1

    “It was the Catholic Church which, by the authority of Jesus Christ, has transferred this rest to the Sunday in remembrance of the resurrection of our Lord. Thus the observance of Sunday by the Protestants is an homage they pay, in spite of themselves, to the authority of the [Catholic] church.” “Plain Talk About the Protestantism of Today,” Mgr. Segur, p. 213.TDOC 106.2


    The mystery of iniquity

    “It must be remembered, in dealing with this subject, that the Roman Catholic Church is the mystery of iniquity, and that it perverts the gospel of Christ while at the same time claiming to be the one efficient conserver of the gospel. Roman Catholic teaching professes to give to Christ his place as the one mediator, but it gives to the church such exclusive power in the ministry of this mediation as in reality makes the Roman Catholic priesthood the practical mediatorial agency. The following extract makes this clear:TDOC 106.3

    “Catholics believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is alone the great center of the, Christian religion, the fountain of all grace, virtue, and merit, as in the natural world (if the comparison may be allowed) the sun is the center and enlivening source of light, heat, and growth.TDOC 106.4

    “This grand truth they believe to be the vital, essential part of Christianity, ‘for other foundation no man can lay but that which is laid; which is Christ Jesus.’ 1 Corinthians 3:11.”TDOC 106.5

    “They believe that union with Jesus Christ is the highest and noblest aim of man, and that only the Holy Catholic Church supplies the means for this union with Jesus Christ [italics ours].”-“Catholic Belief,” Rev. Joseph Fad di Bruno, D. D. (R. C.), p. 33.TDOC 106.6

    The work of Satan

    “Satan invents unnumbered schemes to occupy our minds, that they may not dwell upon the very work with which we ought to be best acquainted. The arch deceiver hates the great truths that bring to view an atoning sacrifice and an all-powerful Mediator. He knows that with him everything depends on his diverting minds from Jesus and his truth.” The Great Controversy, 488.TDOC 106.7

    An earthly mediator

    “The accession of the Roman Church to power marked the beginning of the Dark Ages. As her power increased, the darkness deepened. Faith was transferred from Christ, the true foundation, to the pope of Rome. Instead of trusting in the Son of God for forgiveness of sins and for eternal salvation, the people looked to the pope, and to the priests and prelates to whom he delegated authority. They were taught that the pope was their earthly mediator, and that none could approach God except through him; and further, that he stood in the place of God to them, and was therefore to be implicitly obeyed.”-Id., 55.TDOC 107.1

    A vain mediation

    “Many were undeceived [by the preaching of the Reformers] in regard to the claims of Rome. They saw how vain is the mediation of men or angels in behalf of the sinner. As the true light dawned upon their minds, they exclaimed with rejoicing, ‘Christ is my priest; his blood is my sacrifice; his altar is my confessional.” Id., 74.TDOC 107.2

    “Looking to Jesus.”

    “The eyes of the people, so long directed to human rites and earthly mediators were turning in penitence and faith to Christ, and him crucified.”-Id., 133.TDOC 107.3

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