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    Lesson Three - The Growing Personality

    Reading Assignment: Pages 131-201MCP-SG 13.1

    1. “As a rule, children ____________ the ____________________ and tendencies of their parents and ___________________ their example.” (142)MCP-SG 13.2

    2. Harmonize the following two statements:MCP-SG 13.3

    “Children should never be flattered.” “Whenever the mother can speak a word of commendation for the good conduct of her children, she should do so.” (145)MCP-SG 13.4

    3. “A genuine ______________ changes _____________________ and cultivated ______________ to wrong.” (145)MCP-SG 13.5

    4. What lessons can be learned from Lot’s choice of environment? (147)

    MCP-SG 13.6

    5. What is the promise to those who wisely train their children in the earliest years? (148)

    MCP-SG 13.7

    6. For what reasons should the first child be especially trained with great care? (150)

    MCP-SG 13.8

    7. How is true married love defined? (152)

    MCP-SG 13.9

    8. “Never should . . . [parents] in the presence of their children criticize each other’s ______________or question each other’s ______________.” (155)MCP-SG 14.1

    9. How can the husband and wife keep themselves from seeking love outside of the home? (158)

    MCP-SG 14.2

    10. Define “help meet.” (159)

    MCP-SG 14.3

    11. How is the husband to exercise his power as head of the family? (160, 161)

    MCP-SG 14.4

    12. What is the wife’s role in relation to her husband in marriage? (160, 161)

    MCP-SG 14.5

    13. Instead of making a child happy, what does indulgence do? (170)

    MCP-SG 14.6

    14. “Better than any other _________________ of wealth you can give to your children will be the ___________ of a___________ body, a _________ mind, and a ________ character.” (177)MCP-SG 14.7

    15. How is “true politeness” defined? (180)

    MCP-SG 15.1

    16. In what way did people react to Christ’s confidence in them? (183)

    MCP-SG 15.2

    17. Note the several ways Christ avoided extremes in His life. (184)

    MCP-SG 15.3

    18. What does it mean to be “clothed with the garment of His [Christ’s] righteousness”? (186)

    MCP-SG 15.4

    19. By what several ways did God teach Israel? (187)

    MCP-SG 15.5

    20. What question should be asked at every step in life? (188)

    MCP-SG 15.6

    21. The “science” that is to be studied in the highest education is that of _________________________________________. (189)MCP-SG 15.7

    22. “It is a ________ to study books to the neglect of how to become familiar with the various _____________ of ________________ in practical life.” (195)MCP-SG 16.1

    23. What usually will be the result of our trusting children? (197, 198)

    MCP-SG 16.2

    24. What effect can the teacher expect from having favorites? (199)

    MCP-SG 16.3

    Discussion Points:MCP-SG 16.4

    1. In what several ways is the unborn child affected by the habits and practices of the other? What steps should be taken to help the future mother prepare for her child? (See ch. 16, pp.131-141.)

    MCP-SG 16.5

    2. Scan the chapter on home atmosphere, looking for things that will make a home what it should be. (174-180)MCP-SG 16.6

    3. Search for methods Christ used in dealing with human minds. (Ch. 21, pp. 181-186)MCP-SG 16.7

    4. Should there be any real personality differences between men and women? (See pp. 159-163.)

    MCP-SG 16.8

    5. Would it be desirable to have one ideal personality pattern that would fit all persons, or should there be some differences? (See p. 154ff.)

    MCP-SG 16.9

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