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Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 18 (1903) - Contents
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    Lt 5, 1903

    Daniells, A. G.

    “Elmshaven,” St. Helena, California

    January 5, 1903

    Portions of this letter are published in OHC 85, 132; TMK 351, 8T 97-101. +NoteOne or more typed copies of this document contain additional Ellen White handwritten interlineations which may be viewed at the main office of the Ellen G. White Estate.

    Dear brother Daniells,—

    Today I received your letter in regard to the destruction of the Review and Herald Office. I had already received news of the disaster from Brother C. H. Jones, who wrote to me in regard to the telegram that you sent. I am afflicted with all who are afflicted. I know that this must be a very trying time for the brethren in charge of the work and for the employees of the office. I feel very sad as I consider the loss to the cause. But I expected to hear the news even before now. In my diary I had written out the description of a scene that had been presented to me, in which I saw an angel standing with a sword as of fire stretched over Battle Creek.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 1

    This morning I was drawn out in earnest prayer that the Lord would lead all who are connected with the Review and Herald office to make diligent search, that they may see wherein they have disregarded the many messages God has given.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 2

    Some time ago you wrote to me in regard to putting an addition to the Review and Herald on a piece of land from which an old building had been removed. At the time I wrote you regarding the inconsistency of erecting more buildings in Battle Creek. I had no courage to send this letter, knowing that it would have no greater weight than other testimonies that have been sent. I did send one letter then. I will find the one I did not send and let you have it. In it I said that if those who were in favor of adding another building to the Review and Herald had the future mapped out before them, if they could see what would be in Battle Creek, they would have no question in regard to putting up another building there. God said, “My word has been despised; and I will turn and overturn.”18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 3

    At the last General Conference in Battle Creek, the Lord gave all evidence that the testimonies were of divine origin. Minds were convicted, and hearts were touched; but thorough work was not done. If stubborn hearts had then broken in penitence before God, there would have been seen one of the greatest manifestations of the power of God that has ever been seen. But God was not honored. The testimonies of His Spirit were not heeded. Men did not separate from the practices that were in decided opposition to the principles of truth and righteousness, which should ever be maintained in the Lord’s work.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 4

    The messages to the church of Ephesus and to the church in Sardis have been often repeated to me by the One who gives me instruction for His people. “Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write: These things saith He that holdeth the seven stars in His right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks, I know thy works, and thy labor, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil; and hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars; and hast borne, and hast patience, and for My name’s sake hast labored, and hast not fainted. Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” [Revelation 2:1-5.]18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 5

    “And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write: These things saith He that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars, I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die; for I have not found thy works perfect before God. Remember therefore how thou hast received, and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.” [Revelation 3:1-3.]18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 6

    Never have Scriptures been more strictly fulfilled than these have been. We have been given two fulfilments of these warnings. How many more shall we have to have?18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 7

    You ask me, Elder Daniells, if I have any advice to give. I answer, Not now. I have given the advice that God has given me, hoping to prevent the falling of the fiery sword that was hanging over Battle Creek. Now that which I dreaded has come.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 8

    Men may erect the most carefully constructed, fireproof buildings, but one touch of God’s hand, one spark from heaven, will sweep away every refuge.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 9

    I dare not give advice. A few weeks ago, while the council meeting at Battle Creek was in session, I was walking my room at night, in an agony of spirit, bowed down under a heavy burden. I would not place on paper all that was presented to me at that time, neither do I feel at liberty do so now. Some of the things presented to me have come to pass. But by the turning of the wheel of providence, God has prevented many things that otherwise would have been worked out.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 10

    I shall never, never be able to describe the scenes presented to me. For three nights in succession, I thought that the last hours of my life had come. Then relief came. But again scenes were presented to me, and night after night, an awful weight rested on me. At last the Lord in His great mercy lifted the burden from me. When the news came of the burning of the Review and Herald, I felt no surprise, and I had no words to speak. What I have had to say from time to time in warnings has had no effect, except to harden those who heard; and now I can only say, I am so sorry, so very sorry, that it was necessary for this stroke to come. What you should do, I am not the one to say. Light enough has been given. If it were acted upon, further light would not be needed. Go to God for yourselves.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 11

    We are pilgrims and strangers in this world, traveling a path beset with dangers from those who have rejected the only One who could save them. Ingenious subterfuges and scientific problems will be held out before us, to tempt us to swerve from our allegiance, but we are not to heed them. Everyone must now seek God for himself. Christ visited John on the lonely isle of Patmos and gave him instruction for the church in these last days. Let us become acquainted with this instruction. Let us have more to say about it.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 12

    To our people, ministers, and lay members, I am instructed to say, “Seek ye the Lord, while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord”—for many ministers and people are walking in strange paths—“and He will have mercy upon them; and to our God; for He will abundantly pardon.” [Isaiah 55:6, 7.]18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 13

    This is the only message I have now to give. Let every soul be on the alert. The adversary is on your track. Be vigilant, watching carefully lest some carefully concealed and masterly snare shall take you unawares. Let the careless and indifferent beware lest the day of the Lord come upon them as a thief in the night. Many will wander from the path of humility, and, casting aside the yoke of Christ, will walk in strange paths. Blinded and bewildered, they will> leave the narrow path that leads to the city of God.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 14

    A man cannot be a happy Christian unless he is a watchful Christian. He who overcomes must watch; for with worldly entanglements, error, and superstition, Satan strives to win Christ’s followers from Him and to keep their minds employed with his devices. It is not enough that we avoid glaring dangers and perilous, inconsistent moves. We are to keep close to the side of Christ, walking in the path of self-denial and self-sacrifice. We are not to allow our spiritual perceptions to be blinded, as they often are, by a strong, determined will. And in order to detect the artifices of Satan and to withstand his unexpected attacks, we must have the grace of Christ and the impartation of His Spirit.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 15

    We are in an enemy’s country. He who was cast out of heaven has come down with great power. With every conceivable artifice and device he is seeking to take souls captive. Unless we are constantly on guard, we shall fall an easy prey to his unnumbered deceptions.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 16

    We are stewards, entrusted by our absent Lord with the care of His household and His interests, which He came to this world to serve. He has returned to heaven, leaving us in charge, and He expects us to watch and wait and prepare for His coming. Let us be faithful to our trust, lest coming suddenly He find us sleeping.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 17

    God’s Word warns us that we have manifold enemies, not open and avowed, but enemies who come with smooth words and fair speeches, and who would deceive if possible the very elect. Thus Satan comes. And again, when it suits his purpose, he goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Man’s will, unless kept in subjection to the will of God, is as often on the enemy’s side as on the Lord’s side. Therefore watch unto prayer; watch and pray always.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 18

    The experience of the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane contains a lesson for the Lord’s people today. Taking with Him Peter and James and John, Christ went to Gethsemane to pray. He said to them, “My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death; tarry ye here, and watch. And He went forward a little, and fell on the ground, and prayed that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from Him. And He said, Abba Father, all things are possible unto Thee; take this cup from Me; nevertheless, not what I will but what Thou wilt. And He cometh and findeth them sleeping, and saith unto Peter, Simon, Sleepest thou? couldest not thou watch one hour? Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation.” [Mark 14:34-38.]18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 19

    Read these words carefully. Many today are fast asleep, as were the disciples. They are not watching and praying, lest they enter into temptation. Let us read and study those portions of God’s Word that have special reference to these last days, pointing out the dangers that will threaten God’s people.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 20

    We need keen, sanctified perception. This perception is not to be used in criticizing and condemning one another, but in discerning the signs of the times. We are to keep our hearts with all diligence, that we may not make shipwreck of faith.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 21

    The Laodicean message is applicable to our churches. Many of God’s people have strengthened themselves in their own way, following the impulses of their own minds, and refusing to heed the admonitions of the Lord. Many who were once firm believers in the truth have become careless in regard to their spiritual welfare, and are yielding, without the slightest opposition, to Satan’s well-laid plots.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 22

    It is time for our people to take their families from the cities into more retired localities, else many of the youth, and many of those older in years, who put their trust in their own capabilities, will be ensnared and taken by the enemy.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 23

    The dangers thickening around us demand from those who have an experience in the things of God a watchful supervision. Those who walk humbly before God, distrustful of their own wisdom, will realize their danger and will know the power of God’s keeping care. Those who do not realize their danger, because they do not watch, will pay, with the loss of their souls, the penalty of their presumption and their wilful ignorance of Satan’s devices.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 24

    Let us trust fully, humbly, unselfishly in God. We are His little children, and thus He deals with us. When we draw near to Him, He mercifully preserves us from the assaults of the enemy. Never will He betray one who trusts in Him, as a child trusts in its parents. He sees the humble, trusting souls drawing near to Him, and in pity and love He draws near to them and lifts up for them a standard against the enemy. “Touch them not,” He says; “for they are Mine. I have graven them upon the palms of My hands.” He teaches them to exercise unquestioning faith in His power to work in their behalf. With assurance they say, “This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” [1 John 5:4.]18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 25

    Let every believer closely examine himself, to ascertain what are his weak points. Let him cherish a spirit of humility and plead with the Lord for grace and wisdom and for the faith that works by love and purifies the soul. Let us cast away all self-confidence. God has no place for it in His work. Many have so high an opinion of their own abilities and attainments, and so firm a reliance on their own judgment, that they believe themselves capable of bearing responsibilities in any emergency. But they leave their appointed work, forget the precautions God has told them to take, and entangle themselves in difficulty. They make crooked paths for their feet and incur the displeasure of God.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 26

    This is the warning that comes to all, especially to those in positions of trust: “Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” [1 Corinthians 10:12.] Self-confidence leads to a lack of watchfulness, to perplexity, and to the doing of a work that the Lord has not given.18LtMs, Lt 5, 1903, par. 27

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