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    Kenites, The - Kings

    Kenites, The

    Originally a people of Canaan Genesis 15:19; TTI .Kenites, The.3

    Connected with the Midianites Numbers 10:29; Judges 4:11; TTI .Kenites, The.4

    Dwelt in strongholds Numbers 24:21; TTI .Kenites, The.5

    Had many cities 1Samuel 30:29; TTI .Kenites, The.6

    Part of, dwelt with Israel Judges 1:16; 4:11; TTI .Kenites, The.7

    Part of, dwelt with the Amalekites 1Samuel 15:6; TTI .Kenites, The.8

    Showed kindness to Israel in the desert Exodus 18:1; TTI .Kenites, The.9

    Not destroyed with the Amalekites 1Samuel 15:6; TTI .Kenites, The.10

    The Rechabites descended from 1Chronicles 2:55; TTI .Kenites, The.11

    Sisera slain by Jael one of Judges 4:22; 5:24; TTI .Kenites, The.12

    Ruin of, predicted Numbers 24:21; TTI .Kenites, The.13


    Israel warned against seeking 1Samuel 8:9; TTI .Kings.3

    Sin of Israel in seeking 1Samuel 12:17; TTI .Kings.4

    Israel in seeking, rejected God as their king 1Samuel 8:7; 10:19; TTI .Kings.5

    Israel asked for, that they might be like the nations 1Samuel 8:5; TTI .Kings.6

    First given to Israel in anger Hosea 13:11; TTI .Kings.7

    God reserved to himself the choice of Deuteronomy 17:14; 1Samuel 9:16; 16:12; TTI .Kings.8

    When first established in Israel, not hereditary Deuteronomy 17:20; 1Samuel 13:13; 15:28,29; TTI .Kings.9

    Rendered hereditary in the family of David 2Samuel 7:12; Psalm 89:35; TTI .Kings.10

    Of Israel not to be foreigners Deuteronomy 17:15; TTI .Kings.11

    Laws for the government of the kingdom by, written by Samuel 1Samuel 10:25; TTI .Kings.12

    Required to write and keep by them, a copy of the divine law Deuteronomy 17:18; TTI .Kings.13

    Had power to make war and peace 1Samuel 11:5; TTI .Kings.14

    Often exercised power arbitrarily 1Samuel 22:17; 2Samuel 1:15; 4:9-12; 1Kings 2:23; TTI .Kings.15

    Attended by a body-guard 1Samuel 13:2; 2Samuel 8:18; 1Chronicles 11:25; 2Chronicles 12:10; TTI .Kings.16

    Dwelt in royal palaces 2Chronicles 9:11; Psalm 45:15; TTI .Kings.17

    Arrayed in royal apparel 1Kings 22:30; Matthew 6:29; TTI .Kings.18

    Names of, often changed at their accession 2Kings 23:34; 24:17; TTI .Kings.19

    Approached with greatest reverence 1Samuel 24:8; 2Samuel 9:8; 14:22; 1Kings 1:23; TTI .Kings.20

    Presented with gifts by strangers 1Kings 10:2; 2Kings 5:5; Matthew 2:11; TTI .Kings.21

    Right hand of, the place of honour 1Kings 2:19; Psalm 45:9; 110:1; TTI .Kings.22

    Attendants of, stood in their presence 1Kings 10:8; 2Kings 25:19; TTI .Kings.23

    Exercised great hospitality 1Samuel 20:25; 2Samuel 9:7; 19:33; 1Kings 4:22; TTI .Kings.24

    Sometimes nominated their successors 1Kings 1:33; 2Chronicles 11:22; TTI .Kings.25

    Punished for transgressing the divine law 2Samuel 12:7; 1Kings 21:18; TTI .Kings.26

    Called the Lord's anointed 1Samuel 16:6; 24:6; 2Samuel 19:21; TTI .Kings.27

    God chooses Deuteronomy 17:15; 1Chronicles 28:4; TTI .Kings.28

    God ordains Romans 13:1; TTI .Kings.29

    God anoints 1Samuel 16:12; 2Samuel 12:7; TTI .Kings.30

    Set up by God 1Samuel 12:13; Daniel 2:21; TTI .Kings.31

    Removed by God 1Kings 11:11; Daniel 2:21; TTI .Kings.32

    Christ is the Prince of Revelation 1:5; TTI .Kings.33

    Christ is the King of Revelation 17:14; TTI .Kings.34

    Reign by direction of Christ Proverbs 8:15; TTI .Kings.35

    Supreme judges of nations 1Samuel 8:5; TTI .Kings.36

    Resistance to, is resistance to the ordinance of God Romans 13:2; TTI .Kings.37

    Able to enforce their commands Ecclesiastes 8:4; TTI .Kings.38

    Numerous subjects the honour of Proverbs 14:28; TTI .Kings.39

    Not save by their armies Psalm 33:16; TTI .Kings.40

    Dependent on the earth Ecclesiastes 5:9; TTI .Kings.41

    Prolong their reign by hating covetousness Proverbs 28:16; TTI .Kings.42

    Throne of, established by righteousness and justice Proverbs 16:12; 29:14; TTI .Kings.43

    The gospel to be preached to Acts 9:15; 26:27,28; TTI .Kings.44

    Without understanding, are oppressors Proverbs 28:16; TTI .Kings.45

    Often reproved by God 1Chronicles 16:21; TTI .Kings.46

    Judgments upon, when opposed to Christ Psalm 2:2; TTI .Kings.47

    Evil counsellors should be removed from 2Chronicles 22:3; Proverbs 25:5; TTI .Kings.48

    Curse not, even in thought Exodus 22:28; Ecclesiastes 10:20; TTI .Kings.49

    Speak no evil of Job 34:18; 2Peter 2:10; TTI .Kings.50

    Pay tribute to Matthew 22:21; Romans 13:6; TTI .Kings.51

    Be not presumptuous before Proverbs 25:6; TTI .Kings.52

    Folly of resisting Proverbs 19:12; 20:2; TTI .Kings.53

    Punishment for resisting the lawful authority of Romans 13:2; TTI .Kings.54

    Guilt and danger of stretching out the hand against 1Samuel 26:9; 2Samuel 1:14; TTI .Kings.55

    They that walk after the flesh despise 2Peter 2:10; Jude 1:8; TTI .Kings.56

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