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    Summer - Syria


    Made by God Psalm 74:17; TTI .Summer.3

    Yearly return of, secured by covenant Genesis 8:22; TTI .Summer.4

    Approach of, indicated by shooting out of leaves on trees Matthew 24:32; TTI .Summer.5

    Many kinds of fruit were ripe and used during 2Samuel 16:1; Jeremiah 40:10; 48:32; TTI .Summer.6

    The ancients had houses or apartments suited to Judges 3:20; Amos 3:15; TTI .Summer.7

    The ant provided her winter food during Proverbs 6:8; 30:25; TTI .Summer.8

    The wise are diligent during Proverbs 10:5; TTI .Summer.9

    Illustrative of seasons of grace Jeremiah 8:20; TTI .Summer.10

    Sun, The

    Called the greater light Genesis 1:16; TTI .Sun, The.3

    Made to praise and glorify God Psalm 148:3; TTI .Sun, The.4

    The power and brilliancy of its rising alluded to Judges 5:31; 2Samuel 23:4; TTI .Sun, The.5

    Clearness of its light alluded to SongofSolomon 6:10; TTI .Sun, The.6

    Compared to a bridegroom coming forth from his chamber Psalm 19:5; TTI .Sun, The.7

    Compared to a strong man rejoicing to run a race Psalm 19:5; TTI .Sun, The.8

    Diffuses light and heat to all the earth Psalm 19:6; TTI .Sun, The.9

    Indicates the hours of the day by the shadow on the dial 2Kings 20:9; TTI .Sun, The.10

    Worshippers of, turned their faces towards the east Ezekiel 8:16; TTI .Sun, The.11

    Swearing Falsely

    Forbidden Leviticus 19:12; Numbers 30:2; Matthew 5:33; TTI .Swearing Falsely.3

    Hateful to God Zechariah 8:17; TTI .Swearing Falsely.4

    We should not love Zechariah 8:17; TTI .Swearing Falsely.5

    Fraud often leads to Leviticus 6:2; TTI .Swearing Falsely.6

    Saints abstain from Joshua 9:20; Psalm 15:4; TTI .Swearing Falsely.7

    Blessedness of abstaining from Psalm 24:4; TTI .Swearing Falsely.8

    False witnesses guilty of Deuteronomy 19:16; TTI .Swearing Falsely.9

    Swearing, Profane

    Of all kinds is desecration of God's name and is forbidden Exodus 20:7; Matthew 5:34; 23:21,22; James 5:12; TTI .Swearing, Profane.3

    Guilt of Exodus 20:7; Deuteronomy 5:11; TTI .Swearing, Profane.4

    Woe denounced against Matthew 23:16; TTI .Swearing, Profane.5

    Nations visited for Jeremiah 23:10; Hosea 4:1; TTI .Swearing, Profane.6

    Punishment for Leviticus 24:16; Psalm 59:12; 109:17,18; TTI .Swearing, Profane.7


    When wild inhabited the woods Psalm 80:13; TTI .Swine.3

    Unclean and not to be eaten Leviticus 11:7; TTI .Swine.4

    Fed upon husks Luke 15:16; TTI .Swine.5

    Sacrificing of, an abomination Isaiah 66:3; TTI .Swine.6

    Kept in large herds Matthew 8:30; TTI .Swine.7

    Herding of, considered as the greatest degradation to a Jew Luke 15:15; TTI .Swine.8

    The Gergesenes punished for having Matthew 8:31; Mark 5:11; TTI .Swine.9

    The ungodly Jews condemned for eating Isaiah 65:4; 66:17; TTI .Swine.10

    Sword, The

    Probable origin Genesis 3:24; TTI .Sword, The.3

    Was pointed Ezekiel 21:15; TTI .Sword, The.4

    Frequently had two edges Psalm 149:6; TTI .Sword, The.5

    Carried in a sheath or scabbard 1Chronicles 21:27; Jeremiah 47:6; Ezekiel 21:3; TTI .Sword, The.6

    Suspended from the girdle 1Samuel 17:39; 2Samuel 20:8; Nehemiah 4:18; Psalm 45:3; TTI .Sword, The.7

    Hebrews early acquainted with making of 1Samuel 13:19; TTI .Sword, The.8

    In time of war, plough shares made into Joel 3:10; TTI .Sword, The.9

    In time of peace made into plough shares Isaiah 2:4; Micah 4:3; TTI .Sword, The.10

    Sharpened and furbished before going to war Psalm 7:12; Ezekiel 21:9; TTI .Sword, The.11

    Was brandished over the head Ezekiel 32:10; TTI .Sword, The.12

    Was thrust through enemies Ezekiel 16:40; TTI .Sword, The.13

    Often threatened as a punishment Leviticus 26:25; Deuteronomy 32:25; TTI .Sword, The.14

    Often sent as a punishment Ezra 9:7; Psalm 78:62; TTI .Sword, The.15

    Was one of God's four sore judgments Ezekiel 14:21; TTI .Sword, The.16

    Those slain by, communicated ceremonial uncleanness Numbers 19:16; TTI .Sword, The.17


    Places in which the Jews assembled for worship Acts 13:5; TTI .Synagogues.3

    Early notice of their existence Psalm 74:8; TTI .Synagogues.4

    Probably originated in the schools of the prophets 1Samuel 19:18; 2Kings 4:23; TTI .Synagogues.5

    Revival of, after the captivity Nehemiah 8:1; TTI .Synagogues.6

    Service in, on the Sabbath day Luke 4:16; Acts 13:14; TTI .Synagogues.7

    Provided with a minister, who had charge of the sacred books Luke 4:17; TTI .Synagogues.8

    Had seats fro the congregation Acts 13:14; TTI .Synagogues.9

    Chief seats in, reserved for elders Matthew 23:6; TTI .Synagogues.10

    The portion of Scripture for the day sometimes read by one of the congregation Luke 4:16; TTI .Synagogues.11

    Strangers were invited to address the congregation in Acts 13:15; TTI .Synagogues.12

    The Apostles frequently taught and preached in Acts 9:20; 13:5; 17:1,17; TTI .Synagogues.13

    Often used as courts of justice Acts 9:2; James 2:2; TTI .Synagogues.14

    The building of, considered a noble and meritorious work Luke 7:5; TTI .Synagogues.15

    Sometimes several, in the same city Acts 6:9; 9:2; TTI .Synagogues.16

    Each sect had its own Acts 6:9; TTI .Synagogues.17


    Originally included Mesopotamia Genesis 25:20; 28:5; Deuteronomy 26:5; Acts 7:2; TTI .Syria.3

    More properly the country around Damascus 2Samuel 8:6; TTI .Syria.4

    Damascus the capital of Isaiah 7:8; TTI .Syria.5

    Abana and Pharpar rivers of 2Kings 5:12; TTI .Syria.6

    Governed by kings 1Kings 22:31; 2Kings 5:1; TTI .Syria.7

    Israel followed the idolatry of Judges 10:6; TTI .Syria.8

    Asa sought aid of, against Israel 1Kings 15:18; TTI .Syria.9

    Elijah anointed Hazael king over, by divine direction 1Kings 19:15; TTI .Syria.10

    Benhadad king of, besieged Samaria 1Kings 20:1; TTI .Syria.11

    God smote with blindness those sent against Elisha by the king of 2Kings 6:14; TTI .Syria.12

    Besieged Samaria again 2Kings 6:24; TTI .Syria.13

    Army of, miraculously routed 2Kings 7:5; TTI .Syria.14

    Death of the king of, and the cruelty of his successor foretold by Elisha 2Kings 8:7; TTI .Syria.15

    Joram king of Israel in seeking to recover Ramothgilead from, severely wounded 2Kings 8:28; 9:15; TTI .Syria.16

    Israel delivered into the hands of, for the sins of Jehoahaz 2Kings 13:3; TTI .Syria.17

    A saviour raised up for Israel against 2Kings 13:5; TTI .Syria.18

    Elisha predicted to Joash his three victories over 2Kings 13:14; TTI .Syria.19

    Joined with Israel against Ahaz and besieged Jerusalem 2Kings 16:5; Isaiah 7:12; TTI .Syria.20

    Retook Elath and drove out the Jews 2Kings 16:6; TTI .Syria.21

    Subdued and its inhabitants taken captive by Assyria 2Kings 16:9; TTI .Syria.22

    Subdued and governed by the Romans Luke 2:2; TTI .Syria.23

    Gospel preached and many churches founded in Acts 15:23; TTI .Syria.24

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