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Signs of the Times and Expositor of Prophecy [Himes], vol. 3 - Contents
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    September 14, 1842

    Vol. III.—No. 24. Boston, Whole No. 72

    Joshua V. Himes & Josiah Litch, Editors. Office No. 14 Devonshire Street, Boston


    Exposition on Matthew 24


    I am aware that in giving my views on this more intricate, but very important portion of God’s word, I shall not only differ very materially from some worthy and able commentators, to wit: Dr. Clarke, Scotty and others, but in some points of minor importance from my beloved brethren who have written upon the same.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.1

    If this chapter and the 25th, which are one sermon, can be second to any ever delivered, it must be only to that ever memorable one given before on the Mount: but this even exceeds that, in its thrilling and soul-stirring nature.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.2

    The Savior having left the temple for the last time gave a prediction upon the same: “Verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down:” doubtless to the great astonishment of the disciples; and they probably concluded it would be the dissolution of all things when this should be accomplished.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.3

    Hence, when “Peter; James, John, and Andrew” were in a private conference with their Divine Master on the Mount of Olives, they asked him two very important questions. The first was concerning the destruction of the temple, “Tell us when, shall these things be?” And the second was to know the sign of his second advent and the end: “what shall be the sign of thy coming, and the end of the world?”HST September 14, 1842, page 185.4

    Our Savior commences this pathetic discourse with a very important preamble, prior to answering either of their interrogations, in charging them to take heed that no man deceive them Then he predicts false Christs, wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes,—that the disciples should be afflicted, martyred, and hated of all nations for his name’s sake—that many false prophets should arise and deceive many. “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” All these predictions have been literally fulfilled. And now, in the two succeeding verses, he strikes the end of the world; saying, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” But it is asked, “Can this prediction be fulfilled within a year?” Observe, the Savior did not say, it should “be preached in all the world” at any one period of time; or that all would embrace the same; but it should be preached sootier or later,” for a witness: to all nations;” and this would fulfill the prediction whether they receive or reject it: “and: then shall the end come.” But it may be asked, Can this be fulfilled within a year?HST September 14, 1842, page 185.5

    Now let us inquire, did not Asia and a part, at least, of Africa and Europe, have the gospel in the apostolic age? Yes: St Paul spake of coming “as far” westward “as Spain.” And Dr. Clarke and Bishop Newton state “It is an absolute fact, that the gospel was planted in Britain in the times of the apostles.” From Paul, we learn that it was in his day preached as far as an inhabitant was then known, who saith, “which was preached to every creature under heaven: whereof I Paul am made a minister,” Colossians 1:23. If Africa was not wholly illuminated then, we understand it was in the fourth century. All Europe, we must believe, has been since; and this blessed fountain of moral light, having been brought across the Atlantic with our pious ancestors, illuminates our beloved country, reflecting its soul-cheering rays even to the far northern coasts of Labrador and Greenland, and to the opposite in South America. And thus moving onward in its Western march, like the apparent course of the bright orb of day, the Rocky Mountains were found to be no obstacle, but over it, past to the most western tribes of the forest who have gladly received the, word of life.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.6

    And the mighty deep of the Pacific has likewise been found to be no barrier, but wafting onward: with the missionaries over the mighty billows, it has enlightened the Sandwich navigators, and other far western “isles of the sea.” Thus it has, as it appears, gone round the World, and touched on shore on every land. Mr. Hooper England, thus remarks, thirteen years since, if we look over a map of the world, and the reports of the different missionary and Bible Societies, we shall find it difficult to place our finger on one spot of the globe where the glorious gospel of the blessed God has not been sent! Therefore we may readily look for the setting of this blessed luminary, no more to shine upon a guilty world.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.7

    Our Savior now, in verses 15-20 inclusive, answers the apostle’s first question; all of which belongs to the destruction of Jerusalem and temple therein, and their escape from the same; and in my candid opinion, not another word of this very instructive discourse, can in justice be applied to that city. He saith “When ye, therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place,” “shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies,” (“whoso readeth let him understand,”) see Daniel 8:26, 27. 11:28. “Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountain,” etc.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.8

    Having instructed the disciples still farther, he saith, “Pray that your flight be not in the Winter, neither on the Sabbath day,” and then leaves that wretched city to its dissolution, and glides swiftly down the course of time, to his second coming expressed in verse 27, saying, For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” Some apply this trouble to Jerusalem’s destruction; but it cannot in my opinion, there apply, as the trouble of the anti-deluvians must have been so much greater than that of one city, when all the world (eight persons excepted) were sinking in tribulation and death at once, and also that of “Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them,” when all were wrapped in flames. I apply it to the church in their severe trouble, commencing “then,” with the distress caused by pagan Rome in the ten periods of general persecution, and then papal Rome by whom (it is estimated) fifty millions were martyred: see Christian Encyclopedia.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.9

    “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh” (i. e. of the church) “be saved,” but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” This text proves that the tribulation was on the elect, the church; and considering, its length and severity, it exceeded all the times of trouble the church ever did or will hereafter endure.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.10

    Query. When were the days shortened? how much? and in what manner?HST September 14, 1842, page 185.11

    Ans. About A. D. 1700; and shortened nearly a century; by the petty kings of Germany taking sides with the church: “The earth; helpeth the woman.” The church, though not wholly delivered then, began to enjoy some more privileges, being rescued in a measure from the papal beast, which fell in its civil authority, Feb. 1798. Hence the days fall short nearly a century of the predicted period of that power’s reign over kings, and the churches’ residence in the wilderness, which was to be for a time, times, and a half, 1260 days, (years) see Daniel 7:25. 12:7. Revelation 11:2, 3. 12:6, 14. 13:5, all of these commencing in A. D. 538: (not in 606) and ending in 1798, when the church came out of the wilderness; and is now rather in king’s palaces.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.12

    The Savior then strikes the end again in verses 27, 28, showing his second coming to be sudden, and visible as lightning, and in whatever place he will appear there will his saints “be gathered together.”HST September 14, 1842, page 185.13

    In verses 29, 30, our Savior answers their second question: What shall be the sign, etc. and. brings down to the end the third time, saying, “immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.” As the preceding part, relative to wars, false Christs, prophets, etc. has been fulfilled literally, I shall so explain this part. When was the sun literally and supernaturally darkened, to render it a sign? In 1780, which was immediately after the church was measurably delivered from the Roman power in its papal form.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.14

    The opinion of many, when the sun was darkened, was that it was the end itself. “And the moon shall not give her light.” The night was as much darker than usual, as the day had been. It was thought the darkness, like the Egyptian, could be felt, as our fathers inform us. “And the stars shall fall from heaven.”HST September 14, 1842, page 185.15

    Many saw the “stars from heaven,” apparently falling to the earth as the fruits of a tree when violently shaken, for two hours on the morning of November 13th, 1833, “which actually made thousands to fear greatly through this country and elsewhere.” Another similar phenomenon was witnessed in London, Eng. Sept. 4, 1839. “Myriads of small stars shot out over the horizon, and darted with that swiftness towards the earth, that the eye could scarcely follow the track; the effect was electrical.” This magnificent spectacle continued for hours.HST September 14, 1842, page 185.16

    But again, it is said that thirteen fixed stars, supposed to be suns to other systems, have actually disappeared, the last of which was seen in the northern hemisphere, apparently burning sixteen months. And it is further-more stated, that 1500 other stars can no more be discovered. Have not the “powers of the heavens” verily been shaken? In Luke 21:25, he adds: “And upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity.” Look at the distress and perplexity of the nations at the present!! “the sea and the waves roaring.” When has the sea and waves roared as within two years? causing the most shocking disasters. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth.” Witness ye how men’s hearts are now failing them, believing some great event is now just before us!!HST September 14, 1842, page 186.1

    The 29th having been fulfilled, we now strike the future in the 30th, no part of which in my opinion has yet had its fulfilment. We will now launch into the future deep, to describe the next great important event to be witnessed, which will be of the most solemn, soul-thrilling nature!! “And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven:” Michael standing up from the mediatorial seat to shut too the door: see Daniel 12:1. Luke 13:25, the effect of which will be, that “all the tribes of the earth” (the unregenerate) “shall mourn”—“the foolish virgins” find their “lamp gone out,” when, alas! no help can be afforded them;—“a time of trouble” (on the wicked) “such as never was,” upon that character, “since there was a nation, even to that same time.”HST September 14, 1842, page 186.2

    This trouble in Daniel 12:1, and that in Matthew 24:21, thus harmonizing perfectly: this between us and the end, being the greatest on the wicked, and that, the greatest on the church, The most distressing of all to them, will be to “see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven,” one of angels, the other of saints.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.3

    How will they “wail because of him;” ye howl for vexation of spirit!! The mourning will commence, in my opinion, when the seventh trumpet shall begin to sound—when the seventh seal shall be opened, and will continue “about the space of half an hour,” (7 1-2 days) when there shall be “silence in heaven,” (the church.) Not another gospel sermon, exhortation, or prayer, offered for the sinner and our songs will have ceased, while viewing a despairing world around, but at the end of which, the saints, being judged, justified and glorified, will then resume their high praises on harps, to cease no more.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.4

    32nd verse we have the parable of the fig-tree. “So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.” Thus when we shall witness the last of these things, the mourning we are not merely to beleive, but to know that Christ’s second advent is at the doors.”HST September 14, 1842, page 186.5

    “Verily I say unto you, this generation,” the age of which he has last been speaking, who were to be living to see all these things, shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled.” Then those who were living to see the sun darkened, the beginning of the signs 12 years since, are not all to pass off till our Beloved returns to take his bride to himself, into “a better country” the “world without end,” Hence he will soon appear, and we may look up with increasing joy, for Christ saith, “when these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.”HST September 14, 1842, page 186.6

    36. He sheweth that the day and hour was not revealed; this we admit. But for one, I believe the year is, to wit, at the end of 1335 porphetic days (years) Daniel 12:12, 13. Dr. Gill believed at the end of the 1335 days, Daniel would stand in his lot in the first resurrection, and at the time of the end, the wise would understand the time.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.7

    37—39. He shows that his coming shall be “as it was in the days of Noe.” What in those days appeared like a millennium? “And they knew not until the flood came and took them all away.” Why did they know not? Because they would not believe righteous Noah while warning them of the flood at hand; choosing rather to scoff at his supposed folly.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.8

    So shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Now, the warning voice is heard from hundreds on each continent, and from the thousands of second advent publications, giving the “cry” even to the opposite side of the globe, that another flood is now verily at hand, not of water, but of fire; see. Psalm 46:6, 9; 97:3, 5; 2 Peter 3:7. Nahum calls it a flood. “His fury is poured out like fire.—With an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue his enemies.” Now the scoffers at such a day are come, “saying, where is the promise of his coming.” “His second advent,” say they, “was at the destruction of Jerusalem.” Hence we know assuredly, “the last days” are come. But few, “eight souls,” then believed in the impending storm: so but comparatively few believe in the one now at hand.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.9

    40. Then shall two be in the field “one shall be taken” (up to meet the Lord in the air, shining as the sun) “and the other left,” to perish in the flood.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.10

    41.“Two women” etc. “one shall be taken” (that praying mother) “and the other” (the prayerless daughter) “left.”HST September 14, 1842, page 186.11

    42—44. We are taught to be on our “watch” for this day, and “be also ready.” This word shows the liability of being found otherwise than prepared; thus destroying Universalism at a blow. But what will constitute us ready? To have all our sins of thought, word and deed forgiven, all “blotted out,” through repentance toward God, and faith in Christ. In other words, we must be the character born of the spirit, and be pure in heart; which leads us to strive for holiness of life and conversation. Thence are we prepared to see a God of spotless purity, to rejoice in the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ,” For in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” As Christ’s crucifixion varied two days from the end of the seventy weeks, (499 years) Ezra having departed on the twelfth day of the Jewish first month, and Jesus having expired on the first day of the passover, the fourteenth, April 3rd, we know not how many days the time of his second advent may vary from the end of the 1810, the remainder of the vision since A. D. 33. It may be a little sooner than either of us have anticipated; or the time may vary on the other hand, that the whole host of scoffers may have a very short period to show themselves, in one grand phalanx against us. But we need not fear; for the Lord hath said, my grace is sufficient for thee.”HST September 14, 1842, page 186.12

    45—47. These describe the faithful and wise servant at the time of the end, when “the wise shall understand,” who shall be giving the household “meat in due season,” and the blessing he shall receive when his Lord cometh and findeth him so doing.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.13

    What is the meat in due season? In John the Baptist’s day, it was, that the Savior was soon to be seen. When he had appeared in his public ministry, the meat or doctrine, then was, “We have found—Jesus—“Come and see.” When he had arisen and ascended, the doctrine then was, you must believe in the Savior then “seated at the right hand of God.” What then, we ask, is the meat in due season at this late period, while on the very verge of time and threshold of eternity, but the “midnight cry?” “Behold upon the mountains the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace! O Judah, (the church) keep thy solemn feasts, perform thy vows: for the wicked shall no more pass through thee; he is utterly cut off.” Nahum 1:15. “Behold the Bridegroom cometh,” etc. We know, in fact, it is the very doctrine, for it troubles and agitates the evil servant, described in verses 48-51, who is ready to “say in his heart, My Lord delayeth his coming;” some say, over 1000 years yet, “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” “And shall begin to smite his fellow-servants” (with bitter aspersions) “and to eat and drink with the drunken; (intoxicated with false doctrines, popularity, love and cares of this life) the Lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, and shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrite, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” O, their end, their dreadful end!!HST September 14, 1842, page 186.14

    We view it perfectly consistent in the apostles, in asking a sign of Christ’s coming and end of the world,” or end of the gospel age: for it has been the unvarying rule in the economy of God to give signs to precede very great events. The antedeluvians had signs of the flood; viz. righteous Noah’s warning voice, I and the building of the ark.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.15

    The Sodomites had their signs, in the angels seen; and when smitten with blindness, they might have received it as a sign if not before that immediate destruction was upon them. Again just Lot’s arousing voice, “up, get ye out of this place, for the Lord will destroy the city,” was another sign.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.16

    Jerusalem was not destroyed without signs given the disciples by which they might know seasonably when to escape, and its destruction was preceded by fearful sights. Hence the inconsistency of those who believe the greatest of all events ever to be witnessed by mortals, is to be ushered in upon us without signs; and therefore to overtake all as a thief in the night. We would entreat such to read their Bible more; and they will find that at the time of the end “the wise shall understand.”—“But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” The time is measured in Daniel by prophetic days, to reach the end; and by the signs, we now believe it to be verily at the door. And as Noah knew antecedently seven days, when the flood would come, so we by the signs are yet to know in my opinion about a prophetic half hour, “as in the days of Noe,” to be at the doors by the universal mourning of the wicked, and “silence in heaven,” the church.HST September 14, 1842, page 186.17

    One singular circumstance attending the dark night, 1780, I have not yet heard named in public; to wit, the destruction of the feathered tribes. The next morning, the fowls of heaven could be gathered up by scores, where they had fallen from fences and trees, having the strong scent of brimstone. The sun and moon were again darkened Nov. 1819. “The moon shall be turned into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.” In autumn of 1816, while the dark spots were upon the sun, the moon was apparently turned to blood. It was then remarked in my hearing, This is what was predicted by Joel: sec 2:31.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.1

    In Aug. 1822, the moon was again turned in appearance into blood, when the inhabitants of Aleppo cried, “the judgment day has arrived!”HST September 14, 1842, page 187.2

    The midnight cry which our Savior predicted would be heard at the time of the end, I doubt not we are giving; some seven hundred now raising their voice in the different quarters of the globe, which is another sign. The universal spread of the gospel we should receive as a sign that we are now to look for the end. One more—“Peace and safety” would be taught at the end, when “sudden destruction cometh upon them” with anguish in their soul, as predicted, 1 Thessalonians 5:3 This doctrine, peace and safety to all men, “no future punishment,” is now extensively heard: therefore we receive it as an infallible sign. What sign predicted, remains then, to be fulfilled prior to the close of the door of mercy? I know of none. O foolish, virgin, professor; or; non-professor, how canst thou longer slumber on the very precipice of wo!! We again “pray you in Christ’s stead,” awake, awake, and flee to the “hiding place” now, while entrance you may find. Joel Spaulding. Belgrave, Me, Aug. 8th, 1842.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.3

    The Dissolution


    Dear Bro. Himes:—By your permission I would transmit to you a few lines for your paper if you think them worth the publishing.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.4

    All is still. How clear, not a nestling zephyr breaks the calmness of the day. How cheerful is the face of nature, hear the warbling songster’s whistling joyous notes. The sun as usual spreads his halo over nature’s broad surface. The trees like monuments stand as witnesses to the stillness. Ah! see! see!! My Father’s works, he developes himself in all. Let us, then, with solemn reverence worship the God that made all things. But see yon extending fire rolling to the zenith of the Heavens. Lo I hear the rumbling of an unusual sound, it cannot be a battle has begun, for war there is none to salute the beauties of the day, it is not in man. Oh! it is but some natural appearance or some excess of nature, perhaps the result of some disorganized laws. But the Earth shakes, what can these reiterated tremors mean, certaintainly nature is convulsed by fits. Alas, I feel a suffocating power, I am enveloped in stifling mist! See yon ponderous masses bolting their fiery orbs about! Still thy sleepy fears heed not such midnight reveling, such floating visions are but mere phantoms caused by overheated imagination, and to notice them is but the height of weakness, wise men trace them to causes, and so dissipate their fears. Philosophy is the key that unlocks and throws nature open to all. Those fanatical Bambasts, alias Second Advent priests, who have just immerged from the shades of ignorance, are trying to turn the world upside down, proclaiming that a man shall appear flying through the midst of Heaven, followed by a host of angels blowing trumpets, and to sit in judgment against men. Who believes them? Where are the signs of his coming? we see nothing! what dreams! it is a species of insanity. But hark! what distant roaring is that? it increases! Hear the rushing vibrations rebound their thundering notes along the plains. Now it rolls its sweeping bursts! Now they preponderate with louder crash. See she spues her lickquid streams. Behold the earth! it bursts! see the fiery fumes belched forth by yon gaping crater. She spouts streaked flames. It dies! all nature is calm again. How still the sweeping zephers roll their fragrance from every opening flower. Away with those thoughts. Should they break my sweet repose? Nature end! Fudge, with such bugbears! I will drive them to the depths of Hell.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.5

    Sought was this strange chimera when the soul was young,HST September 14, 1842, page 187.6

    And round its heart ties of fear grew thick and strong,HST September 14, 1842, page 187.7

    Entwining grew and strengthened as they grew.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.8

    A tale bespangled of terrors and of ghastly fiends Imps of croaked form and visage new, stride in the nightHST September 14, 1842, page 187.9

    Gaping with spirits foul and fierce, they would essay to getHST September 14, 1842, page 187.10

    And crush pile on pile in darker shades than Egypt knew.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.11

    Awake from these imped visions. Shall these foul dreamers win me by such wakeful dreams? Alas! it gathers again. Now hurried bursts of curling smoke drive to the sky their frightful columns, and flash and thunder as they roll! they spread and thicken as they rise. O that I had never been born!! Am I to be consuming and yet not consumed? Lo yon nearing host we will face, conquer and reign perhaps may be our lot yet. Awake! Awake sons of the black imperial, yon winged power may yet be out flanked, charge to the right and under cover of the fumes of Hell. But Ah! it is lost, the elements melt, the blue covering though studded with millions of brilliant gems, is parting, it breaks! it rolls its broad sheets together like a scroll. Alas those silvery sparkling jewels that illuminate the dark canopy of midnight silence are forever quenched. The golden circle of the suns is obliterated, no more to shed their rays on the benighted paths of men. Lo the sun refuses light, and moon in blood is clothed, the thunders roar, clap after clap resounds and yet there is more. Heaven shakes and mountains nod around whilst nature quakes in agony. See the tossing bark beat the raging main, now upon the foaming billows lifted high, now it sinks beneath the parting wave. The earth is tossing! Bursting and smoking with her monumental mountains tottering to their base. Behold the rent cleaves Heaven! Now she is rapt in flames. She groans, and now she ejects subterranean fire, disgorging vast oceans of cissing lava. Again she rocks! she reels! Again the vast concave of Heaven reechoes by the distant crashes! Distant! Loud! Louder reechoes each vibratiug burst!! Dies! Sinks!! Revives, each peel with louder crash resounds thundering back its vollies with anger fierce. Each chasm vents fire streaked amidst its rushing towering fumes. Alas! Alas!! the moans—the groans!!! It is finished. I die! I sink!! (!)—(!) See it is finished, crash answers crash of falling worlds. But the “Christian” amidst the thundering of his Father’s work, stand unhurt amidst the war of elements, wreck of matter and crash o worlds. “And I beheld till the thrones were cast down and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool, his throne was like a fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him, thousands, thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him, the judgment was set, and the books were opened.” Yours in the faith of 1843. George Atkinson.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.12

    Ashburnham, July 4, 1842.
    From the Christian Secretary.

    The Future


    the time of the end

    If what has been advanced in the precceding numbers be true, then the scriptural prophecies are all fulfilled, except the awful scenes of the last day. We live at the precise period which intervenes between the sixth and seventh vials, and the sixth and seventh trumpets. We live when the angel of the everlasting Gospel is enjoining upon men the solemn duty to “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of his judgment has come!”HST September 14, 1842, page 187.13

    There is a singular and most extraordinary co-incidence in the minds of all thinking men in regard to an impending revolutian in human affairs. Much as the predictions of Mr. Miller are scouted he is probably no more rash in his calculations than are the Jewish Rabbins, the Mohammedan Seers, the Quarterly and Edinburgh Reviewers, Mr. Carlyle of England, and Brownson, Emerson and Brisbane of this country. Here are the first thinkers of the age, and all of them agree that the world is on the eve of a radical revolution of some sort. The Christian church too, has a well defined theory of its own, respecting the latter day glory, and she does not defer a great way, her hopes of the triumph of truth over error.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.14

    That Miller should even fix the year for the final dissolution of all things is surely no more absurd, than to cherish a vague idea of a great change just at hand, drawn from the dim, cloudy aspect of the present time. Indeed it is not halt so irrational to go direct to Daniel’s prophecy, and from the vision of 2300 mornings and evenings, to deduce the limit of this world’s duration, as to adduce the argument drawn from the fitness of things, or from the missionary spirit of the church, in favor of a world’s conversion. The one reasons from the letter of inspired prophecy, the other from the crude conceptions of a finite understanding.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.15

    I am disposed to believe that the time of the end—even the identical year—is purposely obscured in prophecy, so that it can never be ascertained with perfect accuracy. But I can find no fault with Mr. Miller’s views respecting the vision of the 2300 days, nor can I resist the force of this argument which fixes the time of the cleansing of the Sanctuary in the year 1843. It is perfectly irrefragable. I defy the united learning of the world to overthrow it. If the 490 years before Christ be a part of the 2300, then the vision is complete—sealed—made sure—and no man can resist the overflowing evidence, which can be brought to prove the completion of that remarkable era in 1843. Seventy weeks of years were fulfilled in 490 years exactly. The remainder of the period must therefore be fulfilled in years. The argument cannot be evaded. Still there may be an error in the commencement of this period as fixed by Mr. Miller. We are bidden to watch for the coming of the Son because we know not the exact time when he shall appear. I am willing to wait patiently, without fixing the exact period of the great event. It cannot, however, be very far remote. It is the first great event for which I shall look. I expect no sign from heaven, or on the earth, to foreshow to an unbelieving world this approaching advent. Still, however, the discerning, spiritual eye can detect many of the signs of that great day giving as indisputable tokens of its near approach, as the summer is clearly heralded by the blossoming of the fig tree. The world has stood nearly 6000 years. Then, according to a general belief will commence a Sabbath of rest to last at least 1000 more. The 2300 days of Daniel have nearly run out. The 1260 days of St. John, as most commentators agree, have already expired. The sea and the waves are roaring. men’s hearts are failing them for fear, and for looking for those things which shall come upon the earth. The popular mind is in commotion, and wise men are vaticinating every where. The sixth trumpet has sounded, and the 7th. trumpet is the “last trump” when the dead shall hear the voice of the son of God, and come forth. The gospel has, first and last, made the entire circuit of the globe, it has been preached to all nations for a witness to them, and then shall the end be. At the first promulgation of the gospel, it was proclaimed over a great part of Asia and Africa. Again it was carried during the middle ages to every nook and corner of Asia by the Nestorians. In modern times, the islands of the sea have been visited, and the work has been completed, or is in a process of completion.HST September 14, 1842, page 187.16

    The time is at hand! I marvel at the apathy of the church on this important subject. marvel at the immense amount of profitless labor expended by the church in the vain hope of converting all nations to the christian religion. I wonder where we derive our confident hopes on this subject. To me there is no truth more clearly revealed, than that this world shall go on in the old way till the day of Judgment, that the resurrection shall usher in the heavenly state upon this renewed earth, and that then, and not till then, shall the faith of prophets, patriarchs and apostles be swallowed up in fruition. Anti-Millenist.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.1

    Brief Corrections


    Messrs. Editors.—I gladly embrace the opportunity proffered me by the seinor editor, to correct some important errors in my former communication in the Signs of the Times.” I insisted, your renders will well recollect, upon the restoration of literal Israel to the exclusion of the doctrine of a literal “first resurrection,” and the personal coming and kingdom of our Lord. I stumbled upon the rock on which almost the entire church have been wrecked, viz. how can God fulfil his promises to literal Israel without we understand the coming and kingdom of Christ ritually, or what is the same thing in other words, prolong this dispensation a thousand years in an enlarged and improved condition.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.2

    Now, by allowing the uniformly plain and literal sense of Bible language in which the “wayfaring man though a fool need not err,” all is delightful harmony with the word of God on these points. I now see that all the “spiritual seed of Abraham” are to “have part in the first resurrection—become “kings and priests unto God and the Lamb,” and “reign on the earth,” This latter point Bro. Miller always proved and enforced with great power; and had he admitted the same principles of interpretation regarding literal Israel, and let them come in to a new dispensation at the closing up of this, (“the fulness of the Gentiles,”) my mystical notions would have been undermined at once, and I should not have had this correction to offer. Having so long sympathized with the multitudes who hold on to a spiritual millennium, and the gradual gathering and conversion of the Jews, and conversion of the world, it is not strange I should feel a peculiar and deep sympathy for that class, and manifest much anxiety to recover them from their error and delusion before it is too late! I know the obstacles which lie in their way; and the manner in which I was delivered from the same delusion, prompts my zeal in the adaptation of the truths which their age requires. This seal has provoked the jealousy of some, as though it interposed obstacles to the success of the “Midnight Cry.” My intentions are just the reverse of that.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.3

    The readers of the first volume of the “Signs of the Times” will recollect my outline of chronology, and local distinction of the evening and morning visions of Daniel. I have not yet seen occasion to alter my views on these points materially. In fact a gradation of terminating points appears to harmonize beautifully with the two manifestations of Christ—“his appearing and kingdom.” If his first sudden manifestation to gather out his saints at the standing up of “Michael for his people” and closing the probation of the Gentiles, (as “their fulness has now come in” on the eve of the “time of trouble,”) it would seem to require just about the 40 years intimated by (Micah 7:15, 16.) in God’s pleading with his people the Jews, and “pleading with all nations etc.” when he declares he will bring them against Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:2,) until Christ descends upon the Mount of Olives with all his saints. Zechariah 14:4, 5,HST September 14, 1842, page 188.4

    I do not pretend to determine the exact order, or the precise time required for the fulfilment of these great events. The Prophets instruct us in the general, and some things remarkably particular. Nor have I ever been able to settle in my mind the condition of his saints at Christ’s first manifestation, which is to surprise the wicked world as a “thief in the night,” and as suddenly as a flash of “lightning out of the east.” We are assured “that day shall not overtake the waiting saints as a thief.” But, will he take them silently, and in fear on the eve of the pending “time of trouble,” or, will he let them taste of martyrdom once more for a little season? There are some scriptures, too, which seem to indicate a season of “refreshing,” or “latter rain”—a pentacostical preparation of the “Bride making herself ready,” just as the “Virgins go into the marriage.” These suggestions I make not for speculation, but for edification. Let all be ready for the trial of faith, should the test question come.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.5

    Thus instead of the doctrine of Israel’s restoration, and a glorious Millenium, interposing any obstacle in the way of Christ’s personal and immediate return, in my view clears the way of difficulty, gives time to fulfill all which the prophets have spoken concerning him,” and begets a soul reviving view of the harmony of scripture. With the great points of the Millennarian view of prophesy, I suppose your readers familiar. The lesser points, and shades of difference of opinions, incidental to us all as students of prophesy just emerging the darkness of Babylon, they can readily be had, if your columns are open. I have supposed you did not wish to enter into the discussion which would naturally grow out of the subject. Yours respectfully. David Cambell.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.6

    The Seven Vials


    Are we to understand that there have been any of those seven vials poured out upon the earth. I believe not. And first from the fact that they are to be the seven last plagues of the wrath of God. Are not these seven last plagues sent to fulfill the last end of the indignation spoken of in Daniel 8:19; also 11:36; and in Isaiah 26:20; also 10th to the 25th? And for yet a little while and the indignation shall cease and mine anger in their destruction. Nahum 1:6; Romans 2:8. Let us look into our Bibles, and see if the seven angels that are to pour out the last plagues are not the very same seven that are now blowing the seven trumpets. If so, then it will become interesting, and it will place them in a new light to some of our readers. Now I may differ from most of the writers on this point; but I am after the truth. Let the reader follow me into the prophecies.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.7

    And first, let us look at the types, on the number seven. Look at Zechariah 4:10. See the word seven; and in Revelation 1:20; also 5:6. There we find the same seven used typically, and is here applied to the Lamb, or Christ. It appears to me that the seven horns on the Lamb are the seven trumpets in the hands of the seven angels; also the seven eyes are the symbols of the seven angels which stand before God. After comparing Revelation 8:2, with 15:1, 6, 7, 8; 16:1; also 21:9; it appears that these seven quotations of Revelations point us to the seven angels which are now blowing the seven trumpets, and consequently they will ere long receive the seven vials at the time of the seventh trumpet or third woe. At that time, agreeing with Revelation 11:15; and 15:2; all the saints will then be taken up on the sea of glass; then the seven angels come out of the temple, Revelation 15:6; then in the 7th verse, one of the four Beasts gives unto these seven angels the vials full of the wrath of God. That the seven trumpets are to sound before the vials are to be poured out is evident from the fact that they are not said to be the last. It is said in Revelation 15:8, when these angels begin to pour out the last plagues, no man can enter the temple until they have done. Now are we to suppose that these angels have stood without the temple for hundreds of years, as some of our brethen suppose? I think not. Let us look at the type in the 2nd of 2 Chronicles 5:12-14. There we are told that the priests in their white garments could not minister at the altar for all the glory of God. Is not this a type of the other? Thus these seven angels are brought to view four times as being literal; and four times typically. Thus I have given out a few of my views on this point. Will some of the brethren who have more light give us their views upon this question? We all want the truth. Let us keep to the law and the testimony; if they speak not according to truth, it is because there is no light in them. Levi Fisk.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.8

    Lowell, August 5, 1842.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.9

    Agents, will much oblige us by sending in what is now due, both for books, and the “Signs of the Times.” Promptness in this matter will save us much trouble.HST September 14, 1842, page 188.10



    BOSTON, SEPTEMBER 14, 1842

    Lectures In Tuftonborough, N. H.—Bro. T. Cole will. give a course of Lectures on the Second Advent, in the Christian Meeting House in Tuftonborough, commencing the 1st Wednesday in October, at 10 o’clock, A. M.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.1

    Second Advent Lectures:—Br. P. Powell of Three Rivers, Mass. will give a course of Lectures at Low Hampton, N. Y. near the residence of Wm. Miller, commencing Sept. 13th.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.2

    City Watchman’s Alarm.—The Second No of this work, by the author of “A Clue to the Time;” is in progress, and will soon be out. It will contain a Review of Rev. Ira Chase’s “Remarks on the Book of Daniel;” as published in the March No. of the “Christian Review.”HST September 14, 1842, page 189.3

    A supply of books on the Second Advent is kept at No. 1 Commerce St. Newark, N. J. by Elder L. D. Fleming.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.4



    At Salem, Mass. Oct. 6.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.5

    Of those who love, and wait for the appearing, of our Lord Jesus Christ, to glorify his saints, and destroy them that destroy the earth, is to he holden, (the Lord willing,) at Salem, Mass. in North Fields, in a fine grove, called the Horse Pasture, one mile from the rail road depot. The meeting is to commence on Thursday, Oct. 6, 1842, and to continue about one week.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.6

    Several Lecturers on the coming of Christ are expected to be present, and will show, from the Word of God, the manner and object of Christ’s Second Coming, together with the reasons for expecting him in 1843. All who love the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, are affectionately invited to rally at this feast of Tabernacles. Our time is growing shorter and shorter each day, and what is to be done must be soon done.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.7

    The great object of the meeting is, like those which have already been held, to arouse both the church and the world to a sense of their peril by sounding the Midnight Cry.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.8

    Preaching each day at 10 o’clock in the morning. at 2 o’clock in the afternoon; and at 7 in the evening, when the weather will permit.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.9

    Friends from the country can have provisions for themselves and horses on reasonable terms. It is desirable that our friends, if convenient, will provide tents in companies, and encamp with us on the ground.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.10

    Timothy Cole, Henry Phommer, A. Hale, E. Hale, Jr. J. V. Himes, Com



    In North Granville, N. Y.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.11

    The Washington Conference will commence in the Baptist meeting-house on Monday, Sept. 19th. at 10 o’clock A. M.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.12

    The object of the conference is for mutual instruction, and to examine the evidences of the near approach of the second coming of Christ.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.13

    N. B. ALL ministering brethren, and friends, who love the personal appearing of the Savior are avited to attend.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.14

    Brethren and friends from abroad will be provided for, by calling on the committee at the meeting-house.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.15

    Bro. Calvin French, by divine permission, will commence a course of lectures on Saturday, the 17th. at 2 o’clock P. M. there will be two lectures each lay of the conference, which will continue four or more days. North Granville, N. Y. Sept. 5th, 1842. Seth Ewer, Pastor.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.16



    Sept. 25.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.17

    I am requested, by the friends in Campton and Hatley, to give notice in the Signs of the Times that there will be a camp-meeting at Eaton, L. C. to commence September 25th. Bro. Grun will attend as lecturer. Others are requested and expected to attend.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.18

    All those who love the appearing of our Lord, are requested to attend with tents in order for the accommodation of strangers—and those who may not have tents. What you do, in this case, you do for the Lord. Your help is called for.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.19

    The campmeeting will continue as long as may be practicable. Thomas Sutcliffe.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.20



    At Exeter, Me. Sept. 28.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.21

    “We are requested by a large committee, from Exeter and vicinity, to give notice that the General Meeting and Conference, at Exeter, Me., will be turned into a Campmeeting, to begin the 28th of September. The grove prepared for the meeting is on the farm of Mr. John Lethens, near Capt. Dole’s farm, in the neighborhood of Kendrick’s Mills.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.22

    The “Christian Herald,” and “Morning Star,” will please copy, by request of Committee.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.23



    At New Ipswich, N. H., Sept. 20.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.24

    A Second Advent Camp-meeting is to be held in a grove, at New Ipswich, N.H. Sept. 20, on ground of Mr. George Willard, near Dr. Gibson’s.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.25

    The object of the meeting, like those which have already been held, is to arouse both the church and the world to a sense of their peril, by sounding the midnight cry.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.26

    There will be no room for debate on this or any other subject at this meeting; but all who participate in its exercises will have the one great object, their own and others’ salvation, in view, and direct their labors to that one point.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.27

    All who love the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, are earnestly requested to rally at this Feast of Tabernacles. Our time is growing shorter, and what we do must be done quickly.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.28

    It is desirable that our friends should form companies, and bring a tent with them; but ample arrangements have been made, both for board and horse-keeping, at a reasonable rate, on the ground. Let application be made to the committee.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.29

    H. B. Skinner, Geo. Reed, D. Blood, Sam’l Heath, C. Burgess, C. Eastman, Jacob Weston, W. D. Walker —Scripture, L. Caldwell, J. D. Johnson, —Kibling.

    Campmeeting at Claremount, N. H.—A Second Advent campmeeting is to be held in Claremount, N. H., to commence the 27th. inst. The Tabernacle is to be there.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.30

    Bro. Himes, will give a course of lectures on the Second Advent in Piermont, N.H.to commence the 17th of this month.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.31



    At Anson, Me., Sept. 21.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.32

    The Free Will Baptist brethren in Anson, have requested the writer to appoint a Second Advent Conference with them in the Free Meeting House, two miles westward of the village in said town. Therefore I appoint it to commence on Wednesday, Sept. 21st, at 10 o’clock, A. M. to continue over the following Sabbath. The object of the meeting will not be to assail each other on sectarian points of minor importance, nor for discussion; but to obtain light upon the great and all-important subject of Christ’s second advent, now specially at hand. It will be expected that the forenoon will be spent in social worship and conference upon this subject; and in the afternoons and evenings lectures will be given by the writer, or some other lecturer, if they attend. We invite lecturers Elds. H. Frost, of Atkins, and A. Bridges, and others, to attend. We also invite brethren in the ministry, without distinction of order, to attend, and hope they will suffer nothing of minor importance to hinder. All the meetings will be open and free for all to attend. Joel Spaulding. Belgrade, Me. Aug. 18, 1841.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.33

    Whereas, there is a Second Advent Conference appointed in Anson, to commence Sept. 21st, to hold five days, we the undersigned, viewing it an important station, where multitudes will attend, and probably opposition be witnessed, renew the request made by Eld. Spaulding, for at least one lecturer to attend; otherwise bro. Spaulding will be alone as a lecturer. Cannot Eld. Atkins, or Eld. Frost leave the Eastern Conferences and come over and help us, or some other suitable one? Allbee Parsons,HST September 14, 1842, page 189.34

    Lexington, Aug. 27. 1842. Henry Parsons.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.35



    Up to Sept. 10. P. M. Manchester, N. H. New York, Brunswick, Me. Easton, Mass. N Bedford, Ms. N. Bridgwater, Mass. Oakland, Ct. S. Hero, Vt. Troy, Me. Charlotte, N. C. Ashburnham, Mass. Waterford, Mass. Kingsbury, Lnd. Ware, Mass. Three Rivers, Mass. New Market, N. H. Colchester, Vt. Dover, N. H. Walpole, N. H. Richford, Vt. Cambridge, Me. Sharon, Vt. Colchester, Vt.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.36

    From Samuel Locke, Simeon P. Cheney, Elbridge G. Allen, H. B. Skinner, E. H, Wilcox, Thomas Sutcliffe, J D. Johnson, Wm. S. Miller, John Percival, G. S. Miles, Lucy Pierson, L.Calkins, C.French, F. Searls, D. Burgess, E. Hale, Jr. M. Nutting, Thomas Huntington, Mary Robins, George P. Martin, Messrs. Townsend & Mendenhall & Co., Henry Flagg, Thomas P. Childs, L. C. Collins.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.37

    Books Sent


    One bundle to George Storrs, MiddletownCt.
    One to L. C. Collins, Hartford, Ct.
    One to Miss G. S. Miles, Albany, N. Y.
    One to Rev. Philo Hawks, Chicopee Falls, Mass.
    One to Ezra S. Walker, Palmer Depot, Mass.
    One to C. Greene, Colchester, Vt.
    One to Lewis Calkins, Palmer Depot, Mass.
    One to E H. Wilcoz, N. York City.
    One to George P. Martin, West Brookfield, Mass.
    HST September 14, 1842, page 189.38

    Albany Agency Depository


    At No. 67 Greon St. 3 doors south of the Baptist Church, by Miss G. S. Miles. All works on the Second Advent constantly on hand.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.39

    The Morning Light is Breaking


    Revised.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.40

    Bro. Himes & Litch: Dear Sirs,—This is a Hymn which has been sung much of late in our revivals which seems to me to be not very well adapted to the views and feelings of those who are soon expecting to see their Saviour, called “The Morning light is breaking.” I have thought for the sake of the tune to alter the sentiments to suit myself so that I could sing it in our Second Advent meetings. If you think it best you can publish it in the Signs of the Times with such alterations as you can make for the better. Yours in the hope of the Gospel,HST September 14, 1842, page 189.41

    Stephen Bradford.HST September 14, 1842, page 189.42

    The morning light is breaking,
    The glorious day draws near,
    When Christ the Judge of nations,
    In glory will appear,
    The midnight cry is sounding
    The dawning star’s arising
    Awake ye sleeping virgins
    Your God and Saviour’s near.
    HST September 14, 1842, page 189.43

    The morning light is breaking,
    The King of Glory’s near,
    The saints now dead and living,
    Will soon with him appear;
    The midnight cry is sounding,
    The fig tree now is blooming,
    Awake ye sleeping virgins,
    Behold the Bridegroom’s near.
    HST September 14, 1842, page 189.44

    The Bible in its coursing,
    Has gone from East to West;
    The nations who were willing
    Have with his rays been blest;
    The midnight cry is sounding,
    The Judgment day approaching,
    Awake ye sleeping virgins,
    And take your promised rest.
    HST September 14, 1842, page 189.45

    Second Appearance of the Savior


    An unusual degree of excitement and benevolent activity has within the last few years characterized all denominations of Christians in this and other countries. A peculiar and almost simultaneous devotion to the sublime subjects of the Gospel, has been manifested, which is unlike any former manifestations in Christendom. The same awakening influences that have distinguished the movements of professing Christians throughout the entire length and breadth of this section of America, have also pervaded the remotest boundaries of civilized Europe. In short, a general impression exists wherever the divine truths of the bible are received, that some extraordinary event is nigh at hand, which, will, in some undefined manner, affect the condition of humanity.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.1

    No persons presume to predict what this apprehended change is to be, but the ardent disciples of Mr. William Miller, an illiterate farmer, (so says common report) who is a resident of the town of Low Hampton, in the western part of the State of New York—they herald forth the astounding intelligence of the fearful conflagration of this fair globe—and that immediately.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.2

    Without hesitation, these conscientious alarmists declare, that they have discovered a true key to the prophetic writings of the Old Testament; and, that from the unerring evidences of the Sacred chronicles, they are both warranted and justified in declaring aloud, that this, earth, the theatre on which man has displayed the grand and godlike elements of his nature for six thousand years, will speedily be consumed by an all devouring, and irresistable conflagration of its material substance.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.3

    Yes, the globe we inhabit, according to the literal interpretation of Mr. Miller and his followers, will be subjected to the awful and unrestrained action of a universal fire, in the coming year of 1843—and when it has undergone the requisite changes in the alembic of Him who first created and decreed this solemn, and to unbelievers, unwelcome dispensation, the crucified Redeemer will make his Second Advent, and then usher in the morning of the Millennial day. This, we are informed, is the unqualified assertion of the best informed, leading spirits of the Millerite fraternity.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.4

    They do not admit that the Jews are ever again to inherit or occupy their former country—a favorite and encouraging feature of the Jewish faith. This inadmission, therefore, is another peculiarity in the theory of the “midnight cries.” Other sects are looking with ingathering of the scattered children of Israel, who for eighteen hundred years, have been wanderers, without a home, in every nation and country known to modem history.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.5

    The Jews firmly expect again to be the possessors of their own degraded, trodden down Jerusalem; again to be recognized as a distinct nation—and again organized, when the Messiah shall come, for whom they are ever looking with longing eyes, and claim the vacant throne of the illustrious Solomon.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.6

    Modern travellers are constantly reminded, wherever they go, either in nominally christian or heathen lands, that there is a foreboding of some striking display of omnipotent energy. The Jews express themselves openly, that their emancipation is drawing near; and the Mahomedans, much as they hate all who deviate from their standard of orthodox faith, make no effort to conceal a current opinion that is constantly gaining ground, that Mahomedanism is on the verge of utter extinction.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.7

    These general observations are merely introductory to a notice of a recent publication, which appears destined to have an extensive circulation. It is “An inquiry into the meaning of the prophesies relating to the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ,” by the Rev. Dr. Henshaw, of Baltimore, an eminent and learned divine.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.8

    At the onset, we discovered that Dr. Henshaw is earnestly expecting the second appearance of the Savior, in person, among men; but he has too much good sense and discretion to hazard an opinion with respect to the period when this will come to pass—though he evidently believes with Mr. Miller, and in fact, all other commentators on the prophecies that the heavens will yet be “rolled together like a scroll, and the earth pass away with a great noise.” By a chain of logical reason, he makes out the case clearly, that the Savior will positively again visit the earth, and be recognized in his true mediatorial character and dignity, as the Son of the Most High God. And, moreover, that he will exercise the functions of a ruler.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.9

    Those whose curiosity may have been awakened by this synopsis of the theories of Mr. Miller and Dr. Henshaw, cannot fail, we think, either as scholars or christians, of being both delighted and instructed by this latest, most rational, and most philosophical explanation of the supposed millennial of a thousand years.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.10

    The reader cannot very consistently resist the cogent evidences which the author produces, to show that Jesus of Nazareth, will once more descend to this world, and become the object of universal love and adoration.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.11

    Had the followers of Mr. Miller a more profound acquaintance with the literature of the Bible than they are obviously allowed to possess, they never would have become so enthusiastic nor so confident in their prophetic declarations. Disappointed as they doubtless will be, in regard to the final destruction of the world in 1843—there are probably some good effects produced by their untiring efforts to rouse the sleeping transgressor of the moral law, to a sense of danger, if he continue to live in his sins.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.12

    For ourselves—we have full confidence in the stability of the universe for an undefined duration of ages yet to come—although “coming events cast their shadows before.” What may yet be developed we know not. The future is enveloped in impenetrable obscurity; but it is nevertheless certain that every thing will finally transpire according to the strict letter of the word of prophesy, for it is so declared by the voice of Him “who liveth for ever and ever.—Transcript.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.13

    From the Daily Mail.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.14

    Slander and its Punishment


    It will be recollected, that some short time since, Dr. West delivered a course of his “popular lectures,” entitled “The truth of God defended, and the sublime and beautiful of the Holy Scriptures, in opposition to the blasphemies and absurdities of Infidelity, Mormanism, and all false theories,” in several of the churches in this city. These valuable lectures, which had been delivered in various other parts of the Union, with such success as to entitle the lecturer to be denominated “the Infidel and Mormon Exterminator,” had called forth challenges from the leaders of those parties for public discussions with Dr. West, in order to elicit the truth or falsehood of their respective theories. These challenges were accepted by the Doctor, but instead of abiding by one of “the rules,” of not mixing up private and personal character with the great subjects of the discussion, Dr. West’s opponents had recourse to one of their usual schemes to blast his personal reputation, shut up the churches against him, drive him if possible from the city, and thereby destroy the effect of his powerful arguments against them. To give their plan the greater effect, the conspiracy was concocted in New York, through the agency of their Infidel partizans there, who had felt the force of Dr. West’s arguments on former occasions. When all was prepared, the “Internal machine” was forwarded, and put in motion in this city, to the great annoyance of Dr. West and his numerous friends, who were not prepared for such an attack from such a quarter.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.15

    But the Doctor not having been originally cast in “the mould of non-resistance,” and having already suffered severely by similar attacks on former occasions, and also feeling that he had a right to the protection of those laws which he has so long and so ably defended against the lawless, at much expense and inconvenience, followed the stream up to its source—arrested the owner of the premises where the “gunpowder plot” was formed, and held him to bail to the sum of five thousand dollars, which led to the following Retraction, Confession, and Apology, together with the payment of costs; and which it is hoped, (after a few more examples of the same kind,) will have, the effect of rooting up from the free soil of our country the foul upas-poison-tree of slander, that bitter plant of evil which produces no fruit save “gall and wormwood;” so that every man and woman, both out of, and in the church, will follow the more reputable and useful occupation of weeding their own gardens, rather than break through the fences of their neighbor’s to weed theirs, while their own are neglected.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.16

    Confession and Apology. City Of New York, July 12, 1842.

    “I hereby solemnly, sincerely, and publicly acknowledge, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses, that I have unjustly and falsely assailed and slandered the reputation of the Rev. G. M. West, D. D., by the contents of a letter bearing my signature, and dated from the City of New York, April 15, 1842, and addressed by me to “Mr. Horace Seaver, No. 35 Washington, st. City of Boston,” and upon which the said Horace Seaver founded another letter, under date of June 6, 1842, and by him directed to the Rev. Joshua V. Himes, Pastor of Chardon street Chapel, in the City of Boston, and editor of a newspaper entitled “The Signs of the Times,” in consequence of both which letters, together with various public statements, insinuations, and inuendos, communicated through a public newspaper entitled “The Boston Investigator,” conducted principally by the aforesaid Horace Seaver, and by other gentlemen of similar sentiments with himself, at several public meetings, and through the medium of private and personal circulation. I regret to learn that the aforesaid Rev. G. M. West has suffered severely in variuos ways, but I hope this public retraction, confession and apology of mine, will be soothing to his feelings, and induce others to withdraw whatever they may have written, published, or circulated of a similar nature, injurious to his “standing” in society, and in his professional capacity. I also thank him for his leniency in accepting (so far as I am individually concerned) this my humble apology, for the serious outrage I have committed on the feelings of himself and family.” JOHN MORRISON. William Mitchell, Charles Mapother. Witnesses. City of N. York, July 12, 1842.HST September 14, 1842, page 190.17

    Result of the North Springfield Conference


    Brother Himes:—The effect of our Conference has been most glorious. Soon after the commencement of the meetings, our house was too small for the gathering multitude. Our kind Baptist friends then opened their house which was not only filled with the multitude, but with the Holy Ghost. The deep anguish of the sinner, and the glorious deliverance is beyond all description. Such is the interest, we sometimes have to stop and pray with the anxious mourner until 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning. How many are converted, Eternity alone can tell, they are scattered all over the region for miles. Forty or more in the circle of my knowledge. The converts are generally the strongest and brightest I ever saw. A great company of backsliders are also reclaimed. The facts are these: Brother French came to us in the fulness of the gospel and presented the evidences of the coming of the Son of Man in such a convincing manner that all felt the, importance of being prepared for the important event. God has blessed that dear brother with a happy art in managing a meeting in all its parts. Sometimes there has been one hundred forward for prayers in one evening. We returned to our chapel to worship, and last eve five found peace in the course of the evening. The work is in its glory in both societies, and all is going on in peace. Saints have given themselves into the hands of the Lord, and he is at work gloriously; and to him be the glory for ever, even forever and ever.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.1

    Isaiah H. Shipman.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.2

    N. B. The Herald and Palladium will please copy.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.3

    Letter from R. W. Reed


    Brother Himes:—The following will furnish your readers with on additional sketch of my narrative. The revival referred to in my former letter in Hydepark, was progressing gloriously when I left. On my return to Fairlie, I stopped with Elder Young, in the village of Montpelier, and learned that brother Fitch’s lectures had awakened a good interest amongst the villagers, and that very many seemed to be convicted of the truth; and of the importance of being prepared for the solemn event.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.4

    I also learnt that the Pastor of the Congregational church in that place, had proposed to give a course of lectures, in which he designed to show that the little horn in Daniel 8., did not mean the Pope, but Mahomet. The ground of his argument was, that the Pope did not wax great towards the east, south, and the pleasant land. Now suppose this wise Pastor should be sucessful in producing a balance of argument in favor of the horn being Mahomet; what, I ask, would be the gain? Why, it would probably be called an exploding of Millerism, as it is tauntingly called; and the solemn convictions produced by the preaching of the Second Coming of Christ at the door; and all concern about meeting God next year, or any other time, would be dismissed, the church go to sleep again, and sinners glide on in their downward course to ruin. Infidels would gain some new stock, and be encouraged in the work of ridiculing the Bible, and scoff, saying, “Where is the promise of his coming?”HST September 14, 1842, page 191.5

    All this gained, and it is not yet proved that Daniel’s vision was not 2300 years long, that it did not begin with the restoration of the Jews from Babylon under Artaxerxes; neither does it prove that the vision will not end next year; and the little horn, whether Papal or Mahometan, be broken without hands; and the sanctuary be cleansed; “For we can do nothing against the truth.”HST September 14, 1842, page 191.6

    I gave a lecture at 5 o’clock on the Cypreshill which was well received by some; for some there were present who were not alarmed to hear of the coming of Christ, even next year. I next spent a Sabbath at Danbury, N. H., and gave three lectures to congregations that heard attentively, and appeared to be interested. I next gave a course of lectures at Corinsh flats, in the Baptist meeting house; and notwithstanding the hurrying season, the house was well filled on week days; a good interest was manifested, and the prospect of a revival was good, several rose for prayers at the close of the lectures.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.7

    While I was in those parts I gave two lectures in the Union Meeting house in Plainfield. While some were interested others mocked. I should judge on the whole that the moral condition of the people in that place would rather forbid that they should embrace such a doctrine.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.8

    Leaving Plainfield I returned to Fairlie and commenced a course of lectures; at the close of the first, a Universalist minister arose and wished to know what I understood by the end of the world? I told him we would have it, age and dispensation, if he chose. He immediately seized upon the premises and attempted to show that the end of the Jewish age must be meant. I had before shown that the instructions of the Saviour related to the gospel age; that he was a, minister of the gospel age, and not the age of the law. Hence, the end that he was predicting must be the end of the gospel age. Several other questions arose about the generation, etc., which were easily answered and the matter passed; Sabbath day I obtained permission of the Rev. Mr. Morse, Congregational minister, to occupy the pulpit. Mr. M. told his people that he did not become responsible by admitting me to his pulpit for the doctrines that I might preach. My forenoon discourse was on the seventh of Daniel. Mr. M. exercised remarkable patience in hearing.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.9

    In the afternoon my subject was founded in the eigth of Daniel. Mr. Morse on discovering that I was making Bible work of computing time, seemed to have exhausted his patience, so that he interrupted me several times with very impertinent questions. But the cap was put on in the 5 o’clock lecture, which was on the first and second resurrections of Revelation 20.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.10

    The dear man on discovering that the first resurrection could embrace none but saints in a glorified state, (which by the way upsets the idea of a temporal millennium of a thousand years,) and hearing that the saints were to inherit the earth, broke out in the fever of his mind, as if amazed. He wished to know if heaven was to be here? I asked him if he doubted the power of Omnipotence to fit this earth for us to dwell on? He discarded the idea, rose up out of his seat, and declared that ten months would prove all that I had preached that day false. I was several times interrupted, till at length Mr. Morse seized his hat and abruptly left the house. East Farlie, August 20, 1842.HST September 14, 1842, page 191.11



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T. F. Norris again 32 The Investigator and Mormonism 88 Daily Mail’s Correspondent and Mormonism 88 Rev. J. V. Himes 169 Scripture Fulfilled 104 Scriptures, What do they mean? 54 Second Advent 13, 29 Second Advent, Arguments against 101 ““Doctrines in N. E. Conference 128”” Practical Tendency 175 ““Witness 20 Second Appearance of the Savior 190 Second Coming, Thoughts on 123 Shimeall, Mr. 70 Shimeall’s Letter, Remarks on 85 Short Articles 157 Sign, Another 72 Signs of the Times 133 Slander and its Punishment 191 South, Mission to the 117 Speculations 109 Startling Thought 169 Stuart Moses 157 Stubbornness of Man 124 Subscriber, The Paying 28 Supposing it don’t Come” 161 Synopsis of Views 155 Temperance Meeting, A Great 78 Tent 116, 117 Teat Meeting, Albany N. Y. 164 Times, Aspect of the 4 Times, A Dialogue on the 115 Times, A Sermon for the 34 Time, Times and a half 156 Truth, Progress of the 95 Truth, Rapid Spread of the 118 Truth taken on Trust 50 Turkish Empire 78 Unexpected Scene 159 Vials, The Seven 189HST September 14, 1842, page 192.1



    At Cornville, Me. Oct. 5. 1842

    There will be a Second Advent Conference at Cornville, Me. Providence permitting, to commence Oct. 5, at 1 o’clock P. M. Those preachers that attend the other Conferences in this state will be expected to attend the above. Henry Frost. Cornville, Me. Sept. 7, 1842.HST September 14, 1842, page 192.2

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