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    Stepping Off the Platform

    St. Helena, Cal.,

    Oct. 14, 1903.

    Dr. David Paulson, My dear Brother:

    It would be very gratifying to me to see you and have an opportunity of conversing with you. Before I went to the Oakland Conference, I realized that you were in peril. I was troubled over your great confidence in Dr. Kellogg; for I knew that if you continued to put such confidence in him or in any other man that lives, you would be in danger of deception. But, upon reflection, I said to myself, “Dr. Paulson is an earnest Christian. He will not permit himself to be deceived.”SpM 331.3

    Since that time, however, I have not been at ease regarding your safety. With sorrow I have witnessed Dr. Kellogg's influence over you.SpM 331.4

    In a vision last night I saw you writing. One looked over your shoulder, and said: “You, my friend, are in danger. As God's messenger, I come to say, The less you have to do with the matter concerning which you are writing, the clearer will be your judgment. The scriptures teach you all you can learn regarding God, except that which you may learn through an experimental knowledge of Christ, your Teacher.SpM 331.5

    “The Lord saith, While your leaders promise you liberty, they themselves are the servants of sin, and have been for a long time. Place no man's yoke on your neck. You are this day working counter to God. From the teachings of God or of Jesus his son you have not received the sentiments that you now entertain. The garden of your heart is being sown with tares; your faith is being weakened. You have turned from the path of truth; but the steps that you have already taken can now be retraced, if you will realize that you have been turning aside into a false path.”SpM 331.6

    You were much surprised at these words, and inquired concerning the One who was speaking to you. The angel replied:—SpM 332.1

    “You are conversing with a messenger from heaven. I am instructed to warn you that you are stepping off the platform of eternal truth. The ideas that some are presenting in regard to God are seductive and untrue. Those who teach these sentiments will be held accountable for greatly dishonoring God. You should understand clearly that Satanic agencies are clothing false theories in an attractive garb, even as Satan in the garden of Eden concealed his identity from our first parents by speaking through the serpent. You are instilling into human minds that which to you seems to be a very beautiful truth, but which in reality is error. The hypnotic influence of Satan is upon you, and upon all others who turn from the plain word of God to pleasing fables.SpM 332.2

    “Dr. Kellogg, sustained as he is by his associates, walks proudly and boastingly, and feels confirmed in his own will and way, which for years the Lord has been warning him to avoid. His associate physicians may strengthen the faith of men and women in his supposed wonderful enlightenment; but the light emanating from him is not the light shining from the Holy of holies; it is a false light that allures to spiritual death.”SpM 332.3

    The heavenly messenger continued: “I have come to warn you. You seem to be dazed. Before you can do a work acceptable to the Lord, you must first break this spell that is upon you. God would have you link up with your brethren. He would not have you defend Dr. Kellogg in the falsehoods that he is now presenting, and thus help to fasten him securely in Satan's snare; for God will send his judgments upon all who walk in the light of Satanic theories, the evil results of which are far-reaching. You now see only the beginning, but the influences exerted will continue to widen and deepen until the Lord shall by His judgments arrest the men who are deceived and deluded, and who, by false representations and deceptive statements are rapidly bringing in misunderstandings, strife, and dissension.SpM 332.4

    “Study your Bible, heed the testimonies that God has sent to you and be wise. Help your brethren to free themselves from the snare into which they have fallen. Instead of sustaining Dr. Kellogg in the deceptive errors he is advocating, and thus helping to destroy the man, try to save his soul.SpM 332.5

    “Break the spell that is upon you. Come into the light. If you continue to walk in the path in which you are now walking, you will spoil your Christian experience, sever your connection with God, and lose eternal life. Can you afford to do this?SpM 332.6

    Brother Paulson, I awoke at one o'clock, and have arisen to write out these words of instruction from the heavenly messenger. I plead with you for Christ's sake, to break the spell. Many of our people are now terribly deluded. And many of our medical workers are helping Satan in his work. God calls upon his people to be in unity with Him. He loves those who strive to do his will, and he acknowledges them as his colaborers.SpM 332.7

    My dear brother, you are making a great mistake. Redeem yourself as soon as possible. You are not now glorifying God. Specious theories have been introduced in a very subtle manner. Shall the cause of God be imperilled? Will you unite with Dr. Kellogg to make it appear that the Testimonies which God has given through his Holy Spirit, sustain these theories, which are being advanced only as a “feeler?” Unless a change of heart takes place, the errors already published will be followed by other misleading theories.SpM 333.1

    I am so sorry, my brother, that you have not heeded the caution that I gave you in Oakland. I was instructed to talk with you, and tell you some things that you should know. But while you admitted certain things, you did not see where you yourself were in danger. I have had great confidence in you; but I hear that you are trying to make it appear that the sentiments expressed in “Living Temple” in regard to God can be sustained by my writings; therefore I am obliged to make a statement of denial of this, that our people shall not be deceived.SpM 333.2

    The Lord has been very merciful to you, my brother, but you are in great danger. Your eyes are blinded; you are accepting as truth the specious sophistry of the enemy.SpM 333.3

    Let me tell you of a scene that I witnessed while in Oakland. Angels clothed with beautiful garments, like angels of light, were escorting Dr. Kellogg from place to place, and inspiring him to speak words of pompous boasting that were offensive to God.SpM 333.4

    All who sustain a brother in his boastful positions are held accountable by God for confirming him in a perilous delusion. You should have discernment to see the delusion which, before the General Conference of 1901, began to take possession of the Doctor's mind, and which ever since has been gradually gaining ground. At that time I hoped that he was coming out clear and straight on the side of obedience to the commandments of the Lord. He was given great encouragement. I labored earnestly to remove from the minds of our people the wrong impressions that they had received.SpM 333.5

    Before I went to the Conference, the Lord declared to me: “In going to Battle Creek, and bearing your testimony in clear, decided lines, all who hear the instruction given by you, the Lord's messenger, will be left without excuse. I will put my words in your lips.” I went, and the Lord gave me a message to bear before the thousands assembled.SpM 333.6

    Afterward, I received letters from the Doctor, in which he stated that there was nothing now between him and our ministers and churches, and that he himself was a changed man. But notwithstanding all the light that the Lord gave him through the Spirit of Prophecy, he still continued in a wrong course. The evil of urging upon our people agreements that bound all our medical institutions to one central organization, had often been presented to him, and yet he still urged the adoption of these agreements. When his propositions were not accepted, he would work in one way, and then in another way, and then in still another way, to accomplish his purpose. Feelings were aroused because his brethren in the ministry could not sanction all his plans. He cherished and expressed the thought that the ministers were wronging him, when in fact he was wronging himself and his brethren by failing to act as a Christian and a gentleman should act.SpM 333.7

    At the time of the last General Conference, the Lord instructed me to have no interviews with Dr. Kellogg. I was warned that he would say things that were not true, in order to uphold his positions; and that he would misreport to his associates the words I might speak. I felt it my duty to declare to him, in the presence of the leading brethren, including his medical associates, many things that the Lord has presented to me. I felt a deep interest in him, and I believed that he would take a right position and save himself by breaking his heart before God.SpM 334.1

    Three times I went down to the meeting place to open before the brethren some things regarding him and the deceptions under which he was laboring; but oh, how my heart ached for him! I did not desire to disparage him in any way before the people if it could be avoided, while there was still opportunity for him to repent. And so I forbore.SpM 334.2

    I have feared to say to Dr. Kellogg the plain things given me for him, lest he should be led to take a course that would forever decide his case. Had I when in Oakland borne the message that I thought I should have to bear, it might have resulted in Dr. Kellogg's taking his position fully with the powers of darkness. This he has been about to do again and again, but has not fully done it.SpM 334.3

    The Lord still has thoughts of mercy toward John Kellogg, but the fallen angels are close by his side, communicating with him.SpM 334.4

    For many years I have tried to hold fast to Dr. Kellogg. But for some time he has been revealing what spirit has been controlling him. The Lord will take this matter in his own hands. I must bear the testimonies of warning that he gives me to bear, and then leave with Him the results. I must now present the matter in all its bearings; for the people of God must not be despoiled.SpM 334.5

    Soon after the Oakland conference, in the night season the Lord portrayed before me a scene, in which Satan, clothed in a most attractive disguise, was earnestly pressing close to the side of Dr. Kellogg. I saw and heard much. Night after night I was bowed down in agony of soul, as I saw this personage talking with our brother. I was instructed that notwithstanding the warnings, counsels, and reproofs given, he has followed his own way, when as a people we have been receiving instruction to advance in an opposite direction. In the place of cooperating with the angels of heaven, he has cooperated with evil angels.SpM 334.6

    The theories that Dr. Kellogg is now advocating are similar to the theories that Satan presented to the holy pair in Eden. I told Elder A. T. Jones that which the Lord has presented to me in regard to the source from which the Doctor was receiving his education in these seductive theories. I told him that our brother was under the influence of Satanic agencies, and that for so long a time had he been working away from the principles of truth and righteousness, that he had been entangled, and had in himself no power to escape from the snare of the enemy.SpM 335.1

    I wrote out many plain messages, but decided to withhold some of them for a time. Not all these have been delivered yet. After bearing Testimonies of warning to Dr. Kellogg, I would weep as if my heart would break. Night after night, upon awaking, I would pray for him, I hoped and prayed that he would come out into the clear light. Thus the burden of his soul rested upon me after I returned from the Oakland General Conference.SpM 335.2

    If a change does not take place during the council meeting now being held in Washington, it may be that I shall have to go to Battle Creek, and bear a decided testimony for God and for the truth in behalf of God's people. Things have been allowed to drift so far and so fast that I dare not hesitate now. If the Lord bids me to go, be assured that I shall be in Battle Creek this winter; and the things that I could have said at the conference in Oakland, but that I hoped I would never need to say, God will strengthen me to say. I will speak whatever may be the consequences. I can not stand by silent, and see God dishonored and his people divided and spoiled by Satan's workings. Were I to do so, I should be unfaithful to my trust. I will continue to stand for truth, for exalted principles.SpM 335.3

    If right principles had been followed, the relation existing between the physicians and their brethren would be exactly what the Lord designed it to be; but for years an effort has been put forth to make the medical missionary work the body. God designs that the medical missionary work shall be bound up with the gospel ministry.SpM 335.4

    God has chosen a people out of the world, and has instructed them to remain forever separate from the world. While living in the world, they are not to be of the world. Dr. Kellogg has bound up himself with worldlings by inviting them into his councils; and he has been dishonoring the sacredness of the truth by bringing worldly lawyers into connection with the work of God's people. The Lord has signified that it is His purpose to keep his people free from the contaminating influences of the world; but the leaders of the medical work at Battle Creek have been working in a way altogether different from the way marked out by the Lord. The first and the second chapters of First Peter are full of instruction in regard to the manner in which we should labor.SpM 335.5

    I would not now speak so plainly, were it not for the intense desire I feel that our medical workers shall be molded and fashioned after the similitude of Christ, in order that all their work and their relation to God's cause may be in harmony with his purpose. God calls upon every physician and every medical missionary worker to take his stand on the platform of truth, where he shall not be influenced by any man's false theories and wrong devising. The pure, living principles of the gospel are to be respected. God has a people in his church who are laboring just as disinterestedly to save sinners, as the medical missionary workers have been laboring. He calls upon His medical missionary workers to labor unitedly with his church, and not to allow any physician to control their efforts by his authority. The Lord now calls upon his people to unify. Let all our medical missionaries unite with our ministers in soul-saving work.SpM 335.6

    Nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of perfect, complete unity between the medical missionary workers, and the gospel ministry. God has not empowered Dr. Kellogg with spiritual grace to be lord over all our physicians and other medical missionaries. It is time that the teachings of the great Medical Missionary should be brought into the life-practice of our medical missionary workers. It is time that God's voice should be heard; for his words, spoken in truth, are spirit and life. He never makes a mistake.SpM 336.1

    If Dr. Kellogg would unite with his ministering brethren, and give them his confidence, believing that they will work as Christ works through them, then he himself could see that others should be granted the privilege of standing in their God-given lot and place, and that he should respect all whom God has called as gospel missionaries to work in his cause. Working as Christ worked, our brethren would not be divided at all. But so long as our brother determines to carry things in his own way, irrespective of the Lord's workers, as if he were the only man whom heaven could acknowledge as a leader, God is displeased. If he were to occupy his proper place, he would be respected; but never is he to be regarded as he has regarded himself,—as chief of all the medical missionary workers, as one who has the privilege of consulting only those who exalt him, and of ignoring as not worthy of acting a part in the great medical missionary work, all the gospel ministers who disapprove of some of his ideas.SpM 336.2

    God has appointed His workers to stand true to him at their respective posts of duty. They are not to work in accordance with the plans of worldly-wise men, nor are they to take such men into their councils. Those who are true to their trust will not make lawyers the main support of the securities of our institutions.SpM 336.3

    I intended to say these things while I was at the Oakland General Conference. I felt an intense desire that Dr. Kellogg should be led to take a sound position in favor of the truth and of the last warning message of mercy that is to be given to the world.SpM 336.4

    The gospel is to be proclaimed as Christ has specified. Just before his ascension, Jesus spake unto his disciples, saying, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo (while you are doing this), I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.”SpM 337.1

    Let Christ's words be repeated. He is to be regarded as the greatest medical missionary worker that ever trod this earth. Bring into the medical missionary work none of the sentiments and devisings of men.SpM 337.2

    Let not any man try to carry his ambitious projects without presenting them before his brethren and asking for counsel in regard to how the work shall be carried forward.SpM 337.3

    In Oakland, there was spread before me a long, lawyer-framed document, filled with technicalities, which document was a copy of the conditions under which the Sanitarium issued bonds. The provisions of this bond issue were such that money gathered in from all parts of the country is tied up in the medical institution at Battle Creek for a long period of time. Our people should never have been expected to tie up so great an amount of money as was needed to rebuild the large Sanitarium there. It was not right to endeavor to gather in means to make sure of a great work in one place, irrespective of other parts of the field. The Lord presented before me many places where small sanitariums were to be established. One is greatly needed near Nashville, at some point convenient to the large educational institutions in the suburbs of this Southern city. In many other places where medical missionary work has not yet been established, there is urgent need of small medical institutions.SpM 337.4

    After the last General Conference, there was presented before me the necessity of our establishing a sanitarium at Washington city. The interest of the mammoth institution at Battle Creek will require Dr. Kellogg's attention and labors there, and our brethren at Washington have been instructed to establish in their city a sanitarium, which shall not stand as a rival of any similar institution, but which shall be another agency for holding aloft the standard of health reform. Our people are not to be dependent upon the counsels of their fellow workers in Battle Creek regarding the management of the institution in Washington. And the Lord desires, too, that our sanitariums already in running order shall not depend so much upon the medical association at Battle Creek.SpM 337.5

    God has counseled us that if the sanitarium work shall be carried forward in the right way, it will be the means of doing great good. In no case are our medical institutions to be so conducted that they will be a means of leading our workers into worldly paths.SpM 337.6

    We have also been instructed that some would grasp selfishly for means with which to do a work that was not endorsed by the Lord; and that when in times of special need, God's servants would call for means with which to carry forward aggressive work in new fields, they would be met with the response, “Our money is tied up for several years in bonds we purchased from the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and we can not help in this crisis.”SpM 337.7

    With respect to many matters, Dr. Kellogg's management is not after God's order. He will set in operation every device possible to gather in means for his line of work, without reference to the great necessities in every other part of the Lord's vineyard. I have been instructed that I should have to bear my testimony on this point, and not permit our people to be drawn into the matters that they can not correctly understand.SpM 338.1

    God was dishonored by the plans devised for issuing bonds as a means of obtaining money with which to complete the Battle Creek Sanitarium building; for the talent of means in the hands of our people is thus tied up where it can not be used for the proclamation of the third angel's message in fields still unentered. There is a world to be warned; and God's people must be cautioned against becoming so impoverished financially by tying up their means in great institutions that they will have little or nothing left with which to provide facilities in needy fields and with which to carry forward the Lord's work in all parts of the earth.SpM 338.2

    The work of the Creator as seen in nature reveals his power. But nature is not above God, nor is God in nature as some represent him to be. God made the world, but the world is not God; it is but the work of his hands. Nature reveals the work of a positive, personal God, showing that God is, and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.SpM 338.3

    Let us take the word of God as the man of our counsel. As we diligently study the Scriptures, we shall be able to serve the Lord more intelligently and more earnestly than ever before, and we shall be truer representatives of him; for we shall be imbued with his Spirit.SpM 338.4

    The warning messages given to the church in Sardis comes to us today:-SpM 338.5

    “I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die; for I have not found thy works perfect before God. Remember therefore how thou hast received, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.”SpM 338.6

    My brother, read the third chapter of Second Peter. Truth, Bible truth, is alone worth living for. God and his glory are not to be diminished by any pleasing sophistry of human wisdom. The state of the world, with its abominations and crimes, in fulfillment of the prophecies concerning the wickedness that would prevail during the last days, is enough to lead true Christians to live lives of humility and prayer.SpM 338.7

    Ellen G. White.

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