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Foundations of the Seventh-day Adventist Message and Mission - Contents
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    II. Secondary Sources

    A. Published Materials

    1. books and pamphlets.

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    2. Periodicals.

    Adventist Heritage. Loma Linda, Cal.: 1974.FSDA 333.22

    Church History. Chicago: June 1962.FSDA 333.23

    Ecumenical Review. Geneva: April 1972.FSDA 333.24

    3. Articles.

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    B. Unpublished Materials

    1. Letters.

    Lindén, Ingemar to the Ellen G. White Trustees, Sept. 2, 1971.FSDA 334.6

    __________ to A. L. White, Sept. 3, 1971.FSDA 334.7

    White, Arthur L. to I. Lindén, Oct. 21, 1971.FSDA 334.8

    2. Other manuscripts.

    Arthur, David T. “‘Come Out of Babylon’: A Story of Millerite Separatism and Denominationalism, 1840-1865.” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Rochester, 1970.FSDA 334.9

    Davis, Roger G. “Conscientious Cooperators: The Seventh-day Adventists and Military Service, 1860-1945,” Ph.D. dissertation, George Washington University, 1970.FSDA 334.10

    Dick, Everett N. “The Adventist Crisis of 1843-1844.” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Wisconsin, 1930.FSDA 334.11

    Frei, Jacques. “Recueil de documents concernant Michael Belina Czechowski.” Wetzikon, [Switzerland], 1971.FSDA 334.12

    Haddock, Robert. “A History of the Doctrine of the Sanctuary in the Advent Movement 1800-1905.” B.D. thesis, Andrews University, 1970.FSDA 334.13

    Harkness, Reuben E. E. “Social Origins of the Millerite Movement.” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Chicago, 1927.FSDA 334.14

    Rowe, David L. “Thunder and Trumpets: The Millerite Movement and Apocalyptic Thought in Upstate New York, 1800-1845.” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Virginia, 1974.FSDA 334.15

    White, Arthur L. “Ellen G. White and the Shut Door Question.” 1971.FSDA 334.16

    __________. “Memorandum Concerning Washington Morse.” Jan. 21, 1975.FSDA 334.17

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