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Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5), Page 259

Chapter 19—In Agony of Soul

Ellen White returned home to Elmshaven from the session some time between April 10 and 12. Of the significant and far-reaching events in the early summer of 1903 she wrote:

“My strength was severely taxed while at the conference, but the Lord sustained me through the meeting, and by His blessing, I am recovering from the strain. I could have borne the work of the meeting very well, had not many perplexities arisen, to describe which would require the pen of a ready writer. While in Oakland I contracted a severe cold. Sara [McEnterfer] gave me thorough treatment, and this broke it up; but it still comes and goes, as colds often will.

During the first week of the conference, rain fell nearly every day, but for some time the weather has been very pleasant.

The prospects of the Sanitarium here are more encouraging than they have been for some time. The patients are well-to-do, and all the higher-priced rooms are taken. The patients who have recently come express themselves as being well pleased with everything about the institution. Some who have traveled much say they never before saw such beautiful scenery, or so fine a location. They roam over the hills, and are enjoying their stay very much.

Dr. Evans and his wife are the chief physicians. Both are pleased with their work, and are well thought of by others....

Sarah Peck [formerly a member of Ellen White's working

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