Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5), Page 69

She talked of the love of Jesus, of the home being prepared for the faithful, and of our responsibility as Christians “not to disappoint the Saviour” (Ibid.). From this she turned to the importance of right living—healthful living. Her listeners noted that Christ was the central theme of her address. She reminded the workers and the guests that “God gives the physicians of this institution skill and efficiency because they are serving Him.”—Manuscript 28, 1901.

She felt at perfect ease on such occasions addressing a high class of people who were not yet fully informed of the message that Seventh-day Adventists have for the world. She would address this group again.

Thursday evening she spoke to those assembled at the publishers’ convention, which meeting was held in the Review and Herald chapel. Her mind turned to the forthcoming General Conference session and its importance.

Regardless of how Ellen White may have spent the first few days after reaching Battle Creek, one thing is certain—she refrained from a great deal of visiting. “I was obliged,” she said, “to refuse to see many visitors, for private conversations were more taxing to me than public speaking.” This is followed by the observation: “As I stood before the people, I felt that I was leaning on a strong arm, which would support me. But when engaged in conversation with visitors, I had not this sense of special strength.... I was compelled to save my strength for the times when I must stand before the thousands of people assembled in the Tabernacle.”—Manuscript 29, 1902.

This opportunity came the next Sabbath, March 30, her first Sabbath in Battle Creek in ten years, when she filled the Tabernacle pulpit for the Sabbath-morning service. Although the few days after arriving in Battle Creek may have given her a bit of respite, looking back several months later, she wrote: “From Chicago we went to Battle Creek, and here my labors began.”—Manuscript 29, 1902.

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