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Christian Education, Page 33

would reveal the fact that there was no fault with the teachers or professors. They were simply doing their duty in enforcing the rules of the school, which must be carried out, or the school will become demoralized.

Parents do not always move wisely. Many are very exacting in wishing to bring others to their ideas, and become impatient and overbearing if they cannot do this; but when their own children are required to observe rules and regulations at school, and these children fret under the necessary restraint, too often their parents, who profess to love and fear God, join with the children instead of reproving them, and correcting their faults. This often proves the turning point in the character of their children. Rules and order are broken down, and discipline is trampled under foot.—“Testimony,” No. 29.

Chapter 3—Pure Education

Education comprises more than a knowledge of books. Proper education includes not only mental discipline, but that training which will secure sound morals and correct deportment. In this age of the world, children should have strict watch-care. They should be advised and restrained. Eli was cursed of God, because he did not promptly and decidedly restrain his wicked sons.

Every son and daughter should be called to account if absent from home at night. Parents should know what company their children are in, and at whose house they spend their evenings. Some children deceive their parents with falsehoods to avoid exposure of their wrong course. There are those who seek the society of corrupt companions, and secretly visit saloons and other forbidden places of resort in the

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