Ellen G. White Writings

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The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials, Table of Contents

About This Collection of Ellen G. White Documents 3
Table of Contents 6
Identification of persons addressed in this collection 15
Index to Document Location 18
Chapter 1—To E. J. Waggoner and A. T. Jones 21
Chapter 2—To G. I. Butler and Uriah Smith 32
Chapter 3—To Brethren Who Shall Assemble in General Conference 38
Chapter 4—Engaging in Worldly Speculation 47
Chapter 5—To Mary White 66
Chapter 6—Morning Talk 69
Chapter 7—Sabbath Afternoon Talk 74
Chapter 8—To G. I. Butler 85
Chapter 9—To G. I. Butler 107
Chapter 10—Morning Talk 117
Chapter 11—Morning Talk 119
Chapter 12—Sabbath Talk 121
Chapter 13—Sermon 129
Chapter 14—Talk to Ministers 132
Chapter 15—Remarks on Missionary Work 146
Chapter 16—Morning Talk 151
Chapter 17—Remarks After Reading an Article 154
Chapter 18—To Brethren Assembled at General Conference 163
Chapter 19—Distressing Experiences of 1888 176
Chapter 20—To Mary White 182
Chapter 21—To W. M. Healey 186
Chapter 22—To G. I. Butler and wife 190
Chapter 23—To Brethren Who Assemble in the Week of Prayer 196
Chapter 24—Looking Back at Minneapolis*A workers’ meeting held in Minneapolis from Oct. 10 to 17, 1888, was followed by the General Conference session, which met from Oct. 17 to Nov. 4. 203
Chapter 25—To R. A. Underwood 230
Chapter 26—To R. A. Underwood 243
Chapter 27—To R. A. Underwood 251
Chapter 28—The Discernment of Truth 257
Chapter 29—To R. A. Underwood 263
Chapter 30—Meetings at South Lancaster, Mass. 267
Chapter 31—Diary Entries 269
Chapter 32—To J. H. Morrison 274
Chapter 33—To My Dear Brethren 277
Chapter 34—To W. C. White 286
Chapter 35—To J. E. White (fragment) 292
Chapter 36—To J. Fargo 294
Chapter 37—Morning Talk 302
Chapter 38—To Children of the Household 307
Chapter 39—Unfounded Reports 326
Chapter 40—To H. Miller 330
Chapter 41—To U. Smith (unfinished) 336
Chapter 42—Sermon 337
Chapter 43—Experience Following the Minneapolis Conference 352
Chapter 44—To Mary White 382
Chapter 45—Camp-Meeting at Ottawa, Kansas 386
Chapter 46—To Elders M. and H. Miller 388
Chapter 47—Counsels to Ministers 429
Chapter 48—To U. Smith 437
Chapter 49—To the General Conference 439
Chapter 50—The Excellence of Christ 447
Chapter 51—To Mary White 450
Chapter 52—Diary Entries 452
Chapter 53—To Mary White 469
Chapter 54—Issues at the Gen. Conf. of 1889 471
Chapter 55—To Brethren and Sisters 498
Chapter 56—Address in Regard to the Sunday Movement 501
Chapter 57—Standing by the Landmarks 516
Chapter 58—To Bro. Stone 520
Chapter 59—Diary Entry 521
Chapter 60—To Brn. Ballenger and L. Smith 528
Chapter 61—Morning Talk 533
Chapter 62—Remarks at Bible School 536
Chapter 63—Morning Talk (edited from Manuscript 9, 1890) 545
Chapter 64—Morning Talk 547
Chapter 65—Remarks at Bible School 549
Chapter 66—Christ Prayed for Unity (from Manuscript 10, 1890) 559
Chapter 67—Remarks at Bible School 561
Chapter 68—Diary Entries 568
Chapter 69—To M. Larson 584
Chapter 70—To W. C. White 590
Chapter 71—Sermon 593
Chapter 72—To U. Smith 599
Chapter 73—Sermon (incomplete) 606
Chapter 74—To W. C. White and wife 617
Chapter 75—To W. A. Colcord (incomplete) 620
Chapter 76—To W. C. White and wife 622
Chapter 77—To W. C. White and wife 627
Chapter 78—Sermon 636
Chapter 79—To W. C. and wife 642
Chapter 80—To O. A. Olsen 645
Chapter 81—To Brethren 651
Chapter 82—Jesus, Our Redeemer and Ruler 665
Chapter 83—Living Channels of Light 673
Chapter 84—To O. A. Olsen 675
Chapter 85—To W. C. White 683
Chapter 86—To W. C. White 688
Chapter 87—The Righteousness of Christ 695
Chapter 88—To Bro. and Sr. Garmire 697
Chapter 89—To O. A. Olsen 703
Chapter 90—To Brethren in the Ministry (incomplete) 706
Chapter 91—To J. S. Washburn 708
Chapter 92—To O. A. Olsen 714
Chapter 93—To Brethren in Responsible Positions 720
Chapter 94—To U. Smith 732
Chapter 95—To W. C. White, J. E. White and wife 735
Chapter 96—To O. A. Olsen (cf. Lt 43a, 1890) 743
Chapter 97—To O. A. Olsen (cf. Lt 43, 1890) 750
Chapter 98—To W. C. White, J. E. White and wife 758
Chapter 99—“Be Zealous and Repent.” 764
Chapter 100—Diary Entries 766
Chapter 101—Diary Entries 787
Chapter 102—To U. Smith 790
Chapter 103—Circulation of Great Controversy 802
Chapter 104—Danger of False Ideas on Justification by Faith 810
Chapter 105—Light in God's Word 825
Chapter 106—Peril of Trusting in the Wisdom of Men 839
Chapter 107—To U. Smith 846
Chapter 108—To J. S. Washburn and wife 850
Chapter 109—Missionary Work 854
Chapter 110—Diary Entry 861
Chapter 111—Diary Entries 865
Chapter 112—Diary Entry—Christ Our Righteousness 890
Chapter 113—Our Present Dangers*Delivered Tuesday Evening, March 24, 1891. 900
Chapter 114—Article Read at Gen. Conf. of 1891 906
Chapter 115—The Vision at Salamanca 917
Chapter 116—Danger in Adopting Worldly Policy in the Work of God. 950
Chapter 117—Sermon 958
Chapter 118—To S. N. Haskell 964
Chapter 119—To J. H. Kellogg 977
Chapter 120—To S. N. Haskell 987
Chapter 121—Search the Scriptures. 991
Chapter 122—To S. N. Haskell 993
Chapter 123—To U. Smith 1004
Chapter 124—To O. A. Olsen 1018
Chapter 125—To S. N. Haskell 1033
Chapter 126—To A. T. Jones 1036
Chapter 127—To U. Smith 1040
Chapter 128—Address to the Church. 1055
Chapter 129—The Opposer's Work. 1061
Chapter 130—To F. E. Belden and wife 1063
Chapter 131—The Perils and Privileges of the Last Days. 1073
Chapter 132—Let the Trumpet Give a Certain Sound. 1077
Chapter 133—To J. H. Morrison 1081
Chapter 134—Love, the Need of the Church 1087
Chapter 135—To Captain C. Eldridge 1096
Chapter 136—To W. Ings 1118
Chapter 137—To I. D. Van Horn 1136
Chapter 138—To J. H. Kellogg and wife 1147
Chapter 139—To A. T. Jones 1164
Chapter 140—Diary Entries 1167
Chapter 141—To H. Lindsay 1171
Chapter 142—To S. N. Haskell 1183
Chapter 143—To F. E. Belden and wife 1185
Chapter 144—To L. Nicola 1192
Chapter 145—Diary Entry 1195
Chapter 146—To I. D. Van Horn 1197
Chapter 147—To S. McCullagh and wife 1204
Chapter 148—To U. Smith 1210
Chapter 149—To Sr. Rousseau 1214
Chapter 150—Christ the Center of the Message 1225
Chapter 151—To C. Eldridge and wife 1227
Chapter 152—To C. H. Jones 1233
Chapter 153—To S. N. Haskell 1240
Chapter 154—To O. A. Olsen 1256
Chapter 155—Untitled 1268
Chapter 156—To O. A. Olsen 1280
Chapter 157—To Brethren Who Shall Assemble in General Conference 1286
Chapter 158—To A. R. Henry 1295
Chapter 159—To O. A. Olsen 1316
Chapter 160—To O. A. Olsen 1322
Chapter 161—To H. Lindsay 1344
Chapter 162—The Danger of Self-Sufficiency in God's Work 1356
Chapter 163—To A. O. Tait 1369
Chapter 164—To F. E. Belden 1379
Chapter 165—To F. E. Belden 1392
Chapter 166—To O. A. Olsen 1394
Chapter 167—To C. H. Jones 1408
Chapter 168—To J. H. Kellogg 1412
Chapter 169—To O. A. Olsen 1421
Chapter 170—To O. A. Olsen 1425
Chapter 171—To J. E. White 1455
Chapter 172—To F. E. Belden 1469
Chapter 173—To Brethren Who Occupy Responsible Positions in the Work 1476
Chapter 174—To J. H. Kellogg 1487
Chapter 175—To My Brethren in America 1493
Chapter 176—To H. Lindsay 1502
Chapter 177—To O. A. Olsen 1513
Chapter 178—To Sr. Lindsay 1516
Chapter 179—To O. A. Olsen 1520
Chapter 180—To S. N. Haskell 1536
Chapter 181—To O. A. Olsen 1556
Chapter 182—To U. Smith 1574
Chapter 183—To the Men Who Occupy Responsible Positions in the Work 1577
Chapter 184—To O. A. Olsen 1594
Chapter 185—TO A. O. Tait 1607
Chapter 186—To. W. W. Prescott and wife 1616
Chapter 187—To O. A. Olsen 1621
Chapter 188—To Those in Responsible Positions in Battle Creek 1628
Chapter 189—Untitled 1636
Chapter 190—Ministerial Institutes 1643
Chapter 191—God's Messengers 1644
Chapter 192—The Bible in our Schools. 1650
Chapter 193—To Dear Brethren 1652
Chapter 194—To A. R. Henry 1653
Chapter 195—To A. R. Henry 1663
Chapter 196—To Men in Responsible Positions in the Work 1679
Chapter 197—Untitled 1687
Chapter 198—To W. S. Hyatt 1693
Chapter 199—To S. N. Haskell and wife 1706
Chapter 200—To Officers of the Gen. Conf 1714
Chapter 201—The Law in Galatians 1725
Chapter 202—Talk in College Library 1727
Chapter 203—Remarks at Gen. Conf. 1743
Chapter 204—Remarks at Gen. Conf. 1748
Chapter 205—An Appeal to our Ministers 1752
Chapter 206—To A. T. Jones 1755
Chapter 207—To W. M. Healey 1757
Chapter 208—To Brn-Srs. of the Iowa Conference (cf. Lt 134, 1902) 1762
Chapter 209—The Work in Nashville 1772
Chapter 210—To Brn-Srs. of the Iowa Conference (cf. Lt 165, 1901) 1780
Chapter 211—To C. P. Bollman 1787
Chapter 212—The Southern Work 1799
Chapter 213—To J. E. White and wife 1803
Chapter 214—To G. I. Butler 1811
Chapter 215—The Review and Herald Office 1813
Chapter 216—To J. E. White 1816