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    O, beautiful world! Where all is bright,
    How we long to hail thy dawning light,
    When the triumphs of sin and sorrow cease,
    And all shall bow to the Prince of peace;
    Where the weary pilgrim finds a home,
    No more in this desert land to roam.
    Then hush each sigh, and dry each tear,
    Lo! tokens of that glad morn appear
    O, that glorious morn!
    HHHH 49.1

    O, beautiful world! where the City of gold
    Shall its radiant scenes of bliss unfold,
    With the Tree of Life, the crystal streams,
    Adorned with heaven’s resplendent beams;
    Where crowns that will the sun outshine,
    Round cloudless brows, immortal twine,
    And loud and clear the anthems ring,
    When the seraphs’ harps they strike and sing.
    O, that City of God!
    HHHH 49.2

    O, beautiful world! when the earth anew
    Is arrayed in robes of Eden hue,
    And fruits, and flowers of sweet perfume,
    In one perennial Spring will bloom;
    Where gushing songs of rapture rise
    From the lovely birds of Paradise,
    And the shining throngs, transported, view
    Unfading glories, ever new.
    O, that ransomed earth!
    HHHH 49.3

    O, beautiful world! where storms ne’er rise
    To cast their shade o’er the azure skies,
    And soon will it burst on our longing sight,
    When the sleeping myriads will unite,
    With the pure, angelic choirs above,
    To swell the strains of redeeming love,
    And on fair Canaan’s happy shore,
    With the lamb we shall reign for ever more.
    O, that endless life!
    HHHH 50.1

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