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    They tell us the fourth command,
    Containing the Sabbath decree.
    Is abolished in every land,
    And all from its yoke are free;
    If, to solve these queries we ask,
    When, where and how was it done?
    They commence the difficult task,
    But leave it where they begun!
    HHHH 93.1

    They tell us the onward roll
    Of Time has such changes wrought,
    That none, from Pole to Pole,
    Can find the true day sought;
    But how (it looks very strange!)
    Can this, they unwittingly name,
    All other dates disarrange,
    And not affect Sunday the same!
    HHHH 93.2

    They tell us that Christ set apart
    The day that he rose from the dead,
    But yet, if we serve him in heart,
    We may choose any other instead;
    And then, in the very face
    Of this, they evadingly say,
    Why! You’ll surely fall from grace,
    If you keep the seventh day!
    HHHH 93.3

    They tell us, to answer their ends,
    That the D. D.’s are all on their side-
    Thus Pilate and Herod made friends,
    The law of God to deride;
    But when they so loudly prate,
    If from Error’s chain they’re free,
    Why is it that when they debate,
    No two of them can agree?
    HHHH 94.1

    How long shall the Priests bear sway,
    And the mass go on in the wake,
    A counterfeit creed to obey,
    Such conflicting positions take.
    Could we but remove the cross
    From many, willingly blind,
    They’d not be at all at a loss
    The genuine coin to find!
    HHHH 94.2

    But Truth, in its beauty, will shine
    In spite of traditions vain,
    That have hidden a precept divine,
    Through Papacy’s wicked reign.
    Though Protestants oft rehearse:
    “The Bible our rule alone”—
    Their actions speak the reverse!
    While this Pagan relic they own.
    HHHH 94.3

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