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    Awake! O, awake! Now to life and to duty-
    Faint not by the way till thy labor is done;
    For quickly the King will descend in his beauty-
    The warfare be ended-the victory won.
    Though tempests may lower, and foes are deriding,
    Stand firm for the truth in the face of earth’s frown;
    O, watch, fight and pray, in thy Saviour confiding,
    Till in glory thou sharest the conqueror’s crown.
    HHHH 57.1

    Awake! O, awake! Seek in Heaven thy treasure,
    Where free from all care and all sorrow and pain,
    Thou shalt range with delight o’er the bright fields of pleasure,
    And join in the songs to the Lamb that was slain.
    Be active and faithful, with ardor untiring,
    Fearless and bold in defense of the right,
    With faith, love and joy in thy bosom inspiring,
    With courage undaunted to work with thy might.
    HHHH 57.2

    Awake! O, awake! Heed the loud voice of warning-
    Sound the tidings afar o’er the land and the sea,
    Till dawns in its splendor the last, lovely morning,
    When shadows of night and of sadness shall flee.
    Then gird on the armor, with lamps trim’d and burning,
    Calmly upon his sure promise rely;
    O, wait, hope and trust, till thy Master’s returning,
    To gather his chosen to mansions on high.
    HHHH 57.3

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