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    Lesson 1

    Reading Assignment, pages 3, 9-32

    (The numbers in parentheses at the end of each question refer to the pages in Counsels for the Church where the answers may be found..1)CCh-SG 5.1

    A. Preparing to Meet Christ

    1. Is the following statement true or false? Bible history reveals that only men have been divinely called to the prophetic office. (CCh 9.1)CCh-SG 5.2

    2. What have prophets led men and women to understand? (CCh 10.1)
    CCh-SG 5.3

    3. Why is it important for God’s remnant church to have the prophetic gift? (CCh 10.1)
    CCh-SG 5.4

    4. How has the prophetic gift been manifested in the Seventh-day Adventist Church? (CCh 10.1-11.1)
    CCh-SG 5.5

    B. The Vision of the Great Controversy

    1. The Great Controversy vision of March 14, 1858, was (CCh 1.1) historical (CCh 2.1) prophetic (CCh 3.1) pastoral (CCh 4.1) historical and prophetic (CCh 5.1) historical and pastoral (CCh 12, 13.1) (CCh Underline one..1)CCh-SG 5.6

    2. Describe four aspects of Ellen White’s condition while in vision. (CCh 10-12.1.1)
    CCh-SG 5.7

    3. Name the five books (CCh Conflict of the Ages Series.1) that eventually were written to communicate the light given by the Lord during the schoolhouse vision. (CCh 12-13.1)
    CCh-SG 6.1

    C. How the Light Came to the Prophet.

    1. Through what channels does God communicate with His prophets? (CCh 13, 14.1)

    CCh-SG 6.2

    2. Describe the process by which the dream or vision finally appeared in written form. (CCh 15-17.1)

    CCh-SG 6.3

    D. The Life and Work of Mrs. E. G. White.

    Fill in the blanks:CCh-SG 6.4

    1. Mrs. White was born at __________, __________, in the United States, on November, _____, 18 _____. (CCh 17.1)CCh-SG 6.5

    2. She had her first vision in _____, 18 _____. (CCh 17.1)CCh-SG 6.6

    3. The youthful Ellen Harmon married __________in _____, 18 _____. (CCh 17.1)CCh-SG 6.7

    4. For ______ years this dedicated couple worked together until the death of _____ in _____,18 _____. (CCh 17.1) There were ______ boys born to the Whites. (CCh 18.1)CCh-SG 6.8

    5. Sister White spent ____ years working for the Lord outside of her own country. (CCh 18.1)CCh-SG 7.1

    6. She died on __________, 19 _____. (CCh 19.1)CCh-SG 7.2

    E. Mrs. E. G. White As Others Knew Her.

    1. Give a description of Ellen White as a person. (CCh 19-20.1)

    CCh-SG 7.3

    2. How would you describe the White home in 1859? (CCh 20.1)

    CCh-SG 7.4

    3. In what ways did Ellen White especially plan for the Sabbath? (CCh 20.1)

    CCh-SG 7.5

    4. Review Ellen White’s battle to change her diet. (CCh 20-21.1)

    CCh-SG 7.6

    5. Describe some recreational activities Mrs. White enjoyed. (CCh 21.1)

    CCh-SG 7.7

    6. How did Mrs. White describe her own faith? (CCh 21-22.1)

    CCh-SG 7.8

    7. What one word does Mrs. White use to describe her attitude? (CCh 21.1)

    CCh-SG 7.9

    8. How did she deal with her own suffering and discouragement? (CCh 22.1)

    CCh-SG 7.10

    F. Messages That Changed Lives

    1. How does the experience at Bushnell, Michigan, illustrate the purpose of the visions? (CCh 23,24.1)

    CCh-SG 7.11

    2. What does the experience of the hairnet teach us? (CCh 24, 25.1)

    CCh-SG 8.1

    Fill in the blanks:CCh-SG 8.2

    3. “God has, in that __________, promised to give _____ in the ‘__________’; not for a new _____ of _____, but for the _____ of His people, and to _____ those who _____ from Bible truth.” (CCh 25.1)CCh-SG 8.3

    G. The Vision That Could Not Be Told

    Underline the correct statements: (CCh 25-29.1)CCh-SG 8.4

    The Salamanca vision was of vital importance because it:
    1. Assured a continual flow of business for the publishing house.
    2. Taught right policies and goals for our religious liberty journal.
    3. Revealed that the Spirit of Prophecy counsels were out of date.
    4. Demonstrated that God was guiding and guarding the interests of His cause and that His hand was on the wheel.
    CCh-SG 8.5

    H. The Testimonies and the Reader

    The Bible gives four tests by which a prophet’s work may be examined. State briefly what they are. Give a supporting text for each. (CCh 29, 30.1)
    CCh-SG 8.6

    Practical Tests of a True Prophet

    The gift of prophecy stands or falls according to certain practical tests. Mention three of these tests. (CCh 30-32.1)
    CCh-SG 9.1

    Thought Question: If you were asked by a non-Adventist friend why you believe in the inspiration of Ellen White, what reason or reasons would you give?

    CCh-SG 9.2

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