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    Lesson 6

    Reading Assignment, pages 184-217

    35. An Appeal to Youth

    1. How do young people shape their own destinies? (CCh 184.1)

    CCh-SG 27.1

    2. Why do Christians find living a religious life so hard? (CCh 185.1)

    CCh-SG 27.2

    3. Why is it that the heavenly character must be acquired on earth, or it can never be acquired at all? (CCh 186, 187.1)

    CCh-SG 27.3

    4. What does Ellen White mean when she says, “The submission on our part must be proportionate to the gift of God”? (CCh 188.1)

    CCh-SG 27.4

    36. The Proper Discipline and Education of Children

    1. Identify the relationship between parents and the fruits of their children’s lives. (CCh 190, 191.1)

    CCh-SG 27.5

    2. Give the title of the book on child psychology that Ellen White holds out as recommended reading for parents. (CCh 191.1)

    CCh-SG 27.6

    3. How does Ellen White recommend that discipline should be carried out? (CCh 191, 192.1)

    CCh-SG 27.7

    4. What can be the results of too severe training? (CCh 192.1)

    CCh-SG 27.8

    5. How can the sin of permitting children to grow up in ignorance be remedied? (CCh 193-195.1)

    CCh-SG 27.9

    6. What is the prescription for correcting children? (CCh 197.1)

    CCh-SG 28.1

    Fill in the blanks:CCh-SG 28.2

    7. “Parents, never _________; never tell an ________ in _________or in _____. If you want your child to be _____, be __ ___yourself.” (CCh 198.1)CCh-SG 28.3

    8. What are the signs of strength, greatness, and nobility? (CCh 198.1)

    CCh-SG 28.4

    9. What example does Ellen White give in dealing with her boys? (CCh 199, 200.1)

    CCh-SG 28.5

    10. Describe the power of a mother’s prayers. (CCh 201.1)

    CCh-SG 28.6

    11. How is courtesy looked upon by Ellen White? (CCh 201.1)

    CCh-SG 28.7

    37. Christian Education

    1. Describe in your own words the nature of true education. (CCh 202.1)

    CCh-SG 28.8

    2. What is the duty of parents living in a place where there are but “a few Sabbath keepers”? (CCh 203, 204.1)

    CCh-SG 28.9

    3. What course on the part of parents and their children sometimes brings “great harm” to the church and school? (CCh 204, 205.1)

    CCh-SG 28.10

    4. When is the highest standard of manhood attained? (CCh 205, 206.1)

    CCh-SG 28.11

    5. Which is more important in a teacher” his habits and principles or his literary attainments? (CCh 206, 207.1)

    CCh-SG 29.1

    6. Why are the first eight or ten years of a child’s life most important? (CCh 207.1)

    CCh-SG 29.2

    7. What important emphasis is needed to give proper balance in the education of the children? (CCh 208, 209.1)

    CCh-SG 29.3

    8. What is one earnest, conscientious, faithful young man in school declared to be? (CCh 212.1)

    CCh-SG 29.4

    9. Upon whom does much of the blame lie for the wild, reckless character that is seen in many of the youth today? (CCh 213.1)

    CCh-SG 29.5

    38. The Call to Temperate Living

    1. How sacredly should the health be guarded? Why?(CCh 214.1)

    CCh-SG 29.6

    2. What is the ultimate goal of health reform?(CCh 214.1)

    CCh-SG 29.7

    3. Why is the violation of natural law a moral issue?(CCh 214.1)

    CCh-SG 29.8

    4. How intimate is the connection between health reform and the third angel’s message? (CCh 214.1)

    CCh-SG 29.9

    5. What is one sure mark of conversion? (CCh 215, 216.1)

    CCh-SG 29.10

    6. Explain the relationship of one’s state of mind to his physical well-being. (CCh 216.1)

    CCh-SG 29.11

    7. Nine words contain God’s prescription for healing man’s ills. What are they? (CCh 217.1)

    CCh-SG 30.1

    39. The Importance of Cleanliness

    1. What is the function of each of the following? (CCh 218.1)
    a.1) Good blood
    b.1) External application of water
    c.1) Exercise
    d.1) Oxygen
    e.1) Cleanliness
    CCh-SG 30.2

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