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    Lesson 9

    Reading Assignment, pages 292-321

    51. The Prayer Meeting

    1. What can be done to make the prayer meeting more interesting? (CCh 292.1)

    CCh-SG 39.1

    2. What is often behind long, tedious prayers offered in public? (CCh 293.1)

    CCh-SG 39.2

    3. What should we take to God in prayer? (CCh 294.1)

    CCh-SG 39.3

    52. Baptism

    1. Name two “monumental pillars” upon which God’s name is inscribed. (CCh 295.1)
    CCh-SG 39.4

    2. Of what is baptism a sign? (CCh 295.1)

    CCh-SG 39.5

    3. What two things do those who are baptized “ declare publicly”? (CCh 295.1)
    CCh-SG 39.6

    4. Besides the doctrines of the church, what else is to be made plain to those who are preparing for baptism? (CCh 295, 296.1)

    CCh-SG 39.7

    5. What is the responsibility of parents in preparing their children for baptism? (CCh 296, 297.1)

    CCh-SG 39.8

    Thought Question: What is the proper age when young children may be baptized?

    CCh-SG 40.1

    53. The Lord’s Supper

    1. How are the purposes of the Passover service and the Lord’s Supper similar? (CCh 298.1)

    CCh-SG 40.2

    2. What lesson can we learn from Jesus as He washed the feet of His disciples? (CCh 299, 300.1)

    CCh-SG 40.3

    3. Describe the spiritual condition of the disciples as they gathered for the Passover. (CCh 300, 301.1)

    CCh-SG 40.4

    4. What is embraced in the preparatory service? (CCh 301.1)

    CCh-SG 40.5

    5. What is accomplished within the soul of the worshiper by the communion service? (CCh 302.1)

    CCh-SG 40.6

    6. What was the communion service designed to do? (CCh 302.1)

    CCh-SG 40.7

    54. Prayer for the Sick

    1. What are we to expect today in regard to the healing of the sick? (CCh 303.1)

    CCh-SG 40.8

    2. What is the condition upon which God will heal? (CCh 303, 304.1)

    CCh-SG 40.9

    3. What is to be the attitude of those who pray for the sick? (CCh 305.1)

    CCh-SG 40.10

    4. In what ways can the sick cooperate with God while praying for divine healing? (CCh 306, 307.1)

    CCh-SG 40.11

    55. The Medical Work

    1. What is medical missionary work, and how is it conducted? (CCh 308.1)

    CCh-SG 41.1

    2. Where is the Christian to begin in elevating the moral standards of those to whom the gospel is preached? (CCh 309.1)

    CCh-SG 41.2

    3. How has the medical missionary work been described in relation to the gospel ministry? (CCh 309.1)

    CCh-SG 41.3

    4. What broad type of ministry has promise of great success? (CCh 310.1)

    CCh-SG 41.4

    5. What twofold work may be done by missionary nurses? With what results? (CCh 311.1)

    CCh-SG 41.5

    56. Relations With Those Not of Our Persuasion

    1. How are God’s people to relate to those who do not believe as we do? (CCh 312.1)

    CCh-SG 41.6

    2. When will the society of unbelievers do God’s children no harm? (CCh 312.1)

    CCh-SG 41.7

    3. What is God’s desire for non-Adventist ministers? (CCh 313.1)

    CCh-SG 41.8

    57. Our Relation to Civil Rulers and LawsCCh-SG 41.9

    1. What will the child of God do when confronted with human laws that conflict with God’s law? (CCh 314, 316, 317.1)

    CCh-SG 41.10

    2. Why did Jesus not attempt civil reforms, nor attack national abuses? (CCh 314, 315.1)

    CCh-SG 41.11

    3. Is it right for a Christian to testify under judicial oath? (CCh 315, 316.1)

    CCh-SG 42.1

    4. Should Seventh-day Adventists participate in political strife? Why, or why not? (CCh 316.1)

    CCh-SG 42.2

    5. What should God’s people do when Sunday laws are enforced? (CCh 317, 318.1)

    CCh-SG 42.3

    58. Satan’s Deceptive Work

    1. What is the responsibility of each person in his conflict against the forces of evil? (CCh 319.1)

    CCh-SG 42.4

    2. What spiritual lesson can be learned from the experience of King Ahaziah? (CCh 320.1)

    CCh-SG 42.5

    Fill in the blanks:CCh-SG 42.6

    3. “At the sound of fervent ________, Satan’s whole ________ trembles.” (CCh 319.1)

    CCh-SG 42.7

    4. “All who do not earnestly search the _______ and ______ every ______ and ______ of life to that unerring test, all who do not seek God in _________ for a knowledge of His _______, will surely _______ from the ________ path and ________ under the ________ of _______.” (CCh 320.1)CCh-SG 42.8

    5. What are the differences between Satan’s approach to Christ in the wilderness and the way he approaches us with temptations now? (CCh 321.1)

    CCh-SG 42.9

    Thought Question: Where is the chief interest of your life? Who or what is it that commands your attention and affection?.

    CCh-SG 42.10

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