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The Great Controversy -- Study Guide

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    Chapter 17 — Heralds the Morning

    1. List Testament characters who foresaw the coming of Christ, with its associated events. Which of them stressed the judgment? the resurrection? the great joy of the redeemed? the glory of the coming, and the physical phenomena seen in nature? 299:1-300:3 [343:1-344:3]
    GC-SG 35.1

    2. What positive words of Christ add certainty to the hope of His return? Who will accompany Him? 301:1 [345:1]
    GC-SG 35.2

    3. By the angels, by Paul and by John, what testimony is borne regarding the manner of Christ’s coming? 301:2 [345:2]
    GC-SG 35.3

    4. How is the coming of Christ related to the restoration of that which was lost at the fall of man? 301:3-302:1 [345:3-346:1]
    GC-SG 35.4

    5. What special experiences have caused intense longing for Christ’s return among His followers? 302:2-4 [346:2-4]
    GC-SG 35.5

    6. How were the reformers cheered in their work by the “blessed hope”? 303:1-4 [347:1-4]
    GC-SG 35.6

    7. What was the earliest of the promised “signs” of the nearness of the end? 304:1-305:2 [348:2-350:1]
    GC-SG 35.7

    8. Show that the dark day of 1780 fulfilled the prophecy as to time? Was it recognized by many who witnessed it, as fulfilling specific Scripture prophecy? 306:1-308:1 [350:2-354:1]
    GC-SG 36.1

    9. What was the spiritual condition of the church when the signs of Christ’s coming began to appear? Show that this also was a subject of prophecy?. 309:1 [354:3-355:1]
    GC-SG 36.2

    10. What prophetic features of the “day of the Lord” constitute a mighty call to arouse from spiritual lethargy? 310:1-311:1 [355:2-356:3]
    GC-SG 36.3

    11. What message of warning was due at this time, and by what class of men was it given? 311:2-312:3 [356:4-357:4]
    GC-SG 36.4

    12. How many of God’s people were looking for Christ at His first advent? What was the attitude of the religious leaders at that time to the prophecies of His coming? What classes of people were chosen to announce the birth of Jesus? What lessons are there in this experience for our time? 313:1-316:1 [358:1-361:2]
    GC-SG 36.5

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