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The Great Controversy -- Study Guide

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    Chapter 29 — The Origin of Sin

    1. The existence of sin and evil raises what questions about the character of God? What is sin? How is God vindicated from the charge of responsibility for its existence? 492:1, 2 [559:1-560:1]
    GC-SG 56.1

    2. Upon what were the continued peace and joy and happiness of the universe dependent? What principle must govern the allegiance of the created beings? 493:1, 2 [560:2, 3]
    GC-SG 56.2

    3. Describe the original position of the one with whom sin originated. What was the beginning of his defection? To what lengths did he finally go? What efforts were put forth to restore him, and with what results? 493:3-494:2 [561:1-3]
    GC-SG 56.3

    4. What were Lucifer’s real motives and aims? How were these disguised, and by what misrepresentations did he seek to win sympathy for his ambitions? 495:2, 3 [562:2, 3]
    GC-SG 56.4

    5. What period of probation was granted him, and what offers were made to him? Having fully committed himself to rebellion, to what further lengths did he go in justifying his evil course? 495:3-496:1 [562:1, 2]
    GC-SG 56.5

    6. Why did God permit the course of rebellion to go so long unchecked? 497:1-498:2 [564:1-565:2]
    GC-SG 56.6

    7. Show how God’s dealing with sin is to be a perpetual safeguard against its repetition. 498:3-499:1 [565:3-566:1]
    GC-SG 56.7

    8. What further charges were made by Satan and his angels when they were sentenced to banishment from heaven? What purpose did Satan then declare? 499:2, 3 [566:2-567:1]
    GC-SG 56.8

    9. In what aspects is the rebellion on earth similar in its nature to the rebellion in heaven? 500:1-3 [567:2-4]
    GC-SG 56.9

    10. What is the mightiest argument against Satan’s charges? When was his character fully unmasked? How was Christ revealed in contrast? 500:4-502:3 (567:4-570:1]
    GC-SG 56.10

    11. How does the death of Christ show the immutability of the law of God? 503:1 [570:2]
    GC-SG 56.11

    12. How will God finally be justified in executing judgment upon sin? What assurance is given for future happiness? 503:2-504:1 [571:1-3]
    GC-SG 56.12

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