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The Great Controversy -- Study Guide

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    Chapter 27 — Modern Revivals

    1. What marks of true conversion have always followed the faithful preaching of God’s word? 461:1-528:3 [527:1-528:3]
    GC-SG 53.1

    2. How are popular contrasted with genuine spiritual revivals, as to (1) nature of the appeals made; (2) results in the lives of the converts; (3) permanence of the work of grace? 463:1-3 [529:1-3]
    GC-SG 53.2

    3. Anticipating the promised Pentecostal revival and power among God’s people, how does Satan work to deceive those who will then be called out of Babylon? 464:1 [530:1]
    GC-SG 53.3

    4. What safeguard has the Christian against deception by counterfeit manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power? 464:2 [530:2]
    GC-SG 53.4

    5. What popular, but dangerous teachings are responsible for the low standards of piety because of errors regarding true sanctification? What kindred danger was recognized by Prof. Edward Parks? 465:1-3 [531:1-3]
    GC-SG 53.5

    6. What Scriptures refute the teaching that Christ abolished the law, or that there is a conflict between law and gospel? 466:1-467:1 [532:1-4]
    GC-SG 53.6

    7. What change has sin wrought in the human heart in its attitude toward the law of God? What necessary part does the law act in conversion? How does the gospel supplement what the law can not do? 467:2-468:1 [533:1-4]
    GC-SG 53.7

    8. What is the cause of many superficial conversions? 533:2 [534:1]
    GC-SG 53.8

    9. Define Bible sanctification. Will the sanctified one be free from temptation? Is the work of sanctification instantaneous? In what three ways does the spurious differ from that seen in the lives of Moses, Daniel, Job, Isaiah, and Paul? 469:3-471:3 [535:1-537:1]
    GC-SG 53.9

    10. What view regarding the relation of faith and works is presumption? What are the consequences of cherishing known sin? Of what is a claim to be sinless an evidence? 472:1-473:1 [537:2-538:2]
    GC-SG 53.10

    11. How are health habits related to sanctification? What common practices are among the “fleshly lusts that war against the soul”? 473:2-475:2 [538:3-540:3]
    GC-SG 53.11

    12. What heights of attainment may be reached by the Christian? What provision has God made to make this experience possible? 475:3-477:1 [541:1-542:2]
    GC-SG 53.12

    13. What part has joy in the experience of the Christian? What promises and experiences will make his life cheerful? Why are these fruits of sanctification so seldom seen? 477:2-478:3 [542:3-543:3]
    GC-SG 53.13

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