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    October 19, 1888

    VOL. 2. - MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., - NO. 1

    First Day’s Proceedings

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    The Twenty-seventh Annual Session of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists began at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Minneapolis, Minn., at 9:30 a. m., Oct. 17, 1888, being called to order by Elder U. Smith, secretary of the conference, the President being detained at home by sickness.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.1

    Prayer was offered by Elder U. Smith.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.2

    On motion Elder S. N. Haskell was appointed temporary chairman.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.3

    Credentials of delegates being called for, showed the following list of delegates, with the state or mission-field represented:GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.4

    CALIFORNIA - W. C. White, S. N. Haskell, A. T. Jones, C. H. Jones, E. J. Waggoner.

    DAKOTA - W. B. White, N. P. Nelson, Valentine Leer.

    DENMARK - J. G. Matteson.

    ILLINOIS - G. B. Starr, A. O. Tait.

    INDIANA - Wm. Covert, Victor Thompson, B. F. Purdham, R. B. Craig.

    IOWA - J. H. Morrison, C. A. Washburn, H. R. Johnson, W. H. Wakeham, W. R. Smith, H. Nicola.

    KANSAS - C. A. Hall, L. J. Rousseau, C. McReynolds, J. W. Bagby, S. S. Shrock.

    KENTUCKY - C. W. Flaiz.

    MAINE - J. B. Goodrich.

    MICHIGAN - J. D. Van Horn, J. Fargo, H. W. Miller, G. G. Rupert, Harmon Lindsey, M. B. Miller, C. Eldridge, J. N. Brant, H. S. Lay, Wm. Ostrander, F. D. Starr.

    MINNESOTA - A. D. Olsen, L. Johnson, H. Grant, C. C. Lewis, Allen Moon, F. L. Mead.

    MISSOURI - D. T. Jones, J. W. Watt, J. B. Beckner.

    NEBRASKA - J. P. Gardner, W. C. Boynton, W. N. Hyatt.

    NEW ENGLAND - A. T. Robinson, E. E. Miles.

    NEW YORK - M. H. Brown, M. C. Wilcox.

    NORWAY - J. G. Matteson.

    OHIO - R. A. Underwood, H. M. Mitchell, J. E. Swift.

    PENNSYLVANIA - J. W. Raymond, L. C. Chadwick.

    SWEDEN - J. G. Matteson.

    CENTRAL EUROPE - L. R. Conradi.

    TENNESSEE - J. M. Rees.

    TEXAS - T. T. Stevenson.

    UPPER COLUMBIA - H. W. Decker.

    VERMONT - T. H. Purdon.

    VIRGINIA - R. D. Hattell.

    WEST VIRGINIA - W. J. Stone.

    WISCONSIN - A. J. Breed, W. W. Sharp, W. S. Hyatt, B. M. Shull, P. H. Cady.

    CENTRAL AMERICA - T. H. Gibbs.


    The following were counted among the delegates by virtue of their having been in the employ of the General Conference during the whole or part of the year: S. H. Lane, O. C. Godsmark, D. T. Bourdeau, A. T. Jones, E. W. Farnsworth, D. E. Lindsey, F. E. Belden, A. R. Henry, R. M. Kilgore, J. F. Hanson, C. W. Olds, Uriah Smith.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.5

    By vote of the conference, W. H. Starbuck, was chosen to represent the Northern Pacific Conference. The British field being without representation, it was voted that Elder S. N. Haskell represent that field. Also voted that Elder G. G. Rupert represent the South American field.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.6

    It was moved that the secretary of the Foreign Mission represent the missionary fields not otherwise represented.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.7

    On this motion Elder W. C. White expressed doubts as to the legality of the action of the conference in appointing delegates to represent those fields that have neglected to appoint their delegates. He moved that a committee of three be appointed by the chair to carefully consider the matter of the propriety of the conference appointing delegates when the states have neglected their duty in this matter.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.8

    The motion was carried, and the following committee appointed: W. C. White, A. T. Robinson, D. T. Jones.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.9

    The Conference of Arkansas presented a petition to be admitted into the General Conference. After some questions had been asked by different delegates concerning the condition of the conference, and answered by Elders Henderson and Jones, the Arkansas Conference was, by unanimous vote, received into the General Conference with Elder J. P. Henderson as delegate. A request was read from the Australian Conference for admission into the General Conference. The secretary of the conference read an interesting report of the organization of that conference, and after some interesting remarks by Elder S. N. Haskell on the establishment of the work in that distant land, a motion to admit this conference was carried.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.10

    A motion was made and carried to leave the appointment of the standing committees to the chair.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.11

    The meeting then adjourned to the call of the chair.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.12

    At 10:30 a. m., Elder Uriah Smith discussed the question of the ten horns of the fourth beast of Daniel 7., the speaker taking the position of that the Huns were one of the ten kingdoms into which Rome was divided. Some held that Allemanni should be counted as one of the ten kingdoms instead of the Huns. A spirited discussion was held at the conclusion of the remarks, in which a number of the delegates participated. At the close of the discussion it was voted that, taking all the light we have received, and all the reference given, we will faithfully and carefully study this question, praying that the spirit may guide us into the truth.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 1.13

    It was also voted that the chair appoint a committee of seven to devise a plan by which those who think they have received light on any point, may present it to the denomination.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.1

    At 2:30 p. m. Elder E. J. Waggoner discussed the question of the law of God and its relation to the Gospel of Christ. The discussion was based principally on the Epistle to the Romans.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.2

    At the conclusion of this meeting the chairman of the conference appointed the following committees:GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.3

    On Nominations - J. B. Goodrich, J. Fargo, Dan. T. Jones.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.4

    On Resolutions - R. A. Underwood, A. T. Robinson, R. Conradi, E. J. Waggoner, E. H. Gates.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.5

    On Licenses and Credentials - R. M. Kilgore, I. D. Van Horn, H. Nicola.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.6

    On Distribution of Labor - E. W. Farnsworth, A. J. Breed, Lewis Johnson, G. G. Rupert, C. H. Jones, to act in connection with the General Conference committee.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.7

    Auditing Committee - The General Conference committee, A. R. Henry, C. Eldridge, J. W. Raymond, J. Fargo, H. W. Miller, A. T. Robinson.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.8

    Financial Committee - Presidents of the State Conferences, C. H. Jones, Harman Lindsey, A. R. Henry, C. Eldridge, A. T. Jones.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.9

    Committee on Religious Exercises - R. M. Kilgore, R. A. Underwood, J. B. Goodrich.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.10

    Second Day’s Proceedings

    No Authorcode

    At 9 a. m. Elder E. J. Waggoner gave another lesson on the law and gospel. In this lesson the first and second chapters of Galatians, in connection with Acts 15, were partially presented by him to show that the same harmony existed there as elsewhere; that the key to the book was “justification by faith in Christ,” with the emphasis on the latter word; that liberty in Christ was always freedom from sin, and that separation from Christ to some other means of justification always brought bondage. He stated incidentally that “the law of Moses” and “the law of God” were not distinctive terms as applied to the ceremonial and moral laws, and cited Numbers 15,22-24, and Luke 2, 23-24, as proof. He closed at 10:15 by asking those present to compare Acts 15, 7-11, with Romans 3, 20-25. Appeals were made by Brother Waggoner and Sister White to the brethren, old and young, to seek God, put away all spirit of prejudice and opposition, and strive to come into the unity of faith in the bonds of brotherly love.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.11


    No Authorcode

    The second meeting was called at 10:30 by the chairman. Prayer by Elder S. H. Lane. Minutes of last meeting read and approved.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.12

    The chairman called for the report of the committee appointed to consider the matter of delegates and delegates’ credentials.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.13

    That committee reported that on examination of the General Conference Constitution they found “that the Conference shall be composed of delegates from the State Conferences, of the officers of the Conference, and of such ministers as shall have been in the employ of the General Conference during any part of the year, and that such delegates may be elected by the State Conference or appointed by its executive committee, and we find no provision in the constitution for the reception of delegates not holding credentials. We would therefore report that it is the opinion of your committee that the conference cannot legally receive delegates not appointed as provided for by the constitution.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.14

    AND, WHEREAS, persons properly chosen to represent conferences and mission fields sometimes come to the conference without credentials in regular form, we would therefore recommend that a committee be appointed at the beginning of each conference to which all such cases be referred. It shall be the duty of this committee to examine the claims of all such applicants and recommend for seats in the conference all such as in its judgment are entitled to the same.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.15

    “And we further recommend that this committee shall select from the delegates at large persons to specially represent those fields that are not represented by delegates of their own election.”GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.16

    W. C. WHITE,
    DAN. T. JONES,

    On motion, after a second reading, it was adopted.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.17

    W. C. White moved, which was seconded, that a committee be appointed as provided for in the report. Carried.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.18

    The action taken at the last session of the conference was referred to and the report concerning it was read, but as the committee was not able to get together during the year the matter was deferred.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.19

    Reports of mission fields were called for, and Elder S. H. Lane reported for Georgia and Florida. He had no discouraging word to bring. The South was a hard field, but not the hardest. The people were poor, but generous and hospitable. The work had been broken up in Florida on account of yellow fever. A church had been organized in Atlanta during the last year, and endeavors were being made to support the mission there by canvassing. There were sabbath keepers enough in Georgia and Florida for a conference, and if the people were in Georgia it would be advisable to organize one, but Florida is a state of a very uncertain population, so that it would not tend to stability to organize. The tithe paid by both states was about $700 last year. A. T. and M. Society and S. S. Association have been organized. Brother Lane stated that he had had no trouble with the color line. The South was an excellent canvassing field. A wise and faithful canvasser would do much more in the South than in the North.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 2.20

    Elder J. M. Rees spoke for North Carolina. Three years ago the state was made a mission field. At that time there was a company which had been brought out through missionary work and correspondence by a sister in New York. His first season there he held two tent meetings and brought out two churches. There were now 80 sabbath keepers, mostly in the western part of the state. A tent meeting was held the present season by a North Carolina minister, supported by the friends of the cause in the state. A State T. and M. Society and S. S. Association was organized the present year. A good encouraging camp meeting was also held. Tithes were paid and a state treasurer was appointed who received them.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.1

    Adjourned to call of chair.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.2

    MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Oct. 16, 1888.—2:30 P. M.

    No Authorcode

    The first meeting of the Eleventh Annual Session of the International Sabbath School Association of Seventh-day Adventists was called to order by the President, C. H. Jones, of Oakland, Cal. After singing No. 1248 and prayer by M. B. Miller, the president made some interesting and encouraging remarks. In the absence of the recording secretary Sister Waggoner, the corresponding secretary, was called to fill the vacancy.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.3

    Brother Lane, from Georgia, then gave some interesting experiences on the Southern field. Brother Reese, from Tennessee; Brother Waggoner, from California; Brother Henderson, from Arkansas, and Brother Haskell, from England, gave some interesting facts concerning the new associations in Georgia and Florida, Tennessee, Australia and Arkansas. These associations, with aggregate of 590 members, were admitted to the International Association.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.4

    The secretary was called to read the resolutions passed at the last annual meeting. The importance of these resolutions was considered, with the statement that each state will be asked to say how far they have carried out the resolutions. The president reported the general outlook as very encouraging - never better - an advance in every feature of the work.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.5

    NO. OF SCHOOLS - In June, 1877, we had 977 schools; in June, 1888, we had 1,067 schools.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.6

    SCHOLARS. - In June, 1877, we had 25,294; in June, 1888, we had 25,560. If all had reported it would show 30,000. One-half of the scholars are members of the church. Here we find a home mission. There are over 1,000 officers in our schools.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.7

    DONATIONS. - In 1887 the donations were $13,440.61; in 1888 the donations were $16,833.10. Donated to Africa during the year, $11,000. Donated to London mission first half of the year, $5,000.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.8

    EXTENT OF THE WORK. - We find schools scattered in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and the islands of the sea. Very interesting remarks were made upon the establishing of the schools in the islands. The work still reaches out.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.9

    On motion, the president appointed the following standing committees:GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.10

    On Nominations - R. M. Kilgore, A. T. Robinson, A. J. Breed.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.11

    On Resolutions - E. J. Waggoner, C. C. Lewis, M. C. Wilcox, M. B. Miller, W. W. Sharp.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.12

    On Auditing, F. E. Belden, M. H. Brown, A. D. Olsen.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.13

    Several subjects to be considered: The Kindergarten, The S. School and the Home, Our present need.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.14

    We must look ahead and prepare lessons for 1890. We have lessons prepared to submit to the committee for the year 1889.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.15

    On motion the Sabbath School Worker, and Manual was referred to the Committee on Resolutions.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.16

    On motion the Association adjourned to the call of the chair.GCDB October 19, 1888, page 3.17

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