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    October 30, 1888

    VOL. 2. - MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., - NO. 9

    Tenth Day’s Proceedings EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION

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    The second meeting of the Association met Oct. 28, at 5:30 p. m.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.23

    Prayer by Elder Kilgore.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.24

    Minutes of last meeting read and approved.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.25

    The committee on nominations reported for board of college directors the following: U. Smith, W. W. Prescott, Geo. I. Butler, J. H. Kellogg, C. Eldridge, W. C. Sisley.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.26

    A query was raised as to the election of George I. Butler, in view of what he wrote concerning his health, but Prof. Prescott said that Elder Butler was willing to act. The report was adopted by considering each name separately.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.27

    The committee on resolutions presented the following report.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.28

    1st. Resolved, That we express our deep gratitude to God for the prosperity which has attended Battle Creek College during the past year, and that we express our full confidence in the present management.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.29

    2nd. Resolved, That we express ourselves in full sympathy with the suggestions of the General Conference Committee tending to unify in our educational work.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.30

    3rd. Resolved, That the stockholders of this society approve the action of the board of trustees in sending teachers to help in other schools, and recommend that such a policy be pursued in the future so far as it can be done without crippling the work at the college.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.31

    Following the reading of the report, interesting remarks were made on the second resolution by W. W. Prescott, S. N. Haskell, and A. T. Robinson upon the importance of the union of our interests and its effect in all our schools.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.32

    Adjourned to call of chair.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.33

    Eleventh Day’s Proceedings PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION MONDAY, Oct. 29, 1888

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    The second meeting of the S. D. A. Publishing Association was called at 11:20 a. m. by the chairman. Prayer by Bro. C. H. Jones.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.34

    Minutes of last meeting read and approved.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.35

    The committee on nominations reported as follows:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.36

    For Trustees - Geo. I. Butler, A. R. Henry, Uriah Smith, C. Eldridge, W. H. Edwards, H. W. Kellogg, and F. E. Belden.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.37

    F. D. Starr asked if we are assured that Bro. Butler would be pleased to have his name used as a candidate for this position. I. D. Van Horn replied in the affirmative. C. H. Jones said that he hardly knew how to vote in view of what Eld. Butler had expressed in his letter, withdrawing his name as a candidate for office. He thought that Eld. B. is a valuable man, and his service to the cause should not be sacrificed because of overwork. D. T. Bordeau thought that it would be conducive to Eld. B.’s health, to give him something to do. W. C. White thought that by all means Eld. B.’s name should stand in the board, at least till we go to B. C. and see Eld. B. I. D. Van Horn said that Bro. B. desired some work to do, although he desired to be left off of the general conference committee.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.38

    S. N. Haskell thought that Eld. B. is just the man to be connected with the board and give the cause his influence as he labored in different places. The report was then adopted.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.39

    The committee on resolutions reported as follows:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.40

    1. Resolved, That we express our gratitude to God for the prosperity which has attended the association during the past year.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.41

    2. Resolved, That we express our sincere sorrow for, and sympathy with Eld. G. I. Butler, President of this Association, in his sickness which prevents him from being present at our annual meeting.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 28.42

    3. Resolved, That we approve of the action of the trustees in providing for the establishment of branch offices in Chicago, Toronto, and some point in the south.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.1

    4. Resolved, That we request the trustees to establish a branch office in London, Eng., if in their judgment it is deemed advisable.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.2

    Moved to adopt the report by considering each resolution separately. Carried.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.3

    D. T. Bordeau moved to amend the second resolution by adding “and an interest in our sympathy and prayers.” Carried.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.4

    Several delegates spoke in favor of the third resolution, which provides for the establishing of publishing offices in the several important locations named.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.5

    On the fourth resolution S. N. Haskell, S. H. Lane, and W. C. White spoke in an animated way in favor of establishing a publishing house in London. Eld. Haskell spoke of the necessity of having the English stamp upon all publications for the British people, because there is some prejudice existing in English minds against things coming from America. He stated that the English are a reading people, and thought that the work would soon become self-supporting there. He said that they needed a printing press there very much at the present time, and moved to amend the resolution by inserting the word “immediately” after the words “London, England.” Carried.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.6

    The meeting then adjourned to call of the chair.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.7


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    The following report was made Sunday by the committee on resolutions, and no action taken on it:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.8

    For lack of time, your committee was not able to make as many changes in the matter and form of the report referred back to it for further consideration, as it otherwise might have done. At a large meeting consisting of tract society and conference presidents, the various plans proposed in our report were freely discussed, and it was unanimously voted to approve of the measures suggested in these propositions. We therefore take courage to submit again our former report with the following changes:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.9

    1st. That the letter of suggestions be preceded by the following paragraph:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.10

    Your committee appointed to suggest plans and frame resolutions for the International Tract Society submit the following:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.11

    2. That the four last lines of the sixth paragraph of the second column of page three of the Bulletin, number 6, be added to the first paragraph of the first column of page four.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.12

    3. That the word school in resolution 4 be changed to institute: and that all following that resolution be changed to read as follows:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.13

    5. WHEREAS, our spiritual growth depends upon our laboring for others, therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.14

    Resolved, That we urge upon all Seventh-day Adventists the duty of becoming members and workers in the tract and missionary society.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.15

    6. WHEREAS, Our interest in the word depends largely upon the time and thought we devote to it, therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.16

    Resolved, That we recommend the holding of weekly meetings, even by small churches and companies, and further,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.17

    Resolved, That we endorse the plan of uniting the missionary meeting and the prayer meeting, where it is not thought practicable to devote an entire evening to each.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.18

    7. WHEREAS, The efficiency of the Tract Society depends upon the activity of its entire individual membership, and the working of all its branches, therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.19

    Resolved, That the introducing of new and efficient methods of labor, such as canvassing, and Bible work, does not lessen the importance of other branches of our work, such as personal labor by visiting, and the loaning of books and tracts, also the mailing of tracts and periodicals, and missionary letters; and it is our conviction that souls may be brought to the knowledge of the truth in these ways, that would be reached in no other.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.20

    8. Resolved, that a committee of seven be appointed by the chair to examine the new works issued during the year by our several publishing houses, in this and other countries, and to make suggestions as to the field of usefulness of each.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.21

    9. WHEREAS, The Pacific Press has just issued a valuable work entitled, “Prophetic Lights” intended as a companion volume to the “Signs of the Times,” therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.22

    Resolved, That we recommend to our workers throughout the country an active canvass to increase the circulation of the “Signs” by securing subscribers for it accompanied by “Prophetic Lights.”GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.23

    10. Resolved, That we recommend that the names of canvassers, Bible workers and all who are employed by the conference and tract societies, be transferred from the register of the local societies and districts, and placed upon a state list; and that they be recommended to obtain their supplies from the state society, and make their contributions to the same.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.24

    11. Resolved, That the international officers, with competent assistants, be requested in a complete series of lessons, to furnish thorough instruction in various branches of the missionary work.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.25

    12. Resolved, That we encourage an interchange of correspondence between local tract societies, through the state officers; and that the officers of state societies correspond freely with each other.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.26


    No Authorcode

    Prayer by F. E. Belden. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. The chair stated that the changes made in the constitution at the last meeting made other changes necessary, and on motion of E. J. Waggoner the following was adopted.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.27

    That article 5, section 1, be amended by striking out all that matter relating to the duties of treasurer.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.28

    That a new section be added to this article, to be numbered 3, and to read as follows: 3. The duties of the treasurer of this association shall be to receive and hold all moneys belonging to the association, giving receipts therefor, and paying out the same as the association or the executive board may direct, through the written order of the president.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.29

    The committee on resolutions submitted the following report:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.30

    Your committee on resolutions would respectfully submit the following:GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.31

    1. Resolved, That we recognize the blessing of God in the prosperity that has attended the Sabbath School work during the past year, both in the line of the organization of new schools and associations, and in the increased interest on the part of those previously engaged in the work; and further,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 29.32

    2. Resolved, That this blessing shall be received by us only as an incentive and an encouragement to greater consecration to the work.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.1

    WHEREAS, The sole object of the Sabbath School should be to lead souls to Christ, and no one can lead another in a way which he himself does not know, therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.2

    3. Resolved, That we again recognize and emphasize the necessity of having converted and consecrated teachers in the Sabbath School.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.3

    WHEREAS, The formation of new schools rests largely in the hands of the ministers, and the instruction given at the time when the school is organized has much to do in shaping its future course; therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.4

    4. Resolved, That we urge all who labor in the field to become thoroughly and practically familiar with all branches of Sabbath school work, and further,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.5

    5. Resolved, That we request the officers of the various conferences, to insist that such knowledge shall be a necessary qualification of those whom they send out to labor in the ministry.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.6

    WHEREAS, The experience of the past has shown that our Sabbath Schools have made the most progress when a systematic correspondence has been kept up with them by the officers of the association; therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.7

    6. Resolved, That while we would most earnestly encourage personal work by the officers to as great an extent as possible, we express it as our belief that nothing can take the place of regular correspondence, and that we urge the state secretaries to keep in constant communication with all the schools in their respective associations, so that they may know the exact standing of each, and be enabled to give the instruction that is needed; and further,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.8

    7. Resolved, That it is the sense of this association, that where a state association has secured a competent secretary, she should be encouraged to devote her entire time to this work.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.9

    8. Resolved, That the International Association send a representative to each state camp-meeting to direct and aid in giving instruction to officers and teachers, and to counsel with the state officers concerning the best means to advance the Sabbath School work in the state.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.10

    WHEREAS, The officers of the association need a medium of communication whereby they may give instruction to the officers and teachers of the Sabbath Schools throughout the world, andGCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.11

    WHEREAS, This medium needs to be in a form convenient for reference, and separate from matter that is designed for general circulation; therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.12

    9. Resolved, That the Executive Committee be authorized to revive the Sabbath School Worker, as a Quarterly, in such form as they may think best.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.13

    10. Resolved, That we request the Executive Committee to issue the Senior Lesson Pamphlet in such form that it may be conveniently carried in the pocket.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.14

    11. Resolved, That we request the Executive Committee to furnish and the Review and Herald office to publish in the Instructor, a series of children’s lessons in place of the lessons for the senior division.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.15

    12. Resolved, That the Executive Committee be requested to have a series of lessons prepared upon the subject of tithes and offerings, to begin in July, 1889.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.16

    13. Resolved, That we request the preparation of lessons upon health and temperance, to be used as soon as practicable.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.17

    WHEREAS, The General Conference has voted to buy and use for missionary purposes, if found to be suitable, the ship in which Brethren Cudney and Tay sailed for Pitcairn Island, andGCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.18

    WHEREAS, The work which has been begun in Russia, and which has prospered in the face of the greatest difficulties, is much crippled for lack of means, therefore,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.19

    14. Resolved, That we recommend that all our Sabbath School throughout the world, devote their missionary contributions for the first quarter of 1889, to the purchase of the above-mentioned ship; that the contributions for the second quarter be given to the Russian Mission, and that the contributions for the remaining half of the year be devoted to the establishment of a city mission in Hamburg, Germany; and further,GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.20

    15. Resolved, That we request the Executive Committee to prepare as soon as possible, a statement containing as much information as can be secured concerning the missionary ship, and also interesting items relating to the situation and work in Russia and Hamburg, which shall be sent to all the schools in order to make more real to the pupils the objects for which they contribute.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.21

    After motion to adopt the report by acting on each resolution separately some time was devoted to their discussion.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.22

    Resolutions Nos. 1, 2, and 3 were adopted without much discussion, while Nos. 4 and 5 were spoken to by several, all of whom were heartily in favor of the principles embodied in them. Resolutions 6 and 7 called many good thoughts in regard to the benefit to be derived from the work done by a good thorough secretary. Resolutions 1 to 10 were adopted, and pending discussion of No. 11 the meeting adjourned to call of chair.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.23


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    Prof. W. W. Prescott gave an interesting address on the subject of education, which would have been “a feast of good things” to many of our youth who are struggling to obtain a true education. Education was the formation of right habits. It embraced the physical and moral as well as the mental. Its object was to gain power, knowledge, and skill to fit a man for usefulness here and life hereafter. He gave three tests of education. 1. One should be able to support himself. 2. He should be able to discern between the false and true, the counterfeit and the genuine. 3. To get the best things of life without paying too much for them. The inducements were great. Education itself was worth striving for, and eternity opened up before us countless possibilities, and ever increasing knowledge for the redeemed. But the most precious things must be learned at the feet of Christ. The above is but a skeleton of the lecture, and a distorted one at that. But there are some good thoughts that can be gained from a contemplation of a skeleton. Fill it out by getting the education, by forming right habits.GCDB October 30, 1888, page 30.24

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