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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 184

principle they seek to imprint on the minds of the children. Such teachers do not see their heavenly Father except by the eye of faith; but they have learned of Him; they read His love in the most trying dispensations. They do not judge their Creator by dispensations; they are partakers of His divine nature. They can trust Him who withheld not His only-begotten Son, knowing that with Him He will give all things for their spiritual and eternal good.


If the teacher has learned his lessons from Jesus Christ, and has learned for the purpose of bringing these lessons fully into his own life, he can teach successfully. Those who are daily learners of the Great Teacher will have a most precious treasure house from which to draw things new and old.

To church-school teachers I would say: Know that you are controlled by the Holy Spirit. Reveal in your lives the transforming influence of the truth. Do your utmost to improve your own capabilities, that you may teach your students how to make improvement.

As soon as your minds harmonize with the mind of God, you will be brought into touch with an intelligence that will communicate to you lessons that will be of invaluable help in your work of teaching. As you tell the children the story of the cross, your own souls will be lifted above gloom and despondency. In considering the Redeemer's infinite sacrifice, you will lose all desire for the things of this world.

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