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Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, Page 235

Chapter 39—From State to State

I was very anxious to attend the camp meeting in California; but there were urgent calls for me to attend the Eastern camp meetings. As the condition of things in the East had been presented before me, I knew that I had a testimony to bear, especially to our brethren in the New England Conference; and I could not feel at liberty to remain longer in California.

July 28, 1878, accompanied by my daughter-in-law, Mrs. Emma L. White, and Edith Donaldson, I left Oakland, Cal., for the East. On the way I spoke at Sacramento Sunday, to an attentive congregation, and the Lord gave me freedom in speaking to them from His word. Monday we again took the cars, stopping at Reno, Nevada, where I spoke Tuesday evening.

In Colorado

On the way from Denver to Walling's Mills, the mountain retreat where my husband was spending the summer months, we stopped in Boulder City, and beheld with joy our canvas meetinghouse, where Elder Cornell was holding a series of meetings. We found a quiet retreat in the comfortable home of Sister Dartt. The tent had been loaned to hold temperance meetings in; and by special invitation, I spoke to a tent full of attentive hearers.

Monday, August 8, I met my husband, and found him much improved in health, cheerful and active, for which I felt thankful to God.

Our family were all present in the mountains but our son Edson. My husband and children thought

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