Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, Page 441

work that would need to be done before the world could be prepared for the second advent of Christ. Another brother, one of large faith, turned to him, his face white with strong emotion, and said: “My brother, do you permit such a prospect to bring discouragement? Do you not know that God would have us press the battle to the gate? Do you not know He would have us labor on, and on, and on, knowing that victory lies ahead?”

It was early in December, 1914, also, that she testified to hearing voices in the night season, crying out: “Advance! Advance! Advance! Press the battle to the gate!”

While eager to continue her work, and especially desirous of speaking again in public, Mrs. White knew that her strength was gradually failing, and that she must not presume on her waning energies. This was a real trial to her, yet she felt resigned to the Lord's will. Hear her praying around the family altar at set of sun, Sabbath, December 26, 1914, following petitions by Elder E. W. Farnsworth and others:

“Thou wilt answer our petitions; and we ask Thee, Lord, for Christ's sake, if it is Thy will, to give me strength and grace to continue; or, I am perfectly willing to leave my work at any time that Thou seest best. O Lord, I greatly desire to do some things, Thou knowest, and would be willing to do them if Thou wilt give me strength; but we will make no complaint; because Thou hast spared my life so much longer than many anticipated and than I have anticipated myself.... Give us light; give us joy; give us the great grace that Thou hast in store for the needy. We ask it in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”

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