Ellen G. White Writings

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From Trials to Triumph, Page 195

Chapter 35—God's Special Plan for the Jews

This chapter is based on Paul's Letter to the Romans.

After many delays, Paul reached Corinth, the scene of much labor in the past. Many of the early believers still regarded with affection the one who had first borne to them the gospel. As he saw the evidences of their fidelity, he rejoiced that his work in Corinth had not been in vain. The Corinthian believers had developed strength of Christian character and were now a strong force for good in that center of heathenism and superstition. In the society of these faithful converts, the apostle's worn and troubled spirit found rest.

At Corinth Paul's contemplated journey to Rome especially occupied his thoughts. To see the Christian faith firmly established at the great center of the known world was one of his dearest hopes. The apostle desired the cooperation of the church already established in Rome in the work to be accomplished in Italy and other countries. To prepare the way he sent these brethren a letter announcing his purpose of visiting Rome and his hope of planting the standard of the cross in Spain.

In his letter, with clearness and power Paul presented the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ. He hoped that other churches also might be helped by the instruction, but how dimly could he foresee the far-reaching influence of his words! Through all the ages, the great truth of justification by faith has stood as a mighty beacon to guide sinners into the way of life.

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