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    Lesson 6 - Contacting The Public

    Christian Service, pp. 145-177.
    ChS-SG 19.1

    Mark 16:15; 1 Corinthians 9:22.
    ChS-SG 19.2

    1. “If there is one work more important than” any other, what is it? (P. 145, par. 1.) ____________________________________________ChS-SG 19.3

    2. Mrs. White lists two “silent messengers” that are “the Lord’s means of keeping the message for this time continually before the people.” What are they? (P. 145, par. 3.) a. _______________________________ b. _____________________________ChS-SG 19.4

    3. What was the instruction given by the “messenger from heaven” that Mrs. White speaks of? (P. 146, par. 4. ChS-SG 19.5

    ) _______________________ ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 19.6

    4. Since the book work is a “means of quickly giving the sacred light of present truth to the world,” it follows that Satan will be trying to counteract its influence. How is he doing this? (P. 146, par. 5.) _______________________________________________________ChS-SG 19.7

    5. How widely is the “unvarnished truth” in printed form to be distributed? (P. 147, par. 3.) _______________________________ChS-SG 19.8

    6. “The greatest wealth ___________________ ever ______________________, the most solemn and fearful _________ChS-SG 19.9

    ______________________________________________, have been committed to them to be given to the world.” (P. 148, par. 0.)ChS-SG 19.10

    7. Who is the “them” referred to in the above statement? (P. 147, par. 5.) ________________________________________________________________________________ChS-SG 19.11

    8. Under whose direction was our publishing work established, and who supervises it? (P. 148, par. 1.)ChS-SG 19.12

    9. Match the following phrases by drawing a line from the first column to the phrase in the second column that completes it: (Pp. 148-151.)
    “The printed word of truth is ... would not be reached in any other way.”
    “From city to city, from country to country, they are to . . . papers and a few pages of tracts upon present truth.”
    “Every dollar of our means should be considered . . . as the case may seem to require. Important results will follow.”
    “Some will be reached by our literature who . . . increase our facilities for the production of more literature.”
    “Part of the money that comes in from the sale of our publications should be used to . . . as the Lord’s, not ours; and as a precious trust from God to us.”
    “I was shown men and women studying with intense interest . . to be translated into different languages, and carried to the ends of the earth.”
    “Sell what you can, and lend or give them away. . . carry the publications containing the promises of the Saviour’s soon coming.”
    ChS-SG 20.1

    10. What twofold advantage can there be in “the good work of selling our books”? (P. 151, par. 5.) a. ____________ b.__________________ChS-SG 20.2

    11. There is “a famine in the land for the pure gospel,” Mrs. White says. What can be done to alleviate this hunger? (P. 152, pars. 1, 2.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 20.3

    12. What are the six points canvassers should bring out to “tell” people about our health publications? (Pp. 152, 153.)
    a. ___________________________________________________
    b ____________________________________________________
    c. ___________________________________________________
    d. ___________________________________________________
    f. ____________________________________________________
    ChS-SG 20.4

    13. What other message, which is to be taken to the public, has been “committed to our hands”? (P. 161, par. 3.) ________________________________________________________________________ChS-SG 20.5

    14. What point of Seventh-day Adventist teaching is to be the basis for the last struggle between “Christ and His angels and Satan and his angels”? (P. 155, par. 2.)
    ChS-SG 21.1

    5. How many escape the test that will come upon this point? (P. 157, par. 2.)
    ChS-SG 21.2

    16. Why does God allow reproach, slander, and contempt to be heaped upon His people? What will be accomplished by this persecution? (P. 159, par. 2.) ____________________________________________ChS-SG 21.3

    17. Why is there little persecution of the church today? (P. 159, par. 3.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 21.4

    18. “Let there be a _________________________________________ _______________ of the ________________________________, and the spirit of persecution will ___________________________, and the fires of ________________________________________.” (P. 160, par. 0.)ChS-SG 21.5

    19. Name the two Biblical teachings that will be involved in the last great persecutions. (P. 160, par. 1.) a. ____________________________ b. __________________________ChS-SG 21.6

    20. What three religious powers or groups will be united in this union? (P. 160, par. 1.) _____________________________________________
    ChS-SG 21.7

    21. Since we know from prophecy that this persecution will come, shall we sit still and calmly let it happen? (P. 162, pars. 1, 2.) ________________________________ChS-SG 21.8

    22. What should be our attitude? (P. 163, pars. 1-3.)_______________
    ___________________________ __________________________
    ChS-SG 21.9

    23. What can be done on Sundays to keep the peace and yet refrain from work that will offend? (Pp. 163, 164.) __________________________________
    ChS-SG 21.10

    24. “When the storm of persecution really breaks upon us, the true sheep” will make “self-denying efforts” “to__________________, and many _______________________________ will come back to follow the great Shepherd.” (P. 166, par. 1.)ChS-SG 21.11

    25. What plan has been devised to enable us to reach the homes of many people and at the same time help raise “funds adequate for the support of the missions which the Lord has gone before us to open?” (P. 167.) ______________________________________________________
    ChS-SG 21.12

    26. Is it proper to receive gifts from unbelievers? (P. 167, par. 3.)ChS-SG 21.13

    27. Who has possession of most of the riches and treasure of this earth? (P. 168, par. 3.) _______________________. But to whom does it really belong? _____________ChS-SG 22.1

    28. If we do not diligently tell others about Christ, what accusation may someday be brought against us? (P. 169, par. 1.) ________________
    ChS-SG 22.2

    29. How can business people support Christ’s work “twenty-four hours a day”? (Pp. 170, 171.)
    ChS-SG 22.3

    30. Why should we, as workers in God’s cause today, study the experience of Nehemiah? (Pp. 173-177.) _______________________
    ChS-SG 22.4

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