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    Lesson 3 - Assessing Our Potentials

    Christian Service, pp. 58-63; 67-71; 206-210.
    ChS-SG 10.1

    STUDY TEXT: “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the faith and correcting error, for resetting the direction of a man’s life and training him in good living.” 2 Timothy 3:16, Phillips translation. *From The New Testament in Modern English, ” J. B. Phillips 1958. Used by permission of The Macmillan Company.ChS-SG 10.2

    1. We have established that there is a great work to be done, and workers to carry it on. Given the need and the workers, what is the next great need? (P. 58, par. 1.)ChS-SG 10.3

    2. To provide efficient workers, “God expects His church to _______ and ___________________________ for the work of enlightening the world.” (P. 58, par. 2.)ChS-SG 10.4

    3. Our people should be taught not to depend upon the ministers, but to ” __________” and “__________.” (P. 58, par. 5.)ChS-SG 10.5

    4. “By _____ and _____” our people are “to be qualified to meet any emergency.” (P. 59, par. 2.)ChS-SG 10.6

    5. The church teaching curriculum should include instructions in —a. “How to __________,” b. “how to conduct and __________,” c. “how best to help __________ and to care __________,” and d. “how to __________.” (P. 59, par. 3.)ChS-SG 10.7

    6. What should be the organizational plan of these training schools? (P 59, par. 3.) _________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ChS-SG 10.8

    7. How many people in the church are to be given an opportunity to work in God’s cause? (P. 61, pars. 3, 4; p 62, par. 1.)ChS-SG 10.9

    8. God “desires us to obtain all the education possible” so that, “if it is necessary we can present the truths of His word _________________ ________________________________ in such a way as to glorify His name.” (P. 62, par. 4.)ChS-SG 10.10

    9. What does the parable, told by Mrs. White, of the cutting of the garments, mean to you? (P. 63, pars. 1, 2.) ________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ChS-SG 10.11

    10. Why should the minister not be compelled to carry most of the burden of “sowing the seeds of truth” alone? (P. 67, pars. 2, 4.) ____________________________________________________ChS-SG 10.12

    11. There is an ideal twofold working combination that should be found in the church. What do these involve? (P. 67, par. 5) a. ___________________, and b. _________________________ChS-SG 10.13

    12. Why has the labor of “our most able ministers” at times been “productive of little good”? (P. 69, par. 3.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 10.14

    13. “The best help that ministers can give the members of our churches is not ____________________, but ___________________________.” (P. 69, par. 4.)ChS-SG 11.1

    14. To what positions is a minister compared? (P. 70, par. 2) a.______________________ b._____________________________ChS-SG 11.2

    15. The church is an important training center, but where is the foundation training of a life of service to be found? (P 206, pars. 1-5.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 11.3

    16. In the work of the church and the training of workers, who can be “one of the greatest missionaries in the world”? (P. 207, par. 2.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 11.4

    17. What is “a powerful argument in favor of the reality of the Christian religion”? (P. 208, par. 1.) _________________________________ChS-SG 11.5

    18. Even though “our sphere of influence may seem narrow, our ability small, our opportunities few, our acquirements limited, ” yet we can provide channels for ‘streams of healing” if we will but “__________ and _____ to the divine principles of life.” (P. 209, par. 1.)ChS-SG 11.6

    19. To bring our homes up to this standard, what is necessary? (P. 209.)ChS-SG 11.7

    20. Children who have been “dedicated to God” through daily prayer are guarded by ” __________.” It is the parents “to ________________” by “earnest prayer and persevering faith.” (P. 210, par. 3.)ChS-SG 11.8

    21. When roving bands of Canaanites came upon an encampment that Abraham had deserted, what did they find beside the place he had pitched his tent? (P. 210, par. 4.) ____________________________ChS-SG 11.9

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