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    Lesson 7 - Enlarging The Kingdom

    Christian Service, pp. 178-205.
    ChS-SG 23.1

    “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14.
    ChS-SG 23.2

    1. What is one of God’s plans for scattering the message over the country? (P. 178, par. 1.) __________________________________
    ChS-SG 23.3

    2. Where one or two “well grounded” families move into unentered territory, this divine plan for starting new work should be put into operation. (Pp. 178, 179.)
    a. The lay members can “distribute __________________________,”
    b. “hold ___________________ in _________________, ”
    c. “become _________________________________________,” and
    d. “invite ________________________________.”
    ChS-SG 23.4

    3. Who are “robbing themselves of the most precious blessings,” “crippling their way to heaven,”ChS-SG 23.5

    “waiting for someone to carry you to the vineyard,” feeling “dissatisfied if there is not much preaching . . . while they are doing literally nothing”? (Pp. 179, 180.) ___________ChS-SG 23.6

    4. In what way was Abraham’s test similar to what may be presented to some of God’s children today? (Pp. 181, 182.) __________________
    ChS-SG 23.7

    5. Satan tries “to thwart the divine purpose” of God by a. causing some “to ________________________,” b. leading some “to ______________,” c. causing others “to ____________________” To such, God puts the question “What _______________________?” (P. 182, par. 1.)ChS-SG 23.8

    6. There are large churches, with many members crowded together where they can accomplish little. (Pp. 183, 184.) They are compared to_____________________________________. What is the remedy for such overcrowding?
    ChS-SG 23.9

    7. What example do we have of a people who settled down to enjoy the fruit of their victory rather than pressing on to conquer new territory? (Pp. 184, 185.) _____________ ___Did God approve of this attitude? ______________________ Is it possible for Christians today to be just as guilty of this error as were His people of old? (P. 185.) _____________________________________________________ChS-SG 23.10

    8. If we are followers of Christ, we must labor as He did. What were three of His lines of endeavor? (P. 186, par. 3.) a. _____________________________ b. ____________________ c. ___________________________ If we do His work, what promise of God will then be fulfilled to us? ____________________________ChS-SG 24.1

    9. Match the following phrases by drawing a line from the first column to the phrase in the second column that completes it: (Pp. 186-189.)
    “He never meant that one man should have an abundance . . . while the children of others should cry for bread.”
    “The widow of Zarephath shared her morsel with Elijah; and in return, . . . is regarded as though done to Jesus.”
    “Jesus worked to relieve . . . her life and that of her son were preserved.”
    “The means over and above the actual necessities of life . . . every case of suffering that He saw.”
    “Every merciful act to the needy, the suffering, . . . are intrusted to man to do good, to bless humanity.”
    “To all who, in time of trial and want, give sympathy and assistance to others more needy, . . . God has promised great blessing.”
    “The love of Christ, manifested in unselfish ministry, will be more effective in . . . reforming the evil-doer than will the sword or the court of justice.”
    ChS-SG 24.2

    10. What chapter in Isaiah shows us why “our prayers are so lifeless” and our “faith so feeble”? _______________________What is God’s remedy that is prescribed? (P. 188, par. 2.) ____________________
    ChS-SG 24.3

    11. There are “multitudes” who “have neither faith in God nor confidence in man.” How are we to reach such people with the gospel message? (P. 190, pars. 1, 2.) ______________________________________
    ChS-SG 24.4

    12. Why are the widows, orphans, blind, deaf, et cetera, placed in close relationship to the church? (P. 191, pars. 3, 4.) _________________
    ChS-SG 24.5

    13. The story of the good Samaritan shows the love of God and man put into action. What class does each character represent? (P. 192, pars. 1-3.)
    a. The Samaritan _________________________________________
    b. The Levite ___________________________________________
    c. The priest ____________________________________________
    ChS-SG 25.1

    14. What are the objectives of our camp meetings? (P. 194, par. 3.)
    a. _____________________________________________________
    b. ______________________________________________________
    c. ______________________________________________________
    ChS-SG 25.2

    15. At camp meetings, besides the spiritual meetings, there should be: a. “opportunities for instructing our people ___________________________________________________________________, b. organizing “strong companies of workers” to “go out into _______________.” (P. 195, pars. 2-5.)ChS-SG 25.3

    16 What can happen to those who do not attend camp meeting? (P. 197, par. 3.)
    ChS-SG 25.4

    Why should we attend?______________________________________________________(P. 198.)ChS-SG 25.5

    17. Which is more important, foreign mission work or home mission work? (P. 199, pars. 1-3.)
    ChS-SG 25.6

    18. What is meant by the term “home-foreign” work? (Pp. 199, 200.)
    ChS-SG 25.7

    19. Why has God permitted these people from other lands to come to our nation? (P. 200, par. 1.)
    ChS-SG 25.8

    20. What is the main problem of the wealthy? (P. 202, par. 1.)
    ChS-SG 25.9

    21. What special work does the Lord want converted wealthy people to do for Him? (P. 202, par. 4.)
    ChS-SG 25.10

    22. Name two illustrations of rich men in Biblical days who were converted. What good did they do after their conversion? (Pp. 204, 205.) __________________________________________________
    ChS-SG 25.11

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