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    Lesson 9 - Qualifications For Service

    Christian Service, pp. 223-256
    ChS-SG 28.1

    “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets, and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:11-13.
    ChS-SG 28.2

    1. Why is cultured speech important for a Christian worker? Name some of the elements included in the phrase “cultured speech.” (Pp. 223, 224.) __________________________________________________
    ChS-SG 28.3

    2. “True education is _____________________________________________________; it is the training of _________________________ChS-SG 28.4

    ______________________________________________________ This is the education that will _______________________________ (P. 225, par. 5.)ChS-SG 28.5

    3. Match the following phrases by drawing a line from the first column to the phrase in the second column that completes it: (Pp. 226-228.)
    “The world is watching Seventh-day Adventists, . . . and when it sees those who do not . . the principles of righteousness must be enshrined in our own hearts.”
    “If we wish to direct others in the path of righteousness, . . . live up to their profession, it points at them with scorn.”
    “The lack of true dignity and Christian refinement in the ranks of Sabbathkeepers is . . . against us as a people, and makes the truth which we profess unsavory.”
    “The laborer for souls needs . . . consecration, integrity, intelligence, industry, energy, and tact.”
    “The unstudied, unconscious influence of a holy life is . . . the most convincing sermon that can be given in favor of Christianity.”
    ChS-SG 28.6

    4. What will be the fate of those who merely sit and wait for the Holy Spirit to do the work? (P. 228, par. 3.) _____________________________________________________________ChS-SG 28.7

    5. What kind of workers does He need? (P. 228, par. 5.) __________
    ChS-SG 28.8

    6. True or false: (P. 229)
    _____ a. God needs only silver-tongued orators to give His message.
    _____ b. We must show animation and determination in the work of winning souls.
    _____ c. To be co-workers with Jesus, we must have all patience with those for whom we labor.
    _____ d. There is no use for Marthas in God’s work.
    _____ e. Earnest Christian zeal is wanted in God’s work.
    ChS-SG 28.9

    7. What particular ways and methods of businessmen and politicians would it be wise for Christians to study and adopt in their work for God? (P. 231, par. 3.)
    ChS-SG 28.10

    8. The man who loves and works for God “does not measure his work by the eight-hour system.” (P. 232, par. 2.) Instead
    _____ a. he works ________________ hours,
    _____ b. he is __________________off duty,
    _____ c. he does good when _______________
    ChS-SG 28.11

    9. What kind of people need our sympathy? (P 232, par. 6.) ________
    ChS-SG 28.12

    10. Intellectuals are often influenced by the “simple words of _______, and who can speak of that love _______ as the worldling speaks of the things that interest him most deeply.” (P. 233, par. 4.)ChS-SG 28.13

    11. What happens to those who delay obedience to God until all uncertainty and all risks of failure are gone? (P. 234, par. 3.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 28.14

    12. The characteristics of ________________,________________, and _______________ are required when difficulties are in the way. (P. 235, par. 2.)ChS-SG 28.15

    13. Holiness is not rapture. It is—
    _____ a. “an entire __________________________________________;”
    _____ b. “living ____________________________________________;”
    _____ c. “doing ____________________________________________;”
    _____ d. “trusting ______________________, in _________________ as well as in the light;”
    _____ e. “walking ___________________________________________;”
    _____ f. “relying ____________________________________________.” (P. 235, par. 5.)
    ChS-SG 28.16

    14. “God’s people are to be distinguished as a people who _________________________,__________-___________.’ (P. 236, par 1.)ChS-SG 28.17

    15. If we find ourselves working long hours and not getting our work done, what ought we to do? (P. 237, par. 1.) _________________________________________________________________ChS-SG 28.18

    16. Who is set forth as an example of prudence and forethought (P. 239, pars. 1, 2.)________________________________________ChS-SG 29.1

    17. Should we be surprised when we find ourselves discouraged? (P. 239, par. 3.)_______________________ How can we handle this feeling? (P. 240, par. 0.)
    ChS-SG 29.2

    18. A tender __________________and a gentle, winning __________ are a help in saving “the erring.” (P. 241, pars. 1-3.)ChS-SG 29.3

    19 What three qualifications are necessary for an individual who is to be entrusted with responsibilities? (P. 242, par. 2.)
    _____ a. ______________________________
    _____ b. ______________________________
    _____ c. ______________________________
    ChS-SG 29.4

    20. “_______________ and a spirit of _____________________ have always been and always will be the first requisite of acceptable service.” (P. 242, par. 4.)ChS-SG 29.5

    21. What three men are cited as examples of workers who bore their message without regard to the consequences? (P. 245, par. 2.)
    _____ a. _______________
    _____ b. ________________and
    _____ c. _______________
    ChS-SG 29.6

    22. What are some of the characteristics of the Good Shepherd? (Pp 245, 246.) ____________________________________________
    ChS-SG 29.7

    23. If we cut down on our efficiency and shorten our lives by the way we live and work, of what sin are we guilty? (P. 248, par. 1.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 29.8

    24. After a period of hard labor, what was Christ’s advice to His disciples? (P. 249, par. 1.) _____________________________ Is this good instruction for us? Why?_________________________
    ChS-SG 29.9

    25. Whose help did Christ promise His followers? (Pp. 250, 251.) ______________________________________________________ChS-SG 29.10

    26. What do we have to do to receive the Holy Spirit? (Pp. 252, 253.)ChS-SG 29.11

    27. Why does God give us the Holy Spirit—what will He do for us? (P. 253, par. 4.)
    a. ______________________ b. _______________________________
    c._______________________ d. _______________________________
    ChS-SG 30.1

    28. What is the Holy Spirit, and why was it necessary that He come to this earth after Christ’s ascension? (P. 255, par. 3.) ________________________________________________________ChS-SG 30.2

    29. Did God begin to work through the Holy Spirit at the time of Christ’s ascension? Discuss. (P. 256.)_______________________
    ChS-SG 30.3

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