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The Ministry of Healing -- Study Guide - Contents
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    Help in Daily Living (469-482)

    1. Why did no man ever speak as Jesus spoke? (469)

    MH-SG 55.2

    2. “The gospel we present for the saving of souls must be the gospel ______________________________________.” (469)MH-SG 55.3

    3. What is the “strongest argument in favor of the gospel”? (470)

    MH-SG 55.4

    4. Why does God allow trials and obstacles? (471)

    MH-SG 55.5

    5. By what does God estimate men? (477) Note also what He does not estimate men by.

    MH-SG 55.6

    6. What is the weightiest trust and highest honor Heaven bestows on men? (478)

    MH-SG 55.7

    7. What is the “best preparation for tomorrow’s trials”? (481)

    MH-SG 55.8

    For further study: Discuss why Christians are not to wear an outward symbol of their faith. (470) How should we relate to plans that fail? (473)

    MH-SG 55.9

    IN CONTACT WITH OTHERS (483-496)MH-SG 56.1

    1. Why should we be slow to judge others? (484)

    MH-SG 56.2

    2. “___________________ is the enemy we most need to fear.” (485)MH-SG 56.3

    3. Why is it “God often permits those in whom we place confidence to fail us”? (486)

    MH-SG 56.4

    4. How are we to deal with discouragement or low feelings? (488)

    MH-SG 56.5

    5. What are some of the results of love in a person’s life? (490)

    MH-SG 56.6

    6. If we dwell on the faults of others, how will it affect us? (492)

    MH-SG 56.7

    For further study: Consider the many problems in setting an identical standard of conduct for everyone. Discuss ways of resolving this difficulty. (483) Compile a list of rules for dealing with other people.

    MH-SG 56.8

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