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The Ministry of Healing -- Study Guide - Contents
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    Healing of the Soul (73-94)

    A. Paralytic at CapernaumMH-SG 8.1

    1. What was the greatest desire of the paralytic? (74)

    MH-SG 8.2

    2. What words of Christ were like music to the paralytic’s ear? (76)

    MH-SG 8.3

    3. “Before the ___________________ could be healed, Christ must bring ___________________, and ___________________ from sin.” (77)MH-SG 8.4

    4. What is the foundation of the maladies of thousands today who suffer from disease? (77)

    MH-SG 8.5

    B. Cripple at the Pool of BethesdaMH-SG 8.6

    1. Why didn't Christ heal all the sufferers at the pool? (81)

    MH-SG 8.7

    2. “The cripple’s faith takes hold upon Christ’s word. Without question he ___________________, and, as he does this, ______________________________________.” (84)MH-SG 8.8

    3. When the cripple responded to Christ, he “___________________ Christ’s word, ___________________ that he was made whole; immediately he ___________________ the effort, and God ___________________ the power; he ___________________ to walk, and he did walk. ___________________ on the word of Christ, he was made whole.” (84)MH-SG 8.9

    4. State several situations in which with confidence we can “look to Jesus.” (85)

    MH-SG 8.10

    C. Woman Taken in AdulteryMH-SG 9.1

    1. How did Jesus answer the question of the Pharisees and scribes? (87, 88)

    MH-SG 9.2

    2. Why did His response defeat the Jewish leaders? (88)

    MH-SG 9.3

    3. What was the reaction of the woman? (89)

    MH-SG 9.4

    4. “In the uplifting of this fallen soul, Jesus ______________________________________ than in healing the most grievous ___________________.” (89)MH-SG 9.5

    D. The “Madman” of CapernaumMH-SG 9.6

    1. How had the “madman” of Capernaum come under Satan’s control? (91)

    MH-SG 9.7

    2. What is the danger in tampering with evil? (92, 93)

    MH-SG 9.8

    3. “God does not control our minds without our consent; but every man is ___________________ to ___________________ he will have to ___________________.” (93)MH-SG 9.9

    For further study: Consider the similarities of the four who were healed before and after their exposure to Christ.

    MH-SG 9.10

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