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The Ministry of Healing -- Study Guide - Contents
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    The Touch of Faith (59-72)

    Three people who through faith experience the healing touch of Christ.MH-SG 6.2

    A. The Woman With an Incurable Disease
    1. Why did Christ make His way to where the woman stood? (60)

    MH-SG 6.3

    2. Why did He ask the question, “Who touched Me”? (60, 61)

    MH-SG 6.4

    3. How did the woman’s touch differ from that of the rest of the crowd? (62)

    MH-SG 6.5

    4. “Saving faith is a ___________________, by which those who ___________________ join themselves in ______________________________________.” (62)MH-SG 6.6

    5. When working for “victims of evil habits,” instead of calling attention to their “___________________ ______________________________________” we should ” ___________________.” (62)MH-SG 6.7

    B. The Centurion’s ServantMH-SG 7.1

    1. In what two ways did this centurion differ from most Romans? (63)
    MH-SG 7.2

    2. While the Jewish leaders were impressed by the fact that the centurion had built a synagogue, what did he say of himself?

    MH-SG 7.3

    What was his only argument? (65)

    MH-SG 7.4

    3. “It is ___________________ that connects us with heaven and brings us ___________________ for ___________________ with the ___________________.” (65)MH-SG 7.5

    C. The LeperMH-SG 7.6

    1. “Of all the diseases known in the East the leprosy was most dreaded.” Why? (67)

    MH-SG 7.7

    2. The Jews regarded leprosy as “______________________________________.” (67)MH-SG 7.8

    3. What restrictions did Jewish society place upon a leper? (67)

    MH-SG 7.9

    For further study: When the leper saw Christ, he forgot the restrictions, the possibility of spreading disease, the social stigma—all he could see was Jesus. What applications can we make today? (68-71)

    MH-SG 7.10

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