Ellen G. White Writings

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Pastoral Ministry, Page 229

Chapter 40—Visitation of Special Member Groups


Family visitation may be the most profitable work a minister does—This part of the pastoral work is not to be neglected or shifted upon your wives or some other person. You must educate and train yourselves to visit every family that you can possibly get access to. The results of this work will testify that it is the most profitable work a gospel minister can do.—Evangelism, 440.

The way to measure the effectiveness of your preaching is through visiting with families to whom you preached—How are you to know that the word spoken in the desk has been a savor of life unto life unless you visit in families, praying with them, and drawing out the true state of their minds, the real condition of their experience, that you may point them to the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world? There is need that the breath of God should blow upon them, and give them spiritual life. The churches need to be enlightened in regard to practical religion in the home life.—Address To Ministers (Ph 118), 17.

Speaking helpful, encouraging words in the home is far more effective than preaching—This is home missionary work,—work that God's ministers are to strive faithfully to do. They are not only to preach; they are to minister by going from house to house, becoming acquainted with the different families in the church, some of whom may be converted, while others are still without God and without hope in the world. It is possible to preach many sermons without accomplishing the work essential for the well-being of the people of God. The discourses given are to be followed with personal labor. A work may be done by visiting people in their homes, and speaking helpful, encouraging words to them, which will be far more effective than the work done by preaching.—The Review and Herald, January 31, 1899.

When visiting aim to converse with all family members, whether they profess the truth or not—Visiting from house to house forms an important

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