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    Section VII

    Developing Christian Qualities

    Date ________CG-SG 38.13

    A. Read pages 139-158.CG-SG 38.14

    B. Check your knowledge:CG-SG 38.15

    1. Complete: “Children should not be _______________________ into a _______________________ maturity, but as long as possible should retain the freshness and _______________________ of their _______________________ years.” (139:1)CG-SG 38.16

    2. From what type of excitement should children be free? (139:1)

    CG-SG 38.17

    3. Lest we encourage vanity, what should we not praise in children? (139:3)CG-SG 39.1

    CG-SG 39.2

    4. How do flattery and indulgence affect a child? (140:2)

    CG-SG 39.3

    5. What three things do children need? (141:1)
    CG-SG 39.4

    6. Name two things we should teach our children. (141:4)
    CG-SG 39.5

    7. What must not live in the heart or find room in the home? (143:1)

    CG-SG 39.6

    8. List six things we are to teach our children to be. (143:3)
    CG-SG 40.1

    9. In what are adults to set the example? (143:5)
    CG-SG 40.2

    10. Name three characteristics that are the curse of the age. (144:2)
    CG-SG 40.3

    11. Complete: “Cherish the precious, _______________________ gem of _______________________.” (144:4)CG-SG 40.4

    12. Complete: The sunshine of love, cheerfulness, and happy contentment promotes “health and vigor of _______________________ and _______________________” (146:2)CG-SG 40.5

    13. What will the sober-minded Christian not be? (146:3)
    CG-SG 40.6

    14. What is “the very beauty of holiness”? (147:0)

    CG-SG 41.1

    15. What kind of words are we to educate our children to speak? (147:1)

    CG-SG 41.2

    16. Complete: “It is the duty of God’s children to be _______________________.” (147:2)CG-SG 41.3

    17. Complete: “Let your life be free from _______________________ practices.” (150:1)CG-SG 41.4

    18. What should parents do all in their power to preserve in their children? (150:3)

    CG-SG 41.5

    19. Of what should parents be models? (151:1)

    CG-SG 41.6

    20. Complete: “If you want your child to be truthful, be _______________________ yourself.” (151:3)CG-SG 41.7

    21. What may harsh discipline often make children fear to do? (151:4)

    CG-SG 41.8

    22. Why should we love and choose the right? (153:1)

    CG-SG 42.1

    23. How many of life’s actions are to be stamped with honesty? (154:3)

    CG-SG 42.2

    24. What should our sympathy for children never foster in them? (157:2)

    CG-SG 42.3

    25. Complete: “Lead the youth to feel that they are trusted, and there are few who will not seek to prove themselves ______________ of the _______________.” (158:1)CG-SG 42.4

    C. Rate your cheerfulness: Always ____ Usually ____ Seldom ____ Never___CG-SG 42.5

    1. I am always cheerful when I

    CG-SG 42.6

    2. I am always depressed when I

    CG-SG 42.7

    D. Discuss with others:CG-SG 42.8

    1. What happens when parents attempt to shove their children into the limelight?

    CG-SG 42.9

    2. What relationship has a child’s dress to its character development?

    CG-SG 43.1

    3. Discuss: “The Secret of True Charm.” (140)
    CG-SG 43.2

    4. Discuss the difference between encouraging and praising a child.

    CG-SG 43.3

    5. Where and how is the cornerstone of courtesy in a child laid?

    CG-SG 43.4

    6. How shall we teach humility and modesty to our children?

    CG-SG 43.5

    7. How important is the home atmosphere in character building?

    CG-SG 43.6

    8. Discuss: “Smile, parents; smile, teachers.”

    CG-SG 43.7

    9. How shall we teach children to develop the spirit of thankfulness?

    CG-SG 43.8

    10. Why should children be taught “artless simplicity”? Contrast with “pretense.”

    CG-SG 43.9

    11. Explain how to teach children to shun lying, prevarication, deception.

    CG-SG 43.10

    12. Is honesty the “best policy,” or is it an ingrained principle of life?

    CG-SG 43.11

    13. Why do some children develop into adult weaklings, mentally and morally?

    CG-SG 43.12

    14. Contrast sympathy and self-pity in child rearing.

    CG-SG 43.13

    15. Discuss trust versus suspicion in relation to dealing with children.

    CG-SG 43.14

    E. Think on these things:CG-SG 43.15

    1. Are my children truly charming?

    CG-SG 43.16

    2. How near like paradise is my home?

    CG-SG 43.17

    3. Is our home courteous?

    CG-SG 43.18

    4. Do I smile in the home even though my heart is sad?

    CG-SG 43.19

    5. Do my children have attentive ears and willing feet and hands?

    CG-SG 43.20

    6. Do I consider it my duty to be cheerful?

    CG-SG 44.1

    7. Am I truthful to my children?

    CG-SG 44.2

    8. Am I honest in my dealings?

    CG-SG 44.3

    9. Am I training my children to be self-reliant?

    CG-SG 44.4

    10. Do I encourage my children to have a sense of honor?

    CG-SG 44.5

    F. Name one courteous act I have done today for my family.

    CG-SG 44.6


    ______ Husband ______ Wife ______ Son ______ DaughterCG-SG 44.8

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