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    Section XII

    Development of the Mental Powers

    Date ________CG-SG 69.1

    A. Read pages 293-336.CG-SG 69.2

    B. Check your knowledge:CG-SG 69.3

    1. What two parts of a child does true education develop? (293:1)
    CG-SG 69.4

    2. What is the first great lesson in education? (293:3)

    CG-SG 69.5

    3. Complete: “In God’s plan there is no place for _______________________.” (294:1)CG-SG 69.6

    4. (a) Where was the first school located? (294:2) _______________________CG-SG 69.7

    (b) Who was its first teacher? (294:2) _______________________CG-SG 69.8

    (c) What was its first textbook? (294:2) _______________________________CG-SG 69.9

    5. In educating youth, what should be combined? (295:2)

    CG-SG 69.10

    6. What spirit should true education awaken? (296:1)

    CG-SG 69.11

    7. What science will the highest education teach? (296:4, 297:0)

    CG-SG 69.12

    8. What spirit are our children not to imbibe? (298:1)

    CG-SG 70.1

    9. When is true education completed? (298:4)

    CG-SG 70.2

    10. Where should the first eight to ten years of life be spent? (300:1)

    CG-SG 70.3

    11. In the first six or seven years, what training should be emphasized? (300:3)

    CG-SG 70.4

    12. What are the first habits to be taught a child? (301:1)

    CG-SG 70.5

    13. Complete: “Do not send your little ones to _______________________ too _______________________.” (302:1)CG-SG 70.6

    14. When children attend school, what kind of instruction are they to receive? (303:2)

    CG-SG 70.7

    15. On what foundation should all education be based? (304:1)

    CG-SG 71.1

    16. Complete: “Christian parents, you must make provision for your children to be _______________________ in _______________________ principles.” (305:1)CG-SG 71.2

    17. In what way does secular education confuse our children? (305:2)

    CG-SG 71.3

    18. Complete: “Schools should be established if there are no more than _______________________ to attend.” (308:3, 309:0)CG-SG 71.4

    19. Why should parents sacrifice to create church schools? (309:0)

    CG-SG 71.5

    20. What shall be the character of the work done in our schools? (310:2)

    CG-SG 71.6

    21. What is the relation of the church to its children? (312:2)

    CG-SG 71.7

    22. How is the expense of our schools to be borne? (313:1)

    CG-SG 71.8

    23. What is the church to do for children who cannot pay tuition? (314:1)

    CG-SG 72.1

    24. What is the relationship of our mission giving to our investing in the education of our children? (314:4)

    CG-SG 72.2

    25. To parents who think of sending their children to public schools, what question is asked? (315:1)

    CG-SG 72.3

    26. What united objectives are parents and teachers to have? (318:1)

    CG-SG 72.4

    27. What may make the work of a Christian teacher fruitless? (319:3)

    CG-SG 72.5

    28. Why should parents and teachers counsel together? (322:1)

    CG-SG 73.1

    29. What kind of parents will not criticize the teachers? (325:3, 4)

    CG-SG 73.2

    30. What are our schools to become more and more like? (329:2)

    CG-SG 73.3

    31. How many of our youth are to have the benefits of Christian education? (332:1)

    CG-SG 73.4

    32. Why should children not attend school the year round? (333:1)

    CG-SG 73.5

    33. To whose authority are parents to pledge support? (334:2)

    CG-SG 73.6

    C. Rate yourself as a patron of the school: Strong promoter _____ Cooperate with the school _____ Criticize _____ Do nothing for the school ____CG-SG 74.1

    1. My best contribution to the school is

    CG-SG 74.2

    2. My least contribution to the school is

    CG-SG 74.3

    D. Discuss with others:CG-SG 74.4

    1. Discuss the meaning of true education and its goal.

    CG-SG 74.5

    2. Why shall our schools not foster rivalry?

    CG-SG 74.6

    3. How are practical and literary training to be combined? Why?

    CG-SG 74.7

    4. Why will true education extend into eternity? Implications?

    CG-SG 74.8

    5. Discuss: “Infancy extends to the age of six or seven years.”

    CG-SG 74.9

    7. How does secular education neutralize Bible truth?

    CG-SG 74.10

    8. Why is the church school vital to the education of our children?

    CG-SG 74.11

    9. Discuss the financial responsibility of the church for the school.

    CG-SG 74.12

    10. Compare “teamwork” by parents and also by parents and teachers.

    CG-SG 74.13

    11. Discuss: The teacher is a supplement to the home.

    CG-SG 74.14

    12. Discuss the effect of parental criticism of a child’s teachers.

    CG-SG 74.15

    13. Why should our schools become more and more like the schools of the prophets? In what respects?

    CG-SG 74.16

    14. Discuss paragraphs 2 and 3 on page 336: Never-ending education!CG-SG 75.1

    E. Think on these things:CG-SG 75.2

    1. Will a Christian education help my child to do more work or less?

    CG-SG 75.3

    2. Will the school my child is attending now prepare him for the school above?

    CG-SG 75.4

    3. Should my child run the streets for the first eight to ten years of his life?

    CG-SG 75.5

    4. If there is no school in the church I attend, should I move, or encourage the church to open one?

    CG-SG 75.6

    5. Am I a problem to my child’s teacher?

    CG-SG 75.7

    6. Do I keep my child in school the year round?

    CG-SG 75.8

    7. Do I ever criticize my child’s teacher?

    CG-SG 75.9

    F. Name one way I have helped to make my school more like the school of the prophets.

    CG-SG 75.10


    ______ Husband ______ Wife ______ Son ______ DaughterCG-SG 75.12

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