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    The Hygienic Family Physician

    THIS is the title of a work recently published at this Office. As the title suggests, it is a work especially designed for family use. The style in which it is written is such as to render it perfectly intelligible to all classes, as it is quite free from technical terms and phrases which are of such frequent occurrence in nearly all books of this kind which have previously appeared as to render them more or less objectionable. It is, nevertheless, “a complete guide for the preservation of health and the treatment of disease without the use of medicine.”HBH 1a.1

    The work is written in four parts. The subjects treated are, in Part I., Health and Hygienic Agents; Part II., Disease and Drugs; Part III., the Bath; Part IV., Diseases and their Treatment. A more minute description of each part is found below. This work is of a thoroughly practical nature, and should be in the hands of every family in the land, as it affords instruction of the most vital importance. Directions for the treatment of disease are so plain and minute that any person of ordinary intelligence with its assistance may successfully treat nine-tenths of all the cases of disease which occur in any neighborhood. The publishers have placed the price so low that the book may be obtained by any one who feels at all in need of such a work.HBH 1a.2

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Cloth, bound, 380 pp. Price, post-paid, $1.00.HBH 2a.1

    The following four pamphlets contain the larger portion of the bound work just noticed. They severally correspond with the four parts of the bound volume.HBH 2a.2

    Good Health, and How to Preserve It

    In this pamphlet is given a brief treatise on the various hygienic agents and conditions which are essential for the preservation of health. Just the thing for a person who wishes to learn how to avoid disease.HBH 2a.3

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 10 cents.HBH 2a.4

    Nature and Cause of Disease, and So-called “Action” of Drugs

    This work is a clear and comprehensive exposition of the nature and true cause of disease, and also exposes the absurdity and falsity of drug medication.HBH 2a.5

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 15 cents.HBH 2a.6

    The Bath: Its Use and Application

    This very valuable work contains a full description of the various baths employed in the hygienic treatment of disease, together with the manner of applying them, and the diseases to which they are severally adapted.HBH 2a.7

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 20 cents.HBH 3a.1

    The Treatment of Disease

    In this most important work may be found an accurate description of the symptoms and proper treatment of more than one hundred diseases, comprising all of those which are susceptible of ordinary home treatment. It is an invaluable work for all who are not professionally educated in the theory and practice of medicine. The only remedies recommended are of course strictly hygienic in their nature, drugs of every description being entirely discarded as curative agents.HBH 3a.2

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 35 cents.HBH 3a.3

    The Hygienic System. BY R. T. TRALL, M. D

    This important work treats upon the Principles of Hygienic Medication—Hygeio-Therapy—The Essential Nature of Disease—The Modus Operandi of Medicine—The Relations of Remedies to Diseases—The Relations of Remedies to the Healthy Organs—The Doctrine of Vitality—The Law of Cure—The Problems of Medical Science. It should be read by the million.HBH 3a.4

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 15 cents.HBH 3a.5

    Health and Diseases of Woman. BY R. T. TRALL, M. D

    This work treats upon Woman and the Medical Profession-Opium-Alcohol-Tobacco-Drugs-The Race Imperiled-Responsibilities of Parents-American Mothers-Woman’s Disadvantages-The Medical Profession vs. Woman-Origin of Many Infirmities-Dress and Respiration-Dress and the Sexual Functions-Should Fashionable Women Marry?-Drugging at Puberty-Scientific Druggery-Scanzoni vs. Churchill-Dr. Prescott on Druggery-Drugging in Acute Diseases-Prof. Gilman on Puerperal Fever-Drugging During Pregnancy-Drugging During the Lying-in Period-Chronic Drug Disease-the Better Way-Tobacco vs. Woman.HBH 4a.1

    It should be in every family, and be read by every woman and every girl in the land.HBH 4a.2

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 15 cents.HBH 4a.3

    Tobacco-Using.HBH 4a.4

    BY R. T. TRALL, M. D.

    This is a Philosophical Exposition of the Effects of Tobacco on the Human System. Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 15 cents.HBH 4a.5

    Science of Human Life.HBH 4a.6

    This is a pamphlet of great value, containing three of the most important of Graham’s Lectures on the Science of Human Life. It is published for the benefit of those who may not feel able to purchase the entire work, and contains most of that work which is of practical value to the reading public.HBH 4a.7

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 35 cents.HBH 5a.1

    Hand Book of Health

    This work treats upon Physiology and Hygiene.HBH 5a.2

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, bound in cloth, 60 cents; in paper cover, 35 cents.HBH 5a.3

    Cook Book, or Kitchen Guide

    This work comprises recipes for the preparation of hygienic food, directions for canning fruit, etc., together with advice relative to change of diet.HBH 5a.4

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, 20 cents.HBH 5a.5


    Or, a Solemn Appeal Relative to Solitary Vice, and the Abuses and Excesses of the Marriage Relation. We do not hesitate to say that this is the best work of the kind now in print in our country. It is gathered chiefly from the writings of the ablest and best writers upon the subject. Of this subject, and this work, the compiler in his preface says:—HBH 5a.6

    “It is disagreeable to call attention to those sins of youth, and the abuses and excesses, even in the married life, which are ruining the souls and bodies of tens of thousands; especially so, while feelings of great delicacy, relative to the subject, exist in the public mind. But disagreeable though the task may be, facts, terrible facts of every-day observation, fully justify a solemn and faithful warning to all. We would cherish the profoundest respect for the delicate feelings of the truly modest and the really virtuous; but we confess our want of respect for that false delicacy in many which takes fright at the mention of those vices, in consequence of which, they themselves exhibit evident marks of rapid decay.HBH 5a.7

    “The reader may as well prepare at the first, by laying aside feelings of false delicacy, if he is troubled with them, to be benefited by the painful facts, plainly stated in this work. The real value of the lengthy article onHBH 6a.1


    Cannot be estimated by dollars and cents. Every youth in the land should read it. And not only the youth, but every parent and guardian, should study it well, and be prepared in a proper way to warn those children under their immediate care. And let every mother be stirred by the article under the caption ofHBH 6a.2


    It comes from a mother’s heart-from one who has had experience in laboring for the unfortunate victims of secret vice, and is imbued with the importance of the subject. The extracts entitledHBH 6a.3


    Although unveiling many dark pictures, are entitled to consideration as the utterances of one whose extensive study of human nature has qualified him to speak to the point on this important subject.”HBH 6a.4

    Published at the Health Reformer Office. Price, post-paid, bound in cloth, 60 cents; in paper cover, 30 cents.HBH 6a.5


    The following tracts are offered, post-paid, for three cents each, or two dollars per hundred. This list of tracts will be greatly increased.HBH 6a.6

    Dyspepsia: Its Causes, Prevention, and Cure.HBH 6a.7

    The Dress Reform: Containing reasons for the most Healthful, most Modest, and most Convenient Style of Woman’s Dress.HBH 6a.8

    The Principles of Health Reform: Important to those whose minds should be called to first principles.HBH 6a.9

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